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How To Download The Viki App On LG TV?

Viki app is only on very selected platforms including Android, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Hulu, and Chromecast. It certainly has very limited tagging in with other apps. Since LG uses the webOS which is a Linux platform and Viki does not have an app for Linux-based platforms, chances are you won’t be able to stream Viki.

In August 2021, a news came up that mentioned the new LG Smart TVs will have various K platforms meaning platforms that stream Asian content only. Along with Viki, numerous other apps were mentioned that specializes in streaming Asian content, like Rakuten Viki, C-drama service OnDemandChina, Kids apps BABY SHARK TV, Kids Pang TV, Quincy Jones's Qwest TV, and more than 100 Pluto TV channels. We will look at this piece on How we can play your Viki content on your LG Smart TV.

What Is a Viki App and What Are Its Features?

Viki app is an all-encompassing common platform for shows and movies that are of Asian origin. It has multiple good shows/movies to watch. You can watch Viki’s content free with ads. You can also subscribe to the standard Viki pass where you get access to an enormous library of Asian content in genres like Action, Comedy, Adventure, and Sports.

You can even watch movies from the US made by Korean directors. Movies like Crazy Rich Asian, Shaolin Kungfu, and many other Asian Classics. Earlier the platform was only providing viewing of movies from more profound regions like Taiwan, China, Japan, and South Korea. Now they have many Asian countries like the Philippines and Vietnam in the region list. You can choose to watch the content of these nations. The best thing that is quite the amazing phenomenon of Viki is that the subtitle database that it has is accessible to all. Many people contribute subtitles and they get paid. It’s entirely crowdsourced and that’s why Viki has the largest subtitle database for its shows and movies.

How to Download The Viki App On LG TV?

Downloading the Viki app on your LG TV is a tricky job since LG does not have an OS that supports the platform, Viki. In these cases, you have to think of other ways to get the app downloaded, maybe a medium that can make you watch Viki. There is always the option to use Chromecast and Apple air in case your phone is from Apple and also Roku stick. Roku has a list of apps on its platform and you can moreover download and install multiple apps on Roku.

There was a news which mentioned that LG's new smart TVs will have Viki on them. If you have a new model of LG smart TV, especially after August 2021. You will get a pre-embedded Rakuten Viki app. What you can do is open the app, sign in through all the available options, Google, Facebook, inhouse Rakuten, or just simply through email. You will be done in no time.

How to Watch Viki on LG TV?

Every person who is obsessed with Asian content now wants K dramas to watch. To an extent it’s true if you have an LG smart TV, you have to compromise on Viki which is a storehouse of Korean shows and movies. You can look for third-party apps that can enable the transfer of the mirror or replicate what’s going on in Viki? Roku Fire Stick seems to be a desirable option to watch Viki on LG TV. You can also watch Viki through Chromecast. So in both processes, the requirements will be a tad bit different.

How to Chromecast Viki on LG TV?

So, chrome casting Viki on LG TV is very easy. Just make sure that you do not commit any mistakes mid-process. Once that is taken care of, there is no reason why the process won’t go through. Let’s discuss the steps briefly:

Chromecasting Viki through your PC on LG TV

  • First, put your Chromecast device on the HDMI port on LG TV.
  • Now reboot the device to the latest version of the software.
  • Rebooting the device will set the interface and now you have to connect the WiFi and connect the source device too.
  • Once both ends of the connection is done, from your PC first open Google Chrome, Visit Viki’s official website, and try logging in.
  • Once you have logged in, key in your details.
  • Now you will see three dots on your Google Chrome browser.
  • Select ‘cast’ from the list of options.
  • You will see a list of devices to cast, choose LG smart TV (model name) from the list.
  • And check the cast icon on the address bar. It will turn blue once the connection has progressed.
  • Click the blue icon and select stop casting to cancel the mirroring.

Using Roku Stick to Watch Viki

As you know LG has a Linux-based OS system called WebOS. Now, this system has very limited streaming apps. In new models, LG smart TV app store has talked about including Viki on the interface. But still, it’s not there in all LG TV sets. For Roku, if you use the platform you get to add channels. Surprisingly, from the Roku Channel Store, you can download Viki and access it. First, let us discuss How to set up your Roku Stream.

Steps to Use Viki on LG TV Through Roku Stick

  • Use the Roku Stick and you will find a USB cord attached and plug it into the TV port.
  • Now you will have a power adapter with the fire stick, plug in the power adapter at a nearby pluck point.
  • Once your Roku starts working, now move on to set up the device.
  • First, scroll through the HDMI ports and select the one where the Roku Stick is plugged.
  • Once the selection is completed, you have to pair the Roku remote with your TV.
  • Once the pairing is complete, choose your desired language (now you can use your Roku remote)
  • Setup your Roku device.
  • Select the WiFi connection you want to connect to or plug in the ethernet cable in the Firestick.
  • Once it’s connected, now comes accessing Viki.

Steps To Follow For Installation Of The Viki App

As you know the installation is pretty easy if you have a new HDR LG smart TV chances are you will have the app. All you need to do is open it up

  • Once you have set up the WiFi and Roku Fire Stick is working just fine.
  • You will have to move to the Roku streaming section and select ‘streaming channels. Remember to press the Home icon beforehand on your remote.
  • Now from the list of Channels choose Viki.
  • Select ‘add channel’
  • Once it gets added, you will see a confirmation message ‘Ok’
  • Now move to the channel and select it.
  • Now key in your login details, you can use Rakuten ID, Facebook, or even Roku id to sign in and enjoy great Asian shows.

Common Issues Faced By Users While Downloading And Installing The App

First of all for the bulk of LG TVs installation of the app is not warranted. There need not be an issue with the new LG TVs. There can be the following issues while adding channels or installing Viki through the Roku Firestick or doing the same in Smart TV apps.

  • Router drivers became outdated causing issues with connection
  • The fire stick USB is loose.


  • Make sure your router and WiFi are working well during download.
  • Make sure your Firestick is working just fine and properly plugged while installing Viki through Roku.
  • For new LG TVs, you can look into the settings of the TV app store of LG for software issues.

Can you Download Videos from Viki App?

You can easily download videos from Viki App and watch them on LG TV using a third party downloader tool. One of such recommended tool is Y2Mate Rakuten Viki downloader. The tool enables you to download videos from many other streaming platforms as belows:

Final say

Streaming Viki is not an easy job on LG TV. I have suggested some options that you can try and see what works best for you. Sooner or later the method will surely work.

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