Best 15 URL to MP4 Downloader in 2022

The number of videos sharing sites and video streaming services has been increasing consistently. There are several sites and services that have been focusing on streaming. However, how to download your favorite videos from these sites? Converting URL to MP4 is something you find easy enough with the right type of tool. With a huge number of options available for URL to MP4 converters, we thought of picking a few great options that can prove to be handy enough in how to download URL to MP4 without hassles. 

Best URL to MP4 Converters for Windows and Mac

To begin with, we will cover the best URL to MP4 converters that provide you access to a better performance. The URL downloaders can prove to be one of the high-end options for your needs in an enhanced performance. 

1. Y2mate Video Downloader – The Versatile URL downloader 

Y2mate DRM Downloader can be treated to be one of the huge options for an enhanced experience in downloading your content from a huge number of video sharing sites that include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a host of other services. The support that it offers you in terms of multitasking and playlist download can prove to be one of the thoughtful options ever. 

Some of the features offered by the Y2mate Video Downloader include:

  • It offers you download options from a huge range of websites: It does provide you access to a huge number of video sharing websites that include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other video sharing services. The software supports over 1000 different sites. 

  • It saves the videos in the original format: The software saves the videos in the original format and applies no transcoding of any sort. That would help you download your videos in the best possible quality. 

  • Pick your favorite resolution: You can pick a video in your preferred resolution making it one of the prime options you would want to go with. The software provides you support for resolutions right from 144p all the way up to 720p and 1080p, even 4K and 8K

  • Top-notch technology options: DVDFab Video Downloader comes with a host of multiple technologies to take care of your downloading requirements. You can get access to a Turbo speed download that provides you 10x download speed. The Playlist download option helps you download all the videos in a Playlist. The Multitask download feature is yet another excellent option that helps you download five videos at time. 

2. MiniTool uTube Downloader

The MiniTool uTube Downloader is one of the excellent choices for downloading URL to MP4 converter with ease and simplicity. It does provide you access to a very simple to use interface and a huge Windows compatibility. It can be one of the huge options for downloading 4K videos with ease. You can even expect the best performance ever. 

url to mp4


  • Batch download compatibility 

  • Audio extract option from video URLs

  • Download options for subtitles 

  • Unlimited download options 

3. iTube HD Video Downloader

The iTube HD Video Downloader is yet another option to easily download and convert your videos. Support for more than 10000 video sharing sites should ideally make it one of the thoughtful options to provide you access to the huge functionality ever. It does provide you access to a considerably great number of shows from different sites. 


  • Download videos with a multi-task functionality. 

  • Download videos to MP3.

  • Video download options in 1080p and 4K. 

  • Private mode download option to download videos in the password-protected private list

  • You can even download the content from cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive 

4. Aiseesoft Free Media Downloader

The Aiseesoft Free Media Downloader is yet another worthy option for the high-end download option for the URL to MP4 converters. It can convert your videos in MP4, AVI, and a wide range of other formats. 

url to mp4


  • A faster download and conversion speed 

  • Support to download videos in different formats that include MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and other formats

  • It works with full HD and HD format 

  • You can pick your preferred resolution and format 

5. Video Download Capture 

Video Download Capture is a capable software as the best URL to MP4 downloader and provides you access to a very user-friendly software. It also provides you access to handling almost every type of URL. You can even handle the flash files and convert them into MP4 format with this URL downloader. 


  • Auto download functionality that detects the URL being played and begins downloading 

  • Video recorder feature that further enhances your experience.

  • Support for a huge number of sites 

  • Playlist download option. 


Best Online URL to MP4 Downloaders 

Having checked out the best downloaders for desktop, here are the best online URL to MP4 converters. The URL downloader options in the online mode can prove to be a great option and can provides an outstanding performance. 

1. Best Online URL to MP4 Downloader is yet another great option that can prove to be useful in URL to MP4 downloader functionality and supports over 1000 different sites. It can work with a huge number of different sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other great video sharing services. An excellent high-quality video downloader option further makes it one of the huge options. 

url to mp4


  • An excellent 4K video downloading options 

  • Faster video download compatibility that works within a few seconds. 

