Reliable TunePat Amazon Video Downloader Alternatives [2023 Newest]

TunePat Amazon Video Downloader has gained the popularity in downloading Amazon Prime videos. But is TunePat really good? And you may wonder to know are there any TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternatives? 

This article will explain what you need to know about TunePat Amazon Video Downloader and top 3 reliable TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternatives.

What Can I Get from TunePat Amazon Video Downloader?

TunePat Amazon Video Downloader is a paid video downloader that focuses on downloading MP4 Amazon videos. If you like enjoying high-definition Amazon videos offline, TunePat can be one of your choices. TunePat Amazon Video Downloader makes saving Amazon videos for offline viewing a piece of cake because of its user-friendly features.

TunePat Amazon Alternatives

Because TunePat Amazon Video Downloader allows you to download numerous films at once, it can cut down on the amount of time you have to wait while your downloads are being processed. TunePat Amazon takes into account the various types of hardware used by users and provides two software versions, one for MAC and one for Windows. You can select the one that best suits your requirements.

How to use TunePat Amazon Video Downloader? To begin the download process, all you have to do is paste the URL of the Amazon movie that you want to download into TunePat Amazon Downloader. The process is really straightforward and easy.

In addition, TunePat Amazon Video Downloader supports more than twenty different languages and takes into mind the requirements of consumers to the maximum extent possible.

Obviously, there are certain flaws in the TunePat Amazon Downloader, such as the fact that a TunePat License can only be used on a single computer at a time. Even if you pay for the TunePat Amazon Video Downloader with the Lifetime plan, you won't be able to use the same account on more than one computer at a time.

Consequently, are there any viable TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternatives? You don't need to worry about anything because this article will provide you with 4 reliable alternatives to the TunePat Amazon Video Downloader. Would you kindly continue to watch?

If you are interested in TunePat and want to know more about TunePat, “Is Tunepat Free? What is Tunepat?” and “Should I Subscribe to TunePat?” can be helpful.

TunePat Amazon Video Downloader Alternative 1: Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader

When it comes to TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternatives, Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader is the downloader that you will regret if you miss it.


Features of Y2Mate

  1. Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader allows you to download 1080p Amazon videos.
  2. Unlike TunePat Amazon Video Downloader, Y2Mate supports more than one PC if you buy its Lifetime Plan for Individuals or Monthly Plan for Team.
  3. Y2Mate allows you to not only download Amazon videos but also videos from Netflix, Peacock, Hulu as well as Disney Plus.
  4. Batching downloading is not a problem for Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader.
  5. Just like TunePat Amazon Video Downloader, Y2Mate also supports both MAC and Windows computers.
  6. Y2Mate provides a free trial for new users, which is very user-friendly.
  7. Y2Mate allows you to download subtitles of Amazon videos easily.

Prices of Y2Mate

Plans for Individuals

  1. Monthly Plan: $19.9 (1PC)
  2. Yearly Plan: $59.9 (1PC)
  3. Lifetime Plan: $149.9 (3PC)

Plans for Team

  1. Monthly Plan: $35.9 (3PC)
  2. Annual Plan: $119.99 (3PC)
  3. Lifetime Plan: $239.9 (5PC)

How to Use Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader?

Step 1: Download and open Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader.

Step 2: Log in to your Y2Mate Account and choose Amazon from the VIP services, which will bring you to the official site of Amazon Prime.

Step 3: Choose what you like to download after logging in to your Amazon account.

Step 4: Click the download now to start the downloading process.

TunePat Amazon Video Downloader Alternative 2: SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader

As another TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternative, SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader gives the same offline experience as what you may enjoy online.

Features of SameMovie

  1. 5.1 surround audio track brings you a more vivid offline viewing experience.
  2. When downloading High-Definition videos from Amazon, you have the option of saving several audio tracks and subtitles with the SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader.
  3. SmaeMovie’s downloading speed is faster compared to other Amazon video downloaders.


Prices of SameMovie

  1. Monthly Plan: $16.95
  2. Yearly Plan: $44.96
  3. Lifetime Plan: $129.9

How to Use SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader?

Paste the URL of the videos that you want to download.

TunePat Amazon Video Downloader Alternative 3: PlayOn Home

PlayOn Home is also an impressive TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternative, which will help you download Amazon Prime videos easily.

Features of PlayOn Home

  1. PlayOn Home enables you to enjoy Amazon videos up to 720P.
  2. PlayOn Home can skip annoying pop-up ads during the recording process.
  3. You can cast your downloaded videos onto Roku and other smart devices.
  4. PlayOn Home can automatically download the latest series, which will save you time and effort.

Prices of PlayOn Home

  1. Yearly Plan: $39.99
  2. 3 Month Plan:$14.97

How to Use PlayOn Home?

Recording the Amazon videos that you want to download.

TunePat Amazon Video Downloader Alternative 4: BBFly Amazon Video Downloader

BBFly Amazon Video Downloader is a reliable TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternative that you can rely on.


Features of BBFly

  1. Download multiple videos at the same time in an easy manner.
  2. BBFly removes ads from Amazon videos, bringing you immersive offline watching.
  3. BBFly supports downloading Amazon videos up to 1080p.
  4. Super audio quality is available to you with BBFly Amazon Video Downloader.
  5. You will not have to worry about missing your favorite videos thanks to BBFly's auto-downloading function.

Prices of BBFly

  1. Monthly Plan: $19.9 (1PC)
  2. Yearly Plan: $59.9 (3PC)
  3. Lifetime Plan: $139.9 (3PC)

How to Use BBFly?

1. Download and start your BBFly Amazon Video Downloader.

2. Select the Amazon icon from the VIP Services of BBFly.

3. Log in to your Amazon credential and find what you want to save.

4. Click the download now button.

Final Thought

This article introduces TunePat Amazon Video Downloader, which can help you download Amazon Prime videos without much effort.

Moreover, useful TunePat Amazon Video Downloader alternatives are also explained in detail for you. Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video is the one that you should not miss because it supports more than one PC.

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