If you want to uninstall 5KPlayer, now you know!

5KPlayer is both a video and music player and an online video download tool.

However, when you actually use it, you may encounter the following cases

  • There are too many advertisements, even for free software.
  • Almost only videos from YouTube can be downloaded, making it useless.

Therefore, this article will show you how to uninstall 5KPlayer.

Why can't I uninstall 5KPlayer?

The reason why 5KPlayer cannot be uninstalled is because 5KPlayer is still running.

This is because 5KPlayer is a type of software that does not terminate simply by clicking the "Close" button, but remains resident in the task.

Therefore, please check if you are able to terminate the startup of 5KPlayer first.

Please check the lower right corner of the taskbar (lower right corner of the computer screen).

Is the 5KPlayer icon like this displayed?

If not, click on the "△" and you will see a hidden indicator like this.

This indicates that 5KPlayer is still running.

So, let's terminate the startup of 5KPlayer.

Right click on the 5KPlayer icon and select "Exit".

This will end the normal startup of 5KPlayer and allow uninstallation.

How to uninstall 5KPlayer in Windows

Windows 11

Right click on "Start" and from the quick access menu, click on "Installed Apps".

The "Apps > Installed Apps" screen will appear.
Select "5KPlayer" from the list.

Click on the "5KPlayer" field, click [...], and then click [Uninstall].

Click [ Uninstall ].

Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall.

Windows 10

[Right-click "Start" and from the "Quick Access" menu, click "Apps & Features".

The "Apps and Features" screen will appear.

Select [ 5KPlayer ] from the list.
Click on [ Uninstall ] and then [ Uninstall ].

Click "Yes" when the "Uninstall 5KPlayer" guide appears.


You will see a screen like this, and the uninstallation is successfully completed.


How to uninstall 5KPlayer on Mac

Step 1: To uninstall 5KPlayer on your Mac, open Finder > Applications > 5KPlayer.

How To Uninstall 5KPlayer on Mac Manually

Step 2: Drag the 5KPlayer app file to the Trash folder.

Y2Mate Downloader, an alternative to 5KPlayer

Here I would like to introduce to you Y2Mate Downloader, a downloader that saves videos and various other video content with a more focused download function than 5KPlayer.

Y2Mate Downloader is a software that allows you to download videos from most sites on the web in high quality. Here is an explanation of its advantages.

Support for a wide variety of websites

Y2Mate has developed a variety of products depending on the site you are using, but in fact, as long as you download one of them, you can download videos from any site with a single URL. Of course, you can also access the service you want by clicking directly on the icon of the service you want to use. You can download while watching in the built-in browser, so you won't be bored while waiting for the next episode to be downloaded. Downloading starts automatically as soon as playback starts, so the necessary operations are very simple.

High picture quality that rivals that of movie theaters

Y2Mate saves 4k and even 8k high quality videos on your device, as long as the distributor's image quality is supported. If the movie has subtitles, Y2Mate automatically searches for them and downloads the audio at the same time. And what's more, you can do all these settings on one screen. mp4, of course, and many other formats to choose from, so it's hard to beat 5KPlayer.

Secure plan with money-back guarantee

Y2Mate offers monthly, yearly, and perpetual plans to meet your needs. Even if you have any doubts, you can try Y2Mate with a 30-day money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that you are unable to download the video.

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