Y2Mate Downloader ile Twitter videoları nasıl kaydedilir!(Twitter video sıralama sitesi önerileri dahil)

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites.

Many people like to check the latest topics on Twitter.

However, Twitter does not have a Twitter video save ranking, so if you are interested in which videos are the most popular right now or who the most popular celebrities are, you need to find another Twitter video save ranking site.

Therefore, this article introduces free sites that provide Twitter video rankings for 3 days, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, etc.

We also show you how to save Twitter videos with Y2mate downloader.

Below is a detailed introduction to each site.

Weekly Video Ranking! Y2mate is also a popular site for checking out Twitter videos. One of the features of this video site is the way it determines the ranking order. This site uses special analysis software to check popular Twitter videos that are viewed by many people.

Rankings are determined by retrieving data on video views from Twitter and YouTube. We also use software to analyze the number of videos spread through other social networking sites to more accurately determine the popularity ranking. The advantage of this site is that you can obtain a wide range of information on the Internet, including video clips, and also learn information about SNS in China .

Fleshy Beauty Girl is a site that presents Twitter videos uploaded to adult accounts in a ranking format. Many videos, including selfies taken by account owners, are introduced and are popular mainly among men and others who are interested in videos with adult content.

This site also introduces rankings by account owner, and you can see the account rankings of gravure idols and adult video actresses. Other popular features include account rankings of stylish women and beautiful women, and the ability to check out adult-oriented Twitter videos in one yer.

togetter is a recommended site for those who want to know not only about interesting videos but also about trends that are popular on Twitter. togetter is a site that introduces various types of information popular on Twitter in a ranking format, and you can also check the Twitter video trend rankings. You can also check the Twitter video trend ranking. The site also has a section that presents rankings of various images, summaries, tweets, etc., and also introduces rankings of celebrities who are trending on Twitter .

TwTimez is also famous as a site where you can see Twitter's popularity ranking. The site looks at the number of retweets in order to rank popular tweets. It is possible to display short kings in multiple ways, and it is possible to rank them in order of retweet momentum or in order of popularity.

This site is easy to use when you want to check out new tweets, as it has a function that allows you to display them in order of new arrival. Another feature of this site is the fast pace at which ranking information is updated, with new rankings appearing every five minutes during the day. Sırasında night, rankings are updated every 15 minutes, making it a convenient site for those who want to be the first to know about the latest trends .

Twitter Video Tools is a website that presents a collection of popular Twitter videos. You can easily play the video you want to watch by clicking on the reduced version of the video displayed on the screen. The site is also easy to use when you want to save your favorite videos. While playing a video, right-click the mouse and select "Save Video As..." to save the data of the video you are watching to your computer.If you want to find out which account the video is from, you can easily check by clicking on the text at the bottom of the reduced version of the screen.

/>Saving software to easily save Twitter videos

In this part, we introduce dedicated video saving software to save Twitter videos.

You can also easily save Twitter videos using a dedicated video saving tool.

Y2mate Twitter Downloader can save and save online videos from 1000+ video and music sharing sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc. at high speed.

Apart from the usual social networking sites, adult sites such as Dailymotion, XVideos, Pornhub, xHamster, SpankBang, RedTube, etc. are also supported. With this software, you can save and enjoy pornographic videos from all over the world offline.

How to save Twitter videos with Y2mate Downloader

1. save the latest version of Y2mate Downloader and install it on your computer.

2. After installation is complete, start Y2mate, click the "≡" icon in the upper right corner, and set the destination for the Twitter videos you want to save under "Settings">"Genel">"Video Directory".

3. copy the URL of the Twitter video you wish to save. (URLs of Twitter videos distributed to the sites mentioned above can also be supported)

4. Open Y2mate, select the format and quality, and press the "Download" button. 5.

You can check the progress of the saving under "Downloading". 6.

6. the saved video will be saved in "Downloading".

These are the Twitter video ranking sites. However, some sites also have a feature to save Twitter videos. If not, we recommend Y2mate Twitter Downloader, which allows you to copy the URL and save it instantly.