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Y2Mate Downloader User Manual

The media consumption and the way we have been consuming music and videos have changed to a considerable extent over the past few years. The growth of streaming services has been instrumental in changing the way we have been consuming media. However, this should not mean we do not need the video downloaders anymore.


1. Introduction

The ability to play downloaded media files even when you are offline and an option to get access to download resolutions such as 4K and 8K are what would further enhance your experience. Y2Mate Video Downloader is one such excellent service that has redefined your experience by several counts. The DRM Video downloader capability, YouTube to MP3 functionality, and other additional benefits can be what makes it one of the prime options.


youtube downloaded


Features offered by Y2Mate Video Downloader

  • Support for as many as 1000+ websites, see supported websites by y2mate.

  • Download options for several DRM-protected services such as Amazon, HBO Max, Netflix, and Hulu to name just a few.

  • A wider range of resolution options that include right from 144p to 8K

  • The ability for up to 5 download tasks

  • Turbo speed options for music and video offering 10X faster downloads.

  • Options for audio resolutions of 320Kbps and 128 Kbps.

  • An easier option for organizing your videos and shows.


2. Download and Installation


1. Download Y2Mate Downloader

You can download the Y2Mate Downloader from the official product page at Y2mate Official Website. You can download online of the offline installer as per your convenience. The online installer is a simple and small sized installer that would need you to connect to the internet every time. If you are installing the software on any other device with the online installer, you will need to connect to the internet.


Y2Mate Downloader


The offline downloader on the other hand downloads the standalone installer which does not need you to download any further components when you want to download the software again.


2. Install Y2Mate Downloader

2.1Using Online Installer

If you are using the online installer, follow the steps here below:

        Step 1 – Download the Online Installer from the product page

        Step 2 – Click o the icon to begin the installation

        Step 3 – Wait till the installation is done in a few seconds. The online Installer will begin downloading the components and install them.

        Step 4 – Launch Y2Mate Downloader

2.2 Using Offline Installer

If you are using the offline installer, you may follow the steps here below –

        Step 1 – Download Offline installer from the Product page

        Step 2 – Double click the installation file to begin the installation

        Step 3 – Wait till the installation is complete.


3. Subscribe and Unsubscribe

Y2Mate Downloader requires you to authorize your credentials and needs you to authorize your account through online verification. If you find your Antivirus solution or Firewall affecting the authorization, whitelist the application to prevent authorization errors.


On starting Y2Mate Downloader, look for the Menu option through the hamburger icon, and click on Authorise.

Y2Mate Downloader Authorise



Enter your Y2Mate User ID and password and click on Login

Y2Mate User ID and password

You can create your Y2Mate ID from here if you do not have one already.



You will find the information that your device is authorized if you have entered the right credentials.



You can even your license information once you have subscribed.



You can even unsubscribe by going into settings and then clicking on Deauthorise. 


4. Software Update

There are different ways you can update the software for Y2Mate Downloader. You can either use the live update or choose to manually download the update. The latest version of the software will always be available on the Product page and you can use the option for downloading it through online or offline mode as explained in the previous steps. The existing software version will be upgraded to the latest version.

The Live Update feature does not need you to download the entire package each time there is an update available.

Whenever a new update is available, the downloader will alert  you with a pop-up indicating the availability of an update. You can use the Live Update feature instantly.


1. Manual Update

You can simply visit the product download page and download the latest version of the software. You can choose to download the online or offline downloader based on your preference. Once the program is downloaded, click on the file to install it.


2. Live Update

Live Update can be achieved from within the software. You can check for updates through the Settings menu and you will be upgraded to the latest version of any new version is available. The Live Update feature also comes up automatically whenever there is a new version available.

live Update


5. Settings and Features


You can check out and configure the settings based on how you would want to use the software. The Settings Menu is divided into several subset of menus and lets you download your video with a much comfortable manner.

1. General

The General Settings let you choose the language, Audio, and video directory, and the default quality levels for audio and video downloads. It can also provide you an insight and configuration of the software behaviour.

General Settings


2. Streaming service Settings

The settings here will let you configure the region, codec and other details for the streaming services supported on the platform.

streaming service Settings


3 Network Settings

The Network settings let you configure the network settings for Y2Mate Downloader.

Network Settings


4. Auto Download

The Y2Mate Downloader supports downloading the content from your subscribed channels and service automatically. When you download a show or an episode of a series – the software detects that it is a part of the series and looks for the episodes of the series. When it comes across new episodes of the series, they are automatically downloaded onto your device. The best part is that the service works in the background.


​​​​​​​5. Batch Download

The Batch Download options available through the settings is yet another best feature you would find simple and easy to go with. The Y2Mate Video Downloader lets you download up to five videos simultaneously. The Batch download feature can be accessed through the main menu settings.


6. Download Supported Websites


Y2Mate Downloader lets you download videos in a very professional manner from several sites. The ability to download the content from the DRM protected sites and services makes it a formidable choice for downloading


    1. Downlod Non DEM content

The Y2Mate Downloader can be used for downloading the content from non-paid and non DRM online music and video services. You can easily download videos and other content from over 1000 different streaming and video sharing services. The downloaded files can either be saved in the MP4 or MP3 format based on your individual preferences. You can download the content in multiple formats right from 144p to 8K.


      1. Download video by pasting the URL

You can simply copy the video URL from the service and paste it into the Y2Mate Downloader. The software will analyze the link and provide you the download options in different resolutions. You can pick the quality of the video and format based on your preferences.


Download video by pasting the URL


      1. Download using the built-in browser

It can also be a great option to use the built-in browser for getting access to the best download options. You can visit the relevant video sharing site from within the built-in browser. The browser does provide you access to a host of most used websites directly on the homepage. The websites are listed in an alphabetical order.


Download using the built-in browser


7. Download DRM protected streaming content


The Y2Mate Downloader does offer you an option to download streaming TV shows and other content from a host of major streaming services such as HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. You can simply get access to the respective service on the Y2mate Downloader interface and sign in to it. Once that done, you can begin downloading your video as you watch it.


DRM protected streaming content


The Y2Mate Downloader also offers you access to a turbo download feature wherein you can download the video at a faster pace.

The supported websites include – HBO MAX, Amazon PrimeDisney+

To be released soon - Netflix, Hulu

Hot Websites - YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch, Dailymotion, Metacafe.

Want to know more about the sites supported on Y2Mate Downloader? You can check out the A to Z list here.

8. Manage and Organise Downloads


Y2Mate Downloader provides you access to check your downloaded videos under the Task Queue. If you are downloading music, all your downloaded music is categorized under the Music tab, while the videos are categorized under the Video tab.

Organise Downloads

1. Manage Music

Your Music files are managed under the Music tab and let you play all the music files in the order of preference. You can use any decent Media Player to play the music files with ease and simplicity. You can change the small icon on the interface to change the music order as per your preference.

​​​​​​​2. Manage Videos

Managing the videos should rather be easier when compared to managing music.  There is an option to check the video URL and check the source page comfortably. You can use the Play All button to sort out all your videos.

9. Update of User Guide

Y2Mate Downloader reserves the right to alter the contents of this user manual without any prior notice to the users and customers. The User Manual may be updated as per the needs that may arise on account of the changes made to the software in the future.

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