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Watch and Download Your Favorite Paramount Plus Samsung TV Shows by Y2Mate Downloader

Paramount+ is a streaming service where you can watch new and latest originals, exclusive movies and shows, and blockbuster movies at home. The service provides the world’s best shows and brands with your favorite celebrities in this fantastic array of vast collections. With such an HQ of shows and services, it is best to watch Paramount plus Samsung TV for their most fun.

Therefore, this article discusses the following:

  • How you can watch on Paramountplus/SamsungTV
  • How to get Paramount plus on Samsung TV
  • What to do if Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV
  • How to resolve this issue to watch Paramount plus on Samsung TV seamlessly

Without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

Let’s take you through getting the Paramount plus app Samsung TV so that you can watch all your favorite shows on Paramount plus Samsung TV without delay.

  • Paramount plus app Samsung TV is only supported for Smart TVs between 2017-2022
  • You also need Paramount+ sub to enjoy the streaming service
  • Go to the apps and head on to the search icon. Search for Paramount plus Samsung TV

Paramount plus

  • After locating the app, press download and let it install
  • Open the app on your Samsung TV and sign in to your Paramount+ account

Paramount plus

  • You can also sign in on the Paramountplus/SamsungTV if you need
  • Use your email id and password to sign in either way
  • If you use the Paramountplus/SamsungTV, you may need to add code sent to either your email or your mobile phone

Paramount plus

  • Enter the activation code on the Paramountplus/SamsungTV page
  • Now you can start watching all your favorite shows on the Paramount plus app Samsung TV now

How to Handle Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

We know it's frustrating if you want to watch your favorite shows on Paramount plus Samsung TV and Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV. You can either re-install the app or follow the below steps to solve the Paramount plus not working Samsung TV.

Restarting your Samsung TV

  • Restart your TV to see if your Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV is resolved or not
  • To restart, you should hold the power button on the power button on the TV or from the remote for 5-8 seconds
  • Relaunch the app and check it the problem 'Paramount plus not working Samsung TV’ persists
  • If it doesn’t fix it, check your internet, and restart the router

Update your Paramount Plus Samsung TV app

  • There might be some issue with your app if Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV, and you may need to update the app
  • This issue is like the scenario of 'Paramount plus won't install on Samsung TV' as your store might not have the updated app and may need to side-load the app
  • Go to the app’s menu from your home screen and search for Paramount plus Samsung TV


  • You can also download the app from ParamountPlus/SamsungTV
  • If there is an update, you will see the update button; otherwise, it will be just ‘open’ on the page

Paramount plus

  • Update the app to resolve the “Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV” issue
  • If the problem persists or you don’t see the update button, then search for “how to get Paramount plus on Samsung TV" to side-load the app

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Clear the Paramount plus Samsung TV App cache

Cache files are temp files stored to smooth your experience, but sometimes they can cause conflict and cause issues like "Paramount plus not working Samsung TV” or “Paramount plus won't install on Samsung TV."

If this happens, you need to clear the cache, and you should do it regularly if Paramount plus won't install on Samsung TV or you don’t see the update. Let's see the steps on how you can clean the cache for the Paramount plus Samsung TV app.

  • You can go to the setting to start the process by clicking from the remote and then go to the ‘Support’ tab

go to the setting

  • Select the ‘Self Diagnosis’ option from here and click on ‘TV Device Manager’

Tv device manager

  • You can clean from the Memory Boost option and also can clear all the running apps
  • Next, go to the 'Manage Storage' tab and select 'Show App List' and select your Paramount plus Samsung TV app from there
  • From the ‘View Details’ option, select the 'Clear Cache' option to clear it

How to Download Paramount Plus Videos with Y2Mate

When you want unique and amazing stories from iconic stars on TV, then Paramount+ is your best option, as it has a mountain of entertainment for its premium customers. There isn’t any actor or celebrity whose movies or series won't be available on Paramount+.

You can pick and choose thousands of excellent contents to enjoy, but as it is a streaming service, it requires internet access. So, what if you are traveling or commuting to work? Or you have planned a weekend getaway where there won’t be internet available?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could download Paramount plus Samsung TV shows? For the following reasons, we recommend Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader your best choice.

  • Available to all devices connected to the internet, like laptops and mobiles.
  • You can only download 720p videos now.
  • The app allows you to download complete shows together if you have the premium version
  • Now you don’t need to record your shows anymore when you can just download them to watch later the proper and Legal Way!
  • Supports many excellent quality audio and video compression forms
  • There are no ads to enjoy to your heart's content
  • All the content you download supports MP4, which you can play on most devices like Paramount plus Samsung TV
  • Supports best online streaming services like Paramountplus/SamsungTV
  • There is a built-in browser that helps you to access Paramountplus/SamsungTV to select your favorite shows to download
  • After downloading these shows, you can easily watch them on Paramount plus Samsung TV

Let's see how you can start downloading the shows:

  • You can download the app from their official website mentioned above to watch Paramount plus Samsung TV


  • Open the tab and look for VIP services on the left
  • Find your favorite show and select download to watch if you can see it on the Paramount plus Samsung TV
  • If you don’t find your show, copy the link from Paramountplus/SamsungTV and paste it into the search bar
  • The show will load and then download as mentioned in the previous steps
  • After you have downloaded your show in 720p quality, you can copy on onto any device and watch it there


Why pay for premium services to watch shows and movies like Paramount plus Samsung TV when you can't watch it without the internet and always must be connected? It is incredibly cumbersome if you must stream on mobile data costing you a hefty amount.

Paramount+ is an outstanding service with tons of content to watch through, and the best thing that happened to stream service is downloading content from Paramountplus/SamsungTV with the help of Y2Mate. Enjoy your shows on the go by following the steps and methods explained in this article and have fun!

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