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Download U-Next Videos Offline with Latest Y2mate U-Next Downloader

U-Next has been one of the excellent options for the best entertainment ever. However, U Next service has been one of the most popular services in Japan. But, you will be able to get access to U Next even outside Japan. Have you ever given a thought to find how to download U Next videos easily?

U- Next – An introduction

U Next is a streaming service launched in Japan and has been around since 2009. If you are unaware of what exactly is it, it is a Japanese online TV service and provides you access to a wide range of content across several genres. The content available on U next includes animes, dramas, documentaries, movies, and several other genres of shows.

U- Next

Watching it outside Japan may be restricted and using a VPN service can be quite an excellent option to help you get access to a perfect experience in achieving the high-end Japanese entertainment. A pioneer for the subscription based video distribution service, they have been one of the excellent services for media distribution in the Japanese region in terms of TV stations and other content.

How to download U Next shows?

If you are looking to download U Next shows for your heart’s content, you would find that the service does not offer you an option for downloading the video content on the streaming service. When you compare it to the other streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, or even Disney Plus, the U Next service dos not come with an option to download the videos from its site.

The only option you will be able to download the videos from the U Next service can be through the third-party downloader services alone. You may either use a third-party online service for downloading the Videos from U Next or even make use of the software solution for the purpose. You can make use of any of the top-end and powerful video download services for helping you download videos from U Next.

Y2Mate U Next Downloader – An excellent options to download U Next Shows

If you are checking out the best options to download U Next videos, Y2Mate U Next Downloader should be a great choice from almost every aspect. While the tool is a great choice for converting U Next videos, it can also be a good alternative to work with a wide range of other video streaming services as well.

Some of the excellent features that Y2Mate U Next downloader can offer you would include

  • Faster video download options – In case you are looking for the faster options for downloading your videos, Y2Mate should offer you a decent option for downloading your content. Your videos should be downloaded within a few minutes. You can also use the turbo download functionality to further improve the speed of downloading the content. With hardware Acceleration, you will be able to download the content at 2x speed.

  • A high-quality video download – Y2Mate Video download provides an ability to download videos in high-quality video and audio resolution. The software can download videos in 1080p and AC 5.1 audio tracks. You will have access to a great degree of performance with your desired resolution in your favorite downloads.

  • Download the videos with subtitles – The Y2Mate U Next Downloader can be one of the excellent options for downloading the videos with subtitles. The subtitles can be embedded within the videos or even check out the options for downloading the subtitles and saving them in the .srt format.

  • Download additional information with your videos – The U Next Video downloader lets you download the videos with subtitles and other additional information. The software does let you download the videos along with information such as movie name, cast, genre, plot, and storyline. This additional information can be useful in creating your library and arrange it properly.

  • Auto download – When you are checking out an episode of a series, the software will detect that it is a part of the series, and then find information about the rest of the episodes. You can choose to download the episodes in the background.

  • Batch Download functionality – The Y2Mate Download functionality does provide you access to a far more degree of enhanced experience with the batch download functionality. You will be able to download the content in batches. An ability to download the multiple videos can help you get the task work at its best.

How to download U Next shows using Y2Mate U Next video Downloader?

Y2Mate U-Next Downloader does let you download the content on U next without hassles and through a very easy to use interface. The major strength of the software lies in the fact that it does let you download the videos without any deterioration of quality.

Here are the steps involved in how to download U-Next videos 

Step 1 – Install and launch Y2Mate U-Next Downloader

You can get access to the U-Next downloader from the product page. You can simply download the installer and install it as you would do with any other software.

Y2Mate U Next Downloader

Step 2 – Access U-Next on the Y2Mate U-Next Downloader

From the main interface, click on the Streaming services from the left pane. You should now get access to all the services offered on the Y2Mate Downloader. Pick the U Next option from among the choices available.

 U Next on the Y2Mate U next Downloader

Step 3 – Click on the download options

Go to the video you want to download. As soon as you begin playing it, you should get the options for download. Click on the option Ready to download option and you will find the options to configure your subtitles and other information.

DRM Video downloader

Click on Download Now and your download should be done.


What makes Y2Mate U Next Downloader a great option?

Y2Mate Downloader has been one of the strongest options for downloading your favorite content. In fact, it does provide you access to a huge degree of entertainment options. The service does provide you access to several benefits and advantages in how to download U Next movies. The download options for subtitles, extra information to download the videos, and the auto download functionality are a few of the features that make it a great choice.

Y2Mate also offers the download options for several streaming services. The ability to download Amazon videos or even HBO Max videos is what makes it a great choice. The service does provide you access to other benefits that include Disney Plus downloads, Netflix downloads, and even Hulu downloads. A few services are currently available, while a few others will be added in a phased manner.


1. What devices are U Next supported on?

U next is supported on Android TVs, iPhone, or other iOS devices, and on

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Amazon Fire TV Cube

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

  • U-NEXT TV (black, white)

  • Chromecast

  • Chromecast with Google TV

2. Can I download movies from other streaming services with Y2mate?

The Y2Mate U Next Downloader also supports download HBO Max movies and download Amazon Prime videos with Y2mate. You will also find it supporting the Disney Plus download with a recent update. Other services such as Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services will be added soon.

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