How to Watch Youtube Without Ads?

YouTube has indeed been one of the excellent means of enjoying the best possible performance in terms of viewing your favorite movies, videos, and other content. Equipped to play a huge range of videos at your leisure, it can, however, be annoying if you look at the ads that can get quite annoying at times. So, can you watch YouTube without ads? Let us check out methods that can let you find how to watch YouTube without ads. 

How to Watch YouTube Without Ads on Laptop?

A laptop is perhaps one of the prime sources you often use for watching YouTube videos. However, have you ever given a thought to how to watch YouTube without ads on laptop? We recently found a simple hack that lets you block ads on YouTube. 

Method 1: Using a Period hack to modify the Video URL 

The trick was found on Reddit recently and was submitted by a Redditor within subreddit /r/webdev. The best part with this technique is that it does not need you to use any third-party software to watch YouTube without ads. You do need to use any Chrome extension either. 

Here are the steps to use when watching YouTube videos without ads would include the following:

  • Head over to YouTube. 

  • Pick the video you want to watch. 

  • Add a dot or period (.) to the end of the URL. 

youtube without ads

How does this trick work? When you add a dot to the end of the video URL, YouTube is not able to normalize the host name as it finds that there is a mismatch. The page is broken into several parts and the page simply delivers the video content to you. But it does not serve the ads because of the lack of normalization of the ads. 

The trick can be an excellent option for how to get YouTube without ads on the desktop version. Do note that this trick should ideally work where the content is available on websites behind a paywall. 

Method 2: Using the Ad Blocking Software 

One of the excellent options that would be helpful in how to play a YouTube playlist without ads is to use an ad blocking software. You can use the software based on which version you are on. If you are on a Desktop, use the right ad-block software that works effectively on your version of the operating system.

If you are on Chrome, you can make use of the Adblock Plus extension page. You can use the official AdBlock Plus extension either from the Chrome web store or the official website of the developer. You should be able to find the relevant AdBlock Plus extensions and add-ons depending on the browser you use. Some of the good options for the best Ad Blocker extensions can include 

  • AdBlock – Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, AdBlock is an effective tool to block ads. 
  • AdLock – This one needs you install it separately, but AdLock does not work as an extension. 

Method 3: Through Online YouTube Converters: Y2mate

Using a Y2mate DRM Downloader is an excellent option that can prove to be handy in converting the YouTube videos into MP4 and downloading them onto your device. That way, you do not need to worry about the ads as they are never downloaded. 

Y2Mate can be one of the excellent options from this perspective. It simply downloads your videos onto your device and does not download the ads. A faster download option, it can easily download a 5 minute video within a few seconds. The ability to download the video or even extract audio makes it even more perfect option. 

How to Watch YouTube Without Ads on Android?

If you are on Android and looking to find play YouTube playlist without ads, the best way that it can be done is to use the AdBlock browser for Android. You can simply search for Ad Block Plus on your Play Store and install it on your Android device. 

Any of the videos you play on the AdBlock Plus browser will have no ads. Any of the YouTube videos you play on the browser through the YouTube web portal will not have ads. While non-intrusive ads may be visible, you can turn them off using the Ad Blocker option under settings. 

youtube tv without ads

Image - Make tech Easier 

Yet another method you would use for playing the YouTube videos on Android is to use the dot or period method used on the desktop or laptop. You simply need to append a dot to the end of the video URL of the YouTube video you want to watch.

Do note, however, that the mobile version of the YouTube web portal is not compatible with this method. To make it work in your case, it would be advisable to check out the desktop version of the YouTube website. Simply use the option Request Desktop version and then use the YouTube portal on the desktop site. Simply add a dot or period to the end of the video URL and watch your YouTube videos without ads. 

You can even remove YouTube ads on Android without any Ad Blocker. The best steps involved in these steps would include the following simple steps. If you are looking to watch YouTube without ads, using a third-party YouTube client can be one of the prime options. There are plenty of different third-party YouTube clients you can use on your Android device. 

The third-party YouTube clients provide you a host of advantages:

  • Most of these third-party YouTube clients do not need a root access. This can safeguard your device and other credentials. 

  • The clients do work on almost all Android devices irrespective of the manufacturers and operating system versions 

  • You do not need to install any third-party ad blocker 

Despite the advantages that the third-party clients for YouTube offer you, there are a few disadvantages associated with them as well. 

A few disadvantages you may find disturbing can include: 

  • The developers may have access to your personal data. 

  • They may have access to your online activity. You will find the app and client accessing search history, views, liked and bookmarked videos

  • There may be a few support issues. 

The access to your personal data can prove to be a tough task and a very dangerous option. In fact, from the security point of view, it may not be the right way or the right option to install third-party clients for YouTube. 

You can use any of these methods to help you watch video on YouTube without ads on Android. 

How to Watch YouTube Without Ads on iPhone?

On your iPhone, installing AdBlock Plus can be one of the excellent options that can prove to be one of the excellent options for watching YouTube videos without ads. You can simply install AdBlock Plus from the official store with ease. 

Once you have installed AdBlock Plus on your iPhone from App Store, you can enable AdBlock Plus on your Safari browsers through the Content Blockers. Once you have enabled AdBlock Plus on your Safari browser, you can simply launch YouTube on the Safari browser. That does it and you are good to experience in watching YouTube without ads on iPhone. 

Recommended Reading – Why Can't You Use YouTube App Without Ads?

For removing the ads from YouTube, your Ad Block software needs to conduct a MITM attack. This will replace the security certificates on the application with its own certificate. Since the latest Android version (after Nougat), no applications using any of the Google APIs work with any of the user certificates. Thus, if you replace the certificates on the native YouTube app, you will end up being unable to play the videos at all. 

You can play with the ads or remove them on YouTube only on the web version of the app and not on the native app of YouTube.  

But don't worry, even if you can't use YouTube app without ads, we have found ways to download streaming videos. Check out the method and tools inside.