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Best Twitch VOD Downloader: Download Twitch Clips/VODs with Y2mate

Twitch is the best-known gaming site and lives streaming video platform with many great game streams. It’s the right destination for live streaming video for everybody who loves games. Twitch may be a live streaming video platform best for gaming introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform. The positioning mainly focuses on video gaming, broadcasts of eSports competitions, including video games, creative content, and more recently, music broadcasts, etc.


Twitch VOD downloader may be a platform designed for gamers to showcase their passion and skills for games of various genres. Often, a video clip on Twitch catches the audience’s eyes. it's so hilarious that you just want to share it along with your friends. A Twitch VOD downloader is an archive of the content streamed live on Twitch. With a Twitch VOD downloader, you can download Twitch clips and videos that you really like and want to share with others for offline watching.

twitch vod downloader

The features of a Twitch VOD downloader make it easy for saving and watching past streamed content on Twitch. Both past broadcasts and highlights will be observed as VODs. In the past, there was an option for streamers to avoid wasting VODs forever but nowadays twitch only saves VODs for 14 to 60 days, betting on the kind of account. It’s much better to download Twitch clips and VODs because expired VODs are automatically deleted. Within the most recent five years, its permeability and effect have quickly developed to a point where it has become a significant power in the games business, and progressively inside the worldwide media ecosystem as entirely. The success of Twitch is additionally clearly signaled by its recent purchase for nearly a billion dollars by Amazon, and its position as roughly the hundredth most viewed website, of any sort, within the world.

twitch vod downloader

Y2mate Downloader is an excellent Twitch VOD downloader that can provide instant access for users of all knowledge levels to download Twitch clips and VOD files for offline watching and sharing. Y2mate Downloader manages to try and do all with a streamlined interface, a built-in search tool, comprehensive log records, and a skilled download manager which will assist the download of some areas of online VODs.

To install Y2mate Downloader on your desktop or laptop personal computer, all you wish to try is to download and activate the official app installer that's distributed in an exceedingly small archive that's but 10MB in size. Downloads are often both individual and batches, with no restrictions on VOD sizes. The interface is easy to use and may enable even complete computer novices to simply find, select, and download Twitch clips/VODs. Y2mate Downloader is 100% Safe. You can Subscribe and Unsubscribe at Any Time with a price of $19.9/month and $4.99/month (Annual Plan).


  • Free and simple to use

  • Download Twitch clips/VODs with high speed

  • Provision to do batch downloads

  • Offers multiple format options and different quality levels

  • Support Twitch VODs, uploads, clips, and highlights.

  • Results high performance even with very long VODs

  • Speed and fast download, multi-threading, 3x speed up.

  • Both Download & save as MP4 and MP3 files

  • Goes syncing the auto gallery

  • HD video download. Support 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 160p. Support downloads video in 60fps and 30fps.

  • Built-in player, full-screen player.

How to Download Twitch Clips and VODs

  • Install free Y2mate Video downloader

  • Copy video URL

  • Paste the VOD link into the program

  • Select output video parameters

  • Download the video to your PC

1. Install Twitch VOD downloader: Y2mate

First, you need to install the simplest and free Twitch VOD downloader: Y2mate Downloader. By default, you get the net installer which loads all the freeware components from the net. If your Internet connection isn't stable, you'll download the offline version from the Downloads page. Follow the installation process: select a folder for the program, decide where to save lots of, about the desktop icon & context menu option. Run the software.

2. Copy video URL

Open Twitch in your browser. Hunt for the stream you wish to save lots of and duplicate that link. it's going to be your own VOD or other videos. Twitch is that the largest live streaming platform, especially for gamers on the web with billions of gaming videos. To access some Twitch content, you would like to register an account on twitch. Copy the URL of the video (like https://www.twitch.tv/videos/756483013), not a channel link. you'll be able to save Twitch broadcasts regardless of how long they're.

3. Paste the VOD link

Paste the video URL into Twitch Downloader using the "Paste URL" button. Sometimes the video access & download would require your account info, please enter it into the program.

4. Select output video parameters

Choose the video quality you wish to download among available ones: 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p. The software informs the approximate computer file size. Select the scale you would like. Then choose what you wish to try with the video: only download the content or convert streams to other video formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, 3GP, MP3.load Twitch video to your PC

5. Download Twitch Clips and VODs to your PC

Set a destination folder where you wish to save: it's going to be a folder on your computer HDD or any cloud storage folder. Click the "Download" button and wait until the video is downloaded. After it slow, you may be ready to find or download the new streams within the specified folder. Get more clips in the same way. You’ll also save YouTube videos and playlists with Y2mate.ch

Watch Twitch VODs online

You can also watch Twitch VODs using online apps. The best advantage of this method is the wide compatibility and It works for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Several web-based apps allow users to watch VODs from Twitch, but most of them can’t do the job. We found some online Twitch VODs downloaders by goggling and tested them one by one. Only a few of them support watching Twitch VODs.


  • Free and handy

  • No need to install any software

  • Work on almost all platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS

  • Can download Twitch videos including VODs


  • Don’t allow batch download

  • Relatively low speed

  • Most of the online video downloaders have harmful popups or ads so that pc may be affected


Q1: How do I download twitch clips/VODs?

You will see all of the VODs from past streams that are currently available for you to watch for a limited period otherwise vod will be deleted, and you will find a Download button below the thumbnail for each VOD. Click on the Download button you want to start downloading it to your computer.

Q2: Can you download twitch clips/VODs on mobile?

Generally, it can be found on a channel's Activity Feed. If you're watching a live channel, For iOS, this is on the top left of the player, and for Android, it's on the bottom left tap the Activity Feed icon located on the player. 

Q3: Can you download twitch clips/VODs from someone else?

Practically, it is not possible to download others’ VOD directly through the Twitch website. Fortunately, there's a third-party application appositely called Twitch Lecher that allows you to do just that.

Q4:  How do I download twitch clips/VODs on Android?

Select the Video Manager option from the main drop-down, over to the Twitch main page. This is the section where all of your videos are saved. You can see under each thumbnail, an option that says Download.


The largest live streaming platform “Twitch” nowadays on the internet is an endless source of gaming videos that can help you master any game. You can find different types of games streaming on Twitch, which makes it pretty for users easy to see different styles of gameplay or different approaches towards the game you're currently playing. Downloading a video is easy and simple since you just have to copy and paste the video's URL into the software. A Twitch VOD downloader is a great way to have access to view or download your favorite gaming clips, even when you're offline.

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