Pornhub Year in Review 2022

When it comes to enjoying the best adult content or porn content, nothing can beat the experience of PornHub. The website has been around for 15 long years and has been one of the undisputed leaders in the porn industry. It has published a Year in Review to showcase what was searched most on PornHub. We thought of checking out the Year in Review 2022 so that you can have a look at what is trending on PornHub this year.

What is PornHub Year in review?

The PornHub Year in Review is a round-up of the year in terms of the most searched videos on the platform, along with enough information on several analytics. The review is conducted by the adult website itself and provides you an insight into their user demographics, which pages are visited the most, and each country's individual viewing habits. If you have been using Spotify, it can be compared to the Spotify Wrapped review.

Pornhub Year in Review 2022

The PornHub Year in Review was started way back in 2013 and has been published every year since then. The only exception was in 2020, perhaps due to the pandemic that created havoc across the globe.

PornHub Year in Review 2022 – An overview

The PornHub Year in Review 2022 is yet to be released by the adult entertainment service provider. However, there are a few insights into what you can expect to be part of the review this year. As has been quite common each year, you can expect all the details only through the complete review once it is published on PornHub.

A few of the insights that we could gather through our experience on the streaming service can be summarised as here below

Mike Itkis and Nicole Sage

Mike Itkis, a Congressional Candidate for New York’s 12th District is one who supports legalizing sex work. In view of this, he released his own sex tape, which co-starred adult film star, Nicole Sage. The video went viral in October 2022.

Pornhub Year in Review 2022

Within a span of 4 days spanning October 13th to October 17th, the searches for “Mike Itkis” and “Nicole Sage” have reached a total of 700,000. This is also seen as a perfect example of sexual freedom and perhaps a call for the removal of sex workers, and the adult industry continue to face institutional discrimination.

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UK’s favourite searches

The United Kingdom has been the second largest source of traffic for PornHub, and there have been a few good insights into the preferred searches by users in the United Kingdom.

The following was seen as a few of the most searched results in the UK on PornHub. Scotland was found to look more into pegging, while the North East looked for the Chav category. The North West and East Midlands were more into Chubby and BBW. As for ethnicity, Greater London was more interested in Turkish, while the west Midlands was found to be Indian.

The most searched pegging search words were

  • Femdom pegging
  • Pegging threesome
  • Pegging his ass
  • Amateur pegging
  • Ebony pegging
  • Pegging pv
  • Hard pegging
  • Wife pegging husband
  • Pegging gangbang
  • BBW pegging

The genres or categories

The year 2022 is most likely to have Hentai as the most searched porn genre. The new reality seems to be making inroads into the people’s psyche in a slow manner. The second category that is found to be ruling the roost is Romance. The other categories and genres that were found to be moving ahead in the race included group sex, fitness, and swapping.

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The Porn stars

Who were the most searched porn stars this year? The focus appears to be on the real sex than on the adult porn performers. That should explain the high search volume for videos of Mike Itkis and Nicole Sage, which tend to be more into experimentation. They tend to be realistic and not something created painstakingly through rehearsals.

Pornhub Year in Review 2022

However, there has been a growth in the popularity of porn stars as well. Lana Rhoades, Abella Danger, Eva Elfie, Riley Reid, and Mia Malkova were a few of the names that found an entry into the searches for the year.

The geography

Which countries were found to be more active on PornHub this year? As has been the usual case each year, the United States took first place. It was followed by the UK, Japan, and France. Italy was placed in fifth place.

However, the time spent on the site wasn’t much huge by that standard. The Philippines was the highest, followed by Japan and France. The actual time spent is not yet available and will be released by PornHub soon.

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The Concluding Thoughts

The PornHub Year in Review is perhaps what every PornHub fan keeps looking for. While the year in review has not yet been published, the insights that we have shared above should provide you with a little idea of what could the results or outcome of the review is likely to be.

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