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Best Romantic Animes on Funimation

Although most romantic animated dramas take place in high school, there's just something about them that tends to make them appealing to people of different ages.

Perhaps the similarity of sentiments touches all of us. Whatever the case may be, there is nothing like a well-written love interest animated series to have someone's adrenaline pumping.

The love interest is a category that does not always hold out by itself. It is frequently blended with Shoujo or maybe even Mysteriously imaginative, as it would be with any other genre. Notwithstanding not being standouts, such animated series personify the theme to the maximum potential.

These would be the top ten romantic animes on Funimation, which are the finest of the theme. Keep reading if you are looking forward to the list of best romance anime on Funimation.

10 Best Romantic Animes on Funimation

Sasaki And Miyano

The series's title is Adorableness, and Sasaki and Miyano add a touch of rationalism to their lovely center. Sasaki and Miyano's original series describes the blossoming romance between inimitable personalities, one of whom is a troublemaker as well as the other indeed very shy. 

Sasaki and Miyano, which is presently roughly midway through its cycle, has primarily played out like a slice-of-life animated series, although this genre has begun to address its crucial love story more straightforwardly in later videos. Studio Deen furthermore did not skimp on the visuals, as this show is one of the most visually romantic animes on Funimation appealing of Winter 2022.

Snow White with the Red hair

The setup and easiness of this sequence set it apart from others. It is a very simple storyline. The protagonists aren't something out of the ordinary. This is regarded as the best romance anime on Funimation.

Although it may not carry anything different to the world, it's all simple and well-executed. Shirayuki is a red-haired medicine man who lives in Tanbarun. She lives as a happy, self-sufficient girl till the Prince Raj of the Tanbarun empire notices her hair and commands her into becoming his second wife. She cut her hair short and fled to the foreign nation of Clarines with the assistance of Prince Zaji as well as her two accomplices, refusing to leave her liberty.

Itazura and Kiss

Upon giving up her shelter in a seismic event, Kotoko Aihara is forced to relocate with Naoki Irie, Japan's brightest scholar. Naoki is no mystery to Kotoko because they had a brief conversation earlier. She insisted on giving Irie a heartfelt letter, which he flatly refused.

Kotoko, on the other hand, remains positive. She contends that now that she and Irie are living together, they might just have a life around each other. Will Kotoko be able to incorporate the same sense of wonder in Irie? To find out, stream the above lovely animated series on Funimation.

Your Lie in April

The main character, Kosei Aroma, is a very good musical genius. He has already received multiple awards for his pacing, capacity, and one-of-a-kind expertise. All of this he managed to learn from his oppressive mother, Saki. However, after the death of his mom Saki, he also seems to forfeit motivation until the arrival of the female lead.

The story depicts all aspects of Kosei's unhappy past, including his mom. The remainder of the aspects is shielded by the female character's potent and relaxing radiance. Following that, Kosei discovers she, as well, has a mystery to maintain.

Kokoro connect

Kokoro Connect brings a miraculous spin to an attempted love triangle circumstance. Taichi, Iori, Yui, Yoshifumi, and Himeko are pupils who are members of their student affairs Cultural Research Team. The group lives a perfectly normal life unless a cryptic being known as Heartseed bestows upon them superhuman powers.

From that day forward, they are subjected to a variety of sensorimotor anomalies, which put their connections to the experiment and reveal elements of their characters that they would have preferred to keep private. The animated series has a number of fantastic moral values, which makes for an enjoyable place all the way through.

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight, a contender for the nicest animated series of 2008, is glad to send you the tingles. The Cross Academy, which believes in the togetherness of vampires and living beings, has divided its students into two groups: the Day Class and also the Night Class.

Kaname, the Night class's head, has a tumultuous history with Yuki, including an attempt to chew her. All whilst, Zero harbors a deep aversion to the undead. Nevertheless, matters take an immediate turn when an intense, dark past about Zero is disclosed, altering the entire mindset.


During the first day of her 2nd high school period, Naho Takamiya gets an unusual note. The report is dedicated to oneself but was sent in a decade by her older self. She is extremely skeptical; however, after reading about current affairs, she realizes the note is genuine.

The message prompts her to pay attention to newcomer Kakeru Naruse. It explains Naho's remorse for prior actions and her desire to rectify her missteps.

Mostly to help shield Kakeru, who will not be alive in the years ahead. This show's implementation is indeed very basic; it can also be intense, or it can be hearty; either way, it is one of the best dubbed anime on Funimation.

Spice and Wolf

However, apart from the romance, the storyline provides an excellent glimpse into the economic analysis of someone who is a vendor in the medieval period.

Kraft Lawrence is a 25-year-old vendor who travels from city to city selling goods and products. He hopes to earn some money to establish his own store.

Just then, he gets to meet Holo, a potent wolf supernatural entity who is an area's cultivation divinity. After being ignored by the people of her city, she joins Kraft in terms of moving to new locations and exploring greater business opportunities.

This is, without a doubt, the best romance anime on Funimation. The conversations for both Holo and Kraft are outstanding, owing to the fantastic communication.


Ryuji Takasu is now a second-year high school senior with a daunting face who, notwithstanding his warm personality, is mistaken for a deadbeat. He is great buddies with Yusaku Kitamura as well as the girl he seems to have a romantic interest with, Minori Kushieda.

He gets to meet Taiga Aisaka, a girl with an adorable appearance and a feisty character, one day. She confesses that she does have a love interest in his best mate Yusaku and is great friends with his crush Minori.

They ultimately agree to establish one another up with their love affairs, oblivious towards what their partnership is actually going to contribute to—another best dubbed anime on Funimation.

Kaguya Sama

Love is War is a novel Romance Anime. The plot revolves around two main characters, the two highest pupils at an Elite school. A boy and a girl concentrate their efforts on extracting the romantic revelation from one another.

The animated series is still in production. There have been 12 chapters published so far. Its original English publishing company is Viz Media. It is a Psychical Fiction with elements of Slice of Life and Intimate Comics.

How to Download Romantic Animes from Funimation?

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So, the question is how can you download Animes from Funimation?

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Final Thoughts

This is a list of the greatest romance anime on Funimation. They include both subbed and dubbed series. Hope this list of the best Romantic Animes available on Funimation meets your taste, and if not, you can just try out over there, and find out some of your choice, and don’t forget to use the software Y2Mate Funimation Downloader to download them to make them available for your offline use. Enjoy!

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