Rakuten TV Download Offline: Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader

What kind of service is Rakuten TV?

Rakuten TV is a Japan-only service that offers about 200,000 videos online, including sports, movies, dramas, and anime.
You can watch the videos you want on your smartphone, tablet, computer, TV, Chromecast, FireTV, and other devices anytime you want.
 It is free to register as a member of Rakuten TV. You will not be charged unless you rent/purchase paid movies or subscribe to an unlimited subscription.

What devices can I watch Rakuten TV on?

You can watch Rakuten TV on a variety of devices.
You can watch it not only on your computer or smartphone, but also on your Smart TV, Android TV, PlayStation4, FireTV, AppleTV and ChromeCast.
If you want to watch the movie you bought on your smartphone on a big screen, you can do so by logging in with the same ID as your smartphone on the Rakuten TV application on your smart TV or Android TV.

Rakuten TV Fee Structure
"Rakuten TV" offers two different fee structures. Rakuten TV" offers two fee structures, both of which can be used together. Rakuten TV" offers two fee structures.
(1) Pay-as-you-go content where you are charged only for the amount of paid works you rent or purchase.
(2) Flat-rate all-you-can-view service that allows you to watch as many movies as you like at a fixed price.

Is it possible to download Rakuten TV's movies?

How can I download Rakuten tv's rental and purchase works?

You can download them from "Purchase History" in the smartphone/tablet app. After downloading with the app, you can enjoy offline.

How to check which titles are available for download
Please check the following information on the details page of the movie before renting or purchasing.

  • On the web page of the movie details, "Downloadable with the app" is displayed.
  • The "Download" button is displayed on the movie details page of the smartphone/tablet app.
  • If the app does not support downloading, there will be no download information on the movie details page.

Rental and purchase procedures

  • For Android users, rental and purchase procedures are available from the app.
  • If you are using iOS, you will need to complete the rental/purchase procedure from the web browser.
  • Rental and purchase procedures are not available from the iOS app.

Download procedure
(1) Launch the Rakuten TV app and log in.
(2) Check the "Purchase History".

  • Android:Select "Purchase History" from the bottom of the screen.
  • iOS:The purchase history is displayed in the library.

(3) Select the content you want to download.
If there are a large number of contents, you can narrow down the selection from the "Rental", "Purchase", and "All you can watch subscription" menus at the top of the screen.
(4) Tap the title of the movie.
(5) Tap the "Download" button.
(6) Select the picture quality

  • If the movie has subtitles or dubbing, select the "Subtitle" or "Dubbing" tab, and then select the picture quality.
  • The higher the picture quality, the larger the file size and the longer it will take to download. (When watching on a smartphone, standard quality is recommended.

(7) Start downloading

  • Android: The green gauge accumulates. When the download is complete, it changes to the "trash box" mark.
  • iOS: The blue gauge accumulates. When the download is complete, the screen will switch.

(8) Viewing the downloaded file
You can check the list of downloaded movies from the "Download" item at the bottom of the screen.
You can play offline for 2-7 days, after which you will need to reacquire the license online.
After the period, you will need to "reacquire the license" online. *

Unnecessary downloaded contents can be deleted from the app.

  • Android: Delete from the "trash can mark" on the contents page.
  • iOS: Swipe the content to delete it.

How many devices can be downloaded simultaneously by Rakuten TV app?

The number of devices that can be downloaded at the same time for the application for smartphones is as follows.
Number of devices that can be downloaded simultaneously

  • Purchase 5 devices
  • Rental 1 device
  • All you can watch for a fixed price 2 units 

Please note that some content may not be available for download. Before renting or purchasing, please be sure to confirm that the content is listed as "available for download via the app" on the content details page.

Is there a deadline for offline playback of works downloaded with the Rakuten TV app?

Downloadable works have a period of time (license period) during which they can be played when your smartphone is offline.
Period during which a work can be played while offline (license period): 2 to 7 days
The number of days that can be continuously played offline varies depending on the type of content, viewing period, etc.
Once the license period is reached, you will be asked to reacquire the license. In that case, you will be required to reacquire the license online.

Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader - Download Rakuten TV without any limitations!

Save downloaded videos in 720p HD quality MP4 format.

Rakuten TV Downloader enables you to save videos in MP4 format with high-definition 720p and AAC 2.0. High-definition videos are high quality, finely detailed, and smooth in motion.
Even on a large screen, you can clearly see the texture of the performer's skin, so there is no need to lose your excitement with low quality images.

Save as MP4 files for playback on any device

One of the advantages of saving in MP4 format is that it is compatible with a variety of operating systems and browsers. High compatibility is a key feature of MP4 files. If you download Rakuten TV videos in MP4 format, you can not only play them on both Windows and Mac, but also on your smartphone with ease.
MP4 files can also be edited, making them highly versatile.

Download movies, dramas, and R18 movies from Rakuten TV

Have you ever been frustrated by a slow internet connection that stops you from watching a movie or drama? With Rakuten TV Downloader, you can download all Rakuten TV contents to your device and play them offline. The downloader supports all of the more than 180,000 contents including movies, dramas, R18 movies, TV shows, kids, sports, and more.
Since it can be enjoyed offline, you can enjoy the viewing experience as you wish without worrying about the Internet environment or the amount of traffic. You can also enjoy it on airplanes, overseas, and in other places where it is difficult to connect to the Internet or offline. No more searching for WiFi or frantically typing in your WiFi password!

Other features of Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader

  • Support for subtitles in various languages around the world! Freely select Japanese, English, etc.
  • Perfect for dramas and TV shows! High speed download of series at once!
  • Save metadata such as title, cast, cover design, etc.

How to download Rakuten TV contents with Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader

1. Select Rakuten TV Downloader from "Streaming Services".


Double-click the Y2Mate downloader and select "Streaming Services" from the left column.

2. Select the video you want to download from Rakuten TV.


Click on the Rakuten TV icon to enter the official website with the built-in browser. You can play all contents regardless of the genre. Just click to play.

3. Start downloading!


Once you have decided on the video you want to download, click on it to enter the playback screen. Once the video is played, the URL will be automatically analyzed and the download screen will pop up. Let's start downloading. You can always check the download status in real time. When the download is complete, you can find it in the "Finish" tab.

Why choose Y2Mate Rakuten tv Downloader?

You can download videos with the official Rakuten TV app, but there are various limitations, such as the number of devices that can download at the same time and the playback deadline. But Y2Mate Rakuten tv Downloader saves the contents as MP4 files with high quality and you can watch them on any device.
You can use Y2Mate Rakuten tv Downloader to save your favorite videos so that you can enjoy Rakuten tv offline, where you can watch about 200,000 videos online, including sports, movies, dramas, anime, and more!
Not only that, Y2Mate can also download Abema tv and U-NEXT titles, so if you need to, please give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I cancel my Rakuten TV unlimited subscription (monthly / annual)?

If you wish to cancel your unlimited subscription, please log in to Rakuten TV and go to "Purchase History" and click on the "Cancel" button for the applicable content.
If you want to cancel your subscription, log in to Rakuten TV and go to "Purchase History", then click on the "Cancel" button of the contents you want to cancel. 

2. How can I watch Rakuten TV on my TV?

There are two ways to watch videos on your TV: using the built-in Rakuten TV app or using a special device.
Rakuten TV is an Internet video streaming service, so you need a network environment to watch it.

3. What is the recommended environment for Rakuten TV?

Rakuten TV is available for smartphones, computers, and TVs. Rakuten TV is a service available only in Japan and cannot be used overseas.