Can You Share Apple TV Plus?

Streaming without your family can feel like a betrayal. Especially considering Apple has come up with epic shows off late. If you are one of those people who love Apple and feel bad that your family is missing out on some amazing content. Please do not worry, Apple TV Plus provides you with a function to share with your family. Once you are subscribed to the family subscription. There is not much room left for worries. However, there is a cap on the maximum user list. However, the process to share is much easier and handier.

A million questions might have come to your mind. Can you share Apple TV plus with multiple users? Can you share the Apple TV plus with family and friends? If you can then what shall be the maximum cap of users that you can share your Apple TV.

There are many questions to ponder. And frankly, the answers shall be right up front. The setting up is not at all a complicated affair. But rather a simple one. All you need to do is follow all the given instructions on this piece to the point and avoid skipping steps.

How Do I Share Apple TV Plus with Family/ Friends?

The best way to share all the content of Apple TV Plus is by enabling family sharing. You can also access services like iTunes and iCloud. All you need to take care of is setting up your family sharing subscription process. Once that is done you can easily share your Apple content with your family. You have all the prerequisites of a stream not on the Apple TV, but you can only do it through MAC, iOS and iPad.

How Do I Set Up Apple TV Plus Family Sharing?

How to share Apple TV plus with family? Or Can you share Apple TV plus are two big questions to ponder. People have been confused because of many things that the new Apple TV offers and new services bring. The confusion however won’t last long, all you need to do is follow the given steps appropriately. Remember that Apple TV Plus cannot be configured with a family sharing function on your TV. You would be needing a Mac device, iOS OS to activate family sharing in your Apple TV Plus.

How to Share an Apple TV+ Subscription With Multiple Users on A Mac?

Apple TV+ subscription is not that hard to activate. You can do the subscription through the app. The process is fairly easy. Just follow the steps in a sequential manner to activate the family sharing option:

  • Launch the Apple TV app and subscribe to Apple TV Plus at first.
  • Now select system preferences from the list of options.
  • Now move to another option called ‘family sharing’.
  • From the side menu, you can simply opt for ‘family sharing’.
  • Once it’s done, click the plus button and invite family and friends that will allow you to share shows and services of Apple TV Plus.

Now, the best thing about streaming services is that they follow your choices judiciously. You can want a variety of things, but they make sure that they recommend exactly the type of shows that you want to watch. It’s all about algorithms and the specific shows you want to watch for yourself. Now despite being a clubbed account as per the family sharing feature. You get a lot of benefits here. Every person has his individualized recommendation screen.

How to Share an Apple TV+ Account With Family on an iOS Device?

As we have discussed How to share Apple TV Plus subscription on Mac. It becomes imperative and even more important to know the process for your iPhone or iPad. If you like mobile phones and find them easier to function then it shouldn’t be big of a problem. How do I share an Apple TV with my family? Is a still big question and here’s how to do it on an iOS device. Please follow the steps in a sequential manner:

  • Launch the Apple TV app on your iPhone.
  • Subscribe to Apple TV Plus, in case you haven’t subscribed to it yet
  • Now move to the settings option. Select the gear icon and open it.
  • Now you have to tap on the ‘Family Sharing option’.
  • Now simply you have to add members who are registered on the Apple TV app. You can even send invitations through their Apple Id.

Now to confirm whether everything that you did was correct or not. To ensure that, just check the Shared with your family option on the menu. If all the steps have been done sequentially and also in the correct order, you will find the option of Apple Plus.

Step by Step Process for How to Add Family to Apple TV Plus

  • Now here the process right now is not that fairly complex. After you tap on the family sharing option, you will get an option to initiate an invite.
  • You have to send them the invites through registered people on Apple TV.
  • If by chance you want to send an invite to a child, just select the option “Create new account for a child.”
  • Now in order for the family members to join, they have to simply accept the invite and join the group. Once that is done, your account is permanently set.
  • If you have initiated the joining process. You will be initiated as the ‘organizer’ who did everything in linking all the accounts together. Kudos to you!

Once everything is done in proper order, tell your family members to try logging in through their Apple ID. If they are not able to sign in, it will be because of some mishap in the execution. Your contacts should be able to log in.

Sharing Apple TV Plus with Friends But Not Family

See there is no hard and fast rule on sharing. The system won’t detect who is your family and who is not. You simply need to process the invitation through the Apple ID. The requirement here is a person who has an Apple ID. They need to accept the invitation, and they will be added to the group. Once they are added they can view all the services.

How Do I Get Apple TV Plus Free?

As of now, the offers are raging high and it's amazing how people are wanting to avail the Apple TV Plus subscription. If you want to attain a subscription, the process is not that hard. Instead, it’s fairly simple and not at all time consuming as of now for people in the United States the Apple TV+ services will be given for 7 days free and later charged $4.99/month.

But if you talk about having Apple TV Plus along with a new Apple device you will get 3 months free of Apple TV Plus subscription. You can also get an Apple One subscription for one month free. For that, you need to subscribe to 5 premium Apple services.

Why is Sharing an Apple TV Subscription Beneficial?

There are more positives than negatives if we talk about sharing the Apple TV subscription. There are simply too many services to stream. You have Netflix, Amazon Prime and so many options. It can be price efficient to choose one and all can chip in for the same price. That way if you are facing a monetary crunch, you can ask other members that you have added in ‘Family sharing’.

This was a step-by-step guide for sharing Apple TV with multiple users be it family or friends.

However, you can also have another easy way of downloading the videos from Apple TV and transfer them to various devices to give easy accessibility to multiple users.

How to Download Videos from Apple TV for Multiple Users?

Are you missing out your favorite TV shows or movies due to time constraint? Or are any errors cropping up while watching the shows on Apple TV? Or you are not able to share the videos from Apple TV with your family?

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  • The app is easy to navigate, with a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • You can download videos in HD quality.
  • Y2Mate Apple TV Downloader supports multiple downloads at once, so you can download several videos at once without having to wait.
  • The app also includes a built-in browser, which helps you look for the video you wish to download within the tool itself.

So if you're looking for an easy way to download content from your favorite websites, Y2Mate Apple TV Downloader is the app for you. It's simple to use, and it comes packed with features that make it the perfect choice for any Apple TV user. Try it today and see for yourself how easy it is to use!


Sharing your Apple TV subscription is not that complicated. Just bear in mind the steps required to do the process. Now, not just you, your entire family shall enjoy the TV show together.

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