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[DMM TV Recording Guide] How to record and download all programs efficiently and save them permanently on your computer!

The official DMM service includes a "download function" and hence there is little need to record videos. However, it does not hurt to know this technique.

Videos available on DMM:

  • DMM TV Special Free Distribution
  • DMM Premium Membership (unlimited viewing)
    • Anime
    • 2.5 Dimensions / Stage
    • Special Effects
    • Kids
    • Movie
    • Drama
    • DMM TV Original
    • Variety
    • Gravure
    • Other handsome

This is a purchased format and has restrictions on the length of time it can be viewed.

By quickly recording video titles with expiration dates and storing them permanently, you can play them offline on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

In this article, we will explain how to record video content from the video streaming service DMM TV. Please note that the recording methods introduced here are completely legal and do not include any illegal activities, so you can use them with peace of mind.

Let's take a look at how to record video content from the "DMM TV" video delivery service.

About recording on DMM TV

DMM video content cannot be recorded on devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and HDD recorders.

This is due to the existence of a technology called "HDCP" that prevents unauthorized video recording.

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a copyright protection technology developed to prevent unauthorized copying of digital content.

This article details this particular technology and how to record video using it.

What you need to record DMM TV

To record DMM TV, you will need the following items

Items required for DMM recording: 1.

  • A computer with an Internet connection
  • DMM TV account
  • Special recording software


Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader
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Excluding the items necessary for basic video playback (computer, Internet connection, and video subscription service account), DMM recording requires a dedicated recording software called Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader.

The main economic advantage is that you can significantly reduce your expenditures by purchasing and recording low-priced rental videos with expiration dates, instead of buying expensive indefinite edition videos.

While many of DMM's indefinite edition videos cost more than 1,000 yen, rental videos with expiration dates often cost less than 500 yen, sometimes even less than a single coin, so renting and recording rental versions allows you to enjoy watching videos at a much lower cost.

Once recorded and saved on your computer, you can then watch them whenever you want without paying any additional cost.

Another advantage that cannot be overlooked is the ability to comprehensively download video content even after distribution has ended.

This is a great advantage because once recorded and saved, you can watch it anytime on your smartphone or TV.

Install the software and start recording immediately!

Certainly, it is best to use the full version of the software, which has no functional limitations, but you can also try the free trial version to see how the software performs.

How to record DMM videos|Recording procedure

Next, we will explain the procedure for recording video content from the video delivery service "DMM TV.

Step 1: Download and install Y2Mate downloader

Go to the official Y2Mate website. 2.

Click the "Free Download" button to download and install Y2Mate.

3. you can set the language.


Step 2: Customize your download settings

1. go to "VIP Service" and click "DMM TV" to access it. 2.

「VIPサービス」に行き、「DMM TV」をクリックして、アクセス

3. play the DMM TV video you want to download. Y2Mate will then automatically analyze the video. (You may need to log in to play the video.) Set the format (audio or video) and quality you want to download. 4.


Click "Download Now. You can check the video you are downloading under "Downloading".


What if the video does not download?

A reader of this site told us what to do if you are still unable to download a video after following the above steps, and we share the solution here.

The procedure is simply to right-click on the software installer downloaded from the official Y2Mate website, select "Run as administrator" from the menu, and install the software.

The rest of the procedure is the same as above, so if you encounter any problems with the software, we recommend that you try "Run as administrator".

Limitations on the number of recordings in the free trial version

As mentioned above, " Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader " allows you to record DMM videos with very simple operations, but the free trial version has a limit on the number of recordings.

The free trial version is limited to three recordings, and if you want to record more than that, you will need to purchase the paid version. While this is sufficient to check the software's functionality, it is clearly not sufficient for long-term use.

Therefore, if you wish to continue using " Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader" to record numerous video titles, consider purchasing the paid version.

How to watch recorded DMM TV videos

This section explains how to record video content from the "DMM TV" video delivery service and watch the video data.

There are two main viewing methods: watching on a computer and watching on a smartphone or tablet. Here, we will introduce the most common method of viewing on a computer.

How to watch recorded video data

When viewing on a computer, it is convenient to use a free media player.

In particular, we recommend the standard free software "VLC Media Player" because it is easy to use even for beginners and is highly rated for its ease of use. Of course, since it is free software, there is absolutely no financial burden. If you do not have a specific media player, please take this opportunity to download it.

Once you launch VLC Media Player, simply click and drag the video data you wish to view into the player, and the video will automatically play. Basic operations are also designed to be intuitive, with buttons such as "Play" and "Stop" so you will be able to use it right away.

How to Transfer Recorded Video Data to a Smartphone or Tablet

Video data recorded using the methods described in this article can also be transferred to an iPhone or iPad for viewing.

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