  • Convert your videos to MP4 or MP3 as per your preferences 

  • You do not have any limit on the number of videos you can download


A great tool to convert URL to MP4, it is a powerful video converter for an enhanced experience. Support for more than 1000 sites makes it further perfect choices. 4K video download compatibility can be yet another high-end feature. The high-speed download is one perfect option


  • You can even use it as a URL to MP3 converter  as well

  • Support for different formats such as 2160p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p

  • High-speed conversion. 

  • Retains information on the video.

3. is a wonderful well-known URL for MP4 downloaders. The attractive interface coupled with an easier navigation further makes it one of the most reliable options ever. It can even fetch videos from cloud storage services. It also works as an URL to MP3 converter. 


  • Download the videos quickly and high quality 

  • No need for registration to convert URL to MP4

  • Drag and drop functionality for local files 

  • Support for multiple video formats. 


4. Online-Convert

This is one of the excellent options for converting URL to MP4 downloads without a software installation. A simple interface is what would make it a prime option. You can even add files from cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. 


  • Choose file parameters. 

  • A huge number of formats 

  • Faster and high-quality conversion. 


4. Online Video Converter

The free URL to MP4 converter comes with the ability to convert audio and video formats. It does work with all browsers irrespective of the platforms. You will find it supporting hundreds of websites. You can get access to high-speed conversion options. 


  • Wide range of video formats to convert URL to MP4

  • Multiple videos formats such as MP4, MP3, and AVI

  • Multiple video quality supported 

  • Handles both URL or local files alike


6. ClipConverter

Yet another popular URL to MP4 converter, it lets you record, convert and download a wide range of audio and video URLs. Completely free, it supports a good number of sites such as Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can even choose the output quality of the video. You can use it as URL to MP3 converter. Whether YouTube URL to mp4 or any other site, you will find it to be a versatile downloader for your videos.


  • Does not require installation or registration of an account 

  • Easy and simple to use 

  • Support for a few video and audio formats 

  • Download videos in HD and 4K resolution 

7. Zamzar

Zamzar is yet another powerful URL to MP4 downloader. Most widely used online converters, it supports over 1200 different formats. A quicker conversion, a simple interface, and no need for registration are a few features that make it a reliable service. Apart from YouTube URL to mp4, it also supports several websites. 


  • You can add the file from both URL and local drive

  • Supports a wide range of file formats 

  • Can convert only 50 MB files 

  • Easy to follow steps 


8. AConvert 

AConvert has been rated to be one of the perfect and intuitive URL to MP4 converters. The option for a wide range of video formats makes it a versatile tool. The simple interface and a faster download speed are a couple of features that make it a powerful choice. 


  • A free to use online converter option 

  • You can add the URLs from different sources 

  • You can customize the output file parameters. 

  • You can download the videos or save them directly to cloud storage services. 


9. Convert2MP3

Convert2MP3 is yet another powerful URL to MP4 downloader. The URL to MP4 online converter  does support a wide range of websites such as YouTube, Clipfish, and Dailymotion. The tool is completely free and can be used without any registration. You can even look for the program interface. 


  • You can convert your videos to MP4 and other formats. 

  • You can pick the options for file resolution and formats. 

  • A huge number of audio and video formats. 

10. ConvertFiles 

The free online video converter can be yet another useful option for the efficient URL to MP4 downloader. A faster speed of conversion and the access to local files can further make it a great choice for the best video URL to mp4 converter. No download, registration, and installation are required. 


  • It can get links from a huge range of sources. 

  • Support for a great range of formats. 

  • The tool also supports other content types such as Ebook and documents. 

  • The maximum file size is limited to 250 MB. 

Which one among them would we recommend?

If you are checking out the best software-based URL to MP4 downloader, DVDFab Video downloader should be your primary choice. The advanced features such as batch conversion and advanced technologies offered on the tool further make it one of the most reliable options. 

In the case of the online URL to MP4 downloaders, can be seen as a great tool with a high-end simplicity and ease of download and conversion options.