Is Viki on Samsung Smart TV?

Rakuten Viki is rising as one of the best content streaming platforms that deal with Asian content. They have a wide array of shows/films belonging to many Asian countries. You have access to shows from the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, and the USA.

If you like soapy dramas, J dramas, and K dramas, this is the best place to be. You will be shocked when you will come to know that 75% of its users are non-Asian subscribers that are also from the USA. The platform has skyrocketed in terms of popularity and relevance. In this piece, we will discuss How do you install Viki on Samsung Smart TV.

Is Viki Available on Samsung Smart TVs?

There are no embedded apps on Samsung from Viki. If you have access to streamers, whether Roku, Fire Stick, or Chromecast, what you can do is connect it to your Samsung smart TV. And through those platforms access Viki. As of now Rakuten Viki or popularly referred to as Viki is only available for a few platforms like Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku TV. There is also another option for Chromecast. In this process, you will need a casting agent like Chromecast and mirror the entire visuals transmitting from your phone to your system or TV.

How to Install And Use Viki On A Samsung Smart TV?

There are a couple of ways to do that. If you are using the Samsung Smart TV, you have to Chromecast your shows to your Samsung TV. Samsung does have an app-like interface called smart hub but that has no support with Rakuten Viki. Try to follow all the below-given steps to Chromecast your content using a Google Chromecast on your Samsung smart TV:

Step by Step Process to Install Viki On Samsung Smart TV

  • First of all, prepare a list of requirements, write it on paper, and check mark it. You would be requiring a smart TV, a good WiFi connection, Google Chromecast, and a PC/Mobile Phone.
  • Now you need to use the elongated USB hanging from the Google Chromecast to plug it into the HDMI port.
  • Once you have plugged it in, now you have to boot the Chromecast for it to upgrade to its latest software.
  • Once it is done open your Samsung Smart TV and connect your Chromecast to a maintained internet connection.
  • Now make sure that your mobile also connects to the same internet connection and WiFi network.
  • Now you open the Viki app and key in your login details.

Sign Up for your Viki Account

  • If you have no Viki account, please do not panic, rather choose the sign-up option. There is also an option to log in through Google or by Rakuten itself. You can log in from your Apple TV account, Facebook, Rakuten, and a simple email.
  • Now you will be taken to the next page where the Viki app will require access.
  • You have to tap on allow.
  • Once Viki gets access to your social media platforms. They will integrate both accounts. And from next time onwards you can simply sign in through social media platforms.

Tap Cast and Finalize the Casting Process of Viki on the Samsung smart TV

  • Now once your Viki account is created, you simply go to the screen of your Viki app and select a show that you want to watch.
  • Once the show starts playing, you will see a casting icon on the upper portion of your page.
  • What you will be required now is to tap that icon.
  • Select the device you want the casting to happen or the destination. From the list of devices opt for your Samsung smart TV.
  • After that, your casting icon will change color and you can see your show that is playing on your mobile phone being displayed on the TV.

What are Some of the Benefits of Using Viki on a Samsung Smart TV?

The benefits of Viki are so many. But it depends on How much you like Asian content. Viki when used on your Samsung smart TV, you get a better aspect ratio and many other benefits of these sorts, here are a few below:

  • You can experience HD quality Kdramas and even Asian content through the Viki standard pass for $4.99/month.
  • You get 7 free viewing days from Viki which means you can get no-ads premium HD quality Viki subscription and you can stream it on your Samsung smart TV.
  • Viki is an amazing platform and it has a host of shows that require premium quality sound and technical requirements. Samsung is known worldwide for the quality they provide and hence it’s a fair bargain.
  • You can Chromecast the visuals of your android phone to your Samsung smart TV.

How is Viki Different from Other Streaming Platforms like Netflix, and Crunchyroll?

Viki is a pan Asia content streamer. The rising popularity of KPop and other products that are part of the East Asian sphere is suddenly coming into vogue to the western audience. Viki on a whole is pretty different from Netflix or for that matter, Crunchyroll is focusing on two factors. It goes beyond anime like Crunchyroll and it has a community that constantly interacts with other people, and finds solutions to multifaceted problems on the platform.

Viki also has a culture of crowdsourcing the subtitle work. You will be amazed to know that Viki has almost every language available on the planet. Some efficient subtitlers are also paid money. But in general, the community is well-knit, tight, and all people care and believe in the right type of cause.

Viki also spreads the lens of a broader worldview into East Asia and it is not only through popular anime shows which are often in the case of Funimation and Crunchyroll. Even Hulu is starting to capture the anime market. Viki has something else to offer as well. It provides exposure to the outer world and shows How real shows and movies look like here.

Watch Content from Asia on Viki on your Samsung Smart TV

When Viki started as a nascent platform, it had issues and problems with inclusivity. It started airing shows/movies from only four to five better-known Asian regions like South Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. But now they have included nations like the Philippines and Vietnam. This goes to show that the platform is getting more inclusive and it’s trying to deliver its statement.

Not just that, you can also opt to download videos on Viki and watch it on any device be it your Samsung Smart TV or any other.

Can you Download Videos from Viki?

With the growing popularity of Kdramas, people are keen about watching them Viki streaming platform. However, one easy way is to download the show and watch them at your ease. One of the recommended downloader tools is Y2Mate Rakuten Viki Downloader.

Not just downloading from Viki, Y2Mate also allows you to download videos from Disney Plus, Netflix, Crunchyroll and many other streaming platforms. You can now choose your favorite platform to download the videos and watch them whenever you want.

FAQs about using Viki on a Samsung smart TV

Q. Is Viki the real name of the streaming platform?

Well, Viki is not the real exact name of the streaming platform. The real name is Rakuten Viki. Rakuten is a Japanese eCommerce store that owns the platform.

Q. Can I watch content in Viki for free?

You can watch content for free in Viki without having to pay. But you will get some options to watch for free. And also ads will be included.

Q. What is the subscription fee for Viki?

Viki has a Viki standard pass that comes in$4.99/per month. You can purchase it to have no-ads access and watch your favorite shows in HD format.

Q. Does Samsung smart TV have a Viki app?

The Viki app is not available on the Samsung smart TV platform. However, you can use Chromecast to access Viki on your Samsung smart TV.

Final say

Viki can be accessed from Samsung smart TV, but you have to have a casting device with you. You can also get a streamer like Firestick and Chromecast etc to power the app. Or you have to cast through your google Android phone to your Samsung smart TV, through your Chromecast casting device. All the processes are explained in this piece.

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