How to Screen Record AbemaTV Videos?

If you are interested in Japanese TV series, anime, and programs, you can't miss ABEMA (AbemaTV), the famous Japanese local video streaming platform and its abundant streaming resources. However, it is a little difficult for people outside Japan to access its videos due to regional constriction. Even if you use a VPN to watch your loved Japanese anime, you may be troubled by sudden crashes. If you want to watch a whole Japanese TV series, saving it for offline watching is obviously a wiser choice than online viewing. But how to screen record AbemaTV videos? 

Using the tips described here, you can screen record videos from AbemaTV in high quality. You can pay for just one month's subscription, screen record AbemaTV videos you want to watch, and keep them forever.

Why Should You Screen Record AbemaTV Videos?

Although 'function' is available as an official AbemaTV feature, there are some restrictions you should know.

  • Downloads are only supported on mobile devices.
  • Only 25 downloads are supported.
  • No Support for streaming on multiple devices.
  • Rental titles require an additional fee in addition to the monthly fee.
  • Compulsory ads for free plan subscribers. (Sometimes 3 consecutive ads in the middle of the video)

As you can see from the ABEMA restrictions above, it is still impossible to enjoy seamless video watching with its subscription. Also, if you subscribe to AbemaTV for a month, you can screen record AbemaTV videos at once and watch them offline on your devices with the minimum money cost. 

Abema download restrictions ads

How to Screen Record AbemaTV Videos — Use Y2Mate

How to screen record videos from AbemaTV? Actually, screen recording ABEMA videos cannot be done on any device, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and hard disk recorders. This is due to the adoption of 'HDCP' technology, which prevents unauthorized video recording. In order to correctly playback encrypted video and audio, the input device must also be equipped with an HDCP-enabled HDMI, DVI-D, or DisplayPort.

Why Do You Need Y2Mate?

For many people, a compatible video recorder is the key to successfully screen record ABEMA videos they to watch. Y2Mate AbemaTV Downloader is your all-in-one solution. If you are a fan of anime, you may want to use Crunchyroll as well. But how to screen record Crunchyroll? You can use Y2Mate as well. Not only can you use Y2Mate to screen record videos from AbemaTV, but you can also acquire episodes and shows from other famous platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, and so on. 

Y2Mate AbemaTV Downloader

Y2Mate ABEMA Downloader allows you to download all playable streaming programs from various streaming platforms in high quality. The powerful downloader can download ABEMA videos in up to 1080p with an AAC 2.0 audio track. All ads in the video can be filtered with Y2Mate. A 30-day free trial is offered!

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The major economic advantage of screen recording AbemaTV videos with Y2Mate is that by repeatedly subscribing and canceling ABEMA when you need it, you can greatly compress the price you pay and focus on what you pay for.

If ABEMA has videos you want to watch, you can pay for only one month, record all the videos you want to watch and save them permanently, and then watch them without paying a penny thereafter. The advantage of being able to save AbemaTV videos that are no longer available is also quite common.

The advantage of being able to screen record AbemaTV rental movies that require an additional fee is also significant. Once you screen record AbemaTV videos, you don't have to worry about expiration dates, and most importantly, you can watch the same title anytime, anywhere without having to rent it again, which is quite a win-win.

It is worth mentioning that AbemaTV is encoded in MPD and M3U8. Many video downloaders or recorders are not compatible with the two encryptions. But Y2Mate is able to successfully analyze the URL and proceed with the video downloading. 

Considering the above uses, it makes a little more sense to only spend $19.90 (about $2,500) for the video downloader. Of course, it is best to use the full version with no functional limitations, but you can try the free trial version first to see how the software performs.

How to Screen Record AbemaTV Videos with Y2Mate?

This section describes the procedure for recording video content from the ABEMA video streaming service.  

First, access the following URL and install the recording Y2Mate AbemaTV Downloader on your computer.

Step 1: Download and Install Y2Mate AbemaTV Downloader

1. Download Y2Mate on your PC.


2. Click on the 'Free Download' button to download and install Y2Mate.

3. You can set your language preference.

Step 2: Customize Download Settings

4. Go to 'VIP Services' and click on 'ABEMA' to access it.

5. Play the ABEMA video you wish to download. Y2Mate will then automatically analyze the video. (You may need to log in to be able to play the video.) Set the format (audio or video) and quality you want to download. Click 'Download Now' or 'Add to Queue' to start the download.

How to View Recorded Videos?

There are two main ways to watch movies: on a computer or on a smartphone or tablet. Here is the most orthodox way to watch movies on a computer.

When watching on a computer, it is easy to use a free media player. VLC Media Player and 5K Player are totally free video downloaders and are compatible with both Windows and macOS systems. Since Y2Mate supports multiple streaming platforms. If you screen record Rakuten TV videos, you can also you the two video players for playback. They support most video files. Of course, being freeware, there is zero financial burden. so if you do not have a particular media player, why not download it now?

How to Play Back Recorded AbemaTV Videos?

  • Take VLC player as an example. Once you launch VLC Media Player, all you have to do is click and drag the video data you want to play into the player. The video will now play automatically.
  • Basic operations, such as the 'Play' and 'Stop' buttons, are designed to be intuitive, so you will be able to use them right away.
  • Video data recorded using the method described in this article can also be viewed on an iPhone or iPad.

 Final Words

Now I believe you are clear about how to screen record AbemaTV videos and how to play them on your device. To download AbemaTV videos, you can only make a one-time subscription to ABEMA and download all the videos you want to watch with the powerful Y2Mate AbemaTV Downloader. Then you can use free media players such as VLC Player and 5K Player to playback the mp4-format ABEMA videos. 

Download ABEMA programs with the Y2mate ABEMA Downloader!
How to watch Abema TV for free? Thorough explanation of registration, fees and how to download videos!