What Channel is Discovery on DirecTV? Is Discovery Plus Free with DirecTV?

Warner Bros along with DirecTV has finally come up with a joint venture and thankfully, Discovery is now on DirecTV. It’s time DirecTV got Discovery Plus on its platform. Discovery has a great place in the hearts of people and across networks. Discovery is an age-long brand and people have a lot of respect for the network; known for the channel that features wild cats, elephants, and all animals, this channel is a great add-on to Cable TV back in the days when streaming was not an option. So, since you have been informed Discovery is part of DirecTV, which is confirmed. We will also discuss ways to access Discovery Plus on DirecTV.

What Channel is Discovery on DirecTV? Is Discovery Plus Free with DirecTV?

Discovery Plus on DirecTV

Discovery Plus has finally sunk its knees on DirecTV and this couldn’t have come at a better time. This nostalgia of both the platforms being kind of the rage in today’s and earlier times, DirecTV is a popular streaming service and Discovery Plus being a childhood channel was destined to be merged. With this news, on the surface, it’s now sure that you can access 70,000+ hours of Discovery content on DirecTV streaming platform.

This is very good news, especially for people that have a DirecTV streaming subscription and are fascinated with the content that comes on Discovery. There is also a $2 incentive for people who take Discovery Plus add-on along with DirecTV plans. Regarding the deal, Rob Thun, DIRECTV Chief Content Officer, says, “DirecTV strives to provide people with relevant content of today. They try to keep up with the trends and offer the best alternative to their fans.” ''Taking big network channels on our platform we are not only enhancing the capacity of our platform but also opening doors to the channels having a wider reach of audience. It also means that our audience is being spoiled with choices. The kind you would want to have.”

Sarah Bergman, Senior Vice President, of Distribution at Warner Bros. Discovery, says, “We want our customers to have easy access to our content, videos and the accessibility should be easily available. Platforms like DirecTV help us in achieving that prospect of ours.”

What Channel is Discovery on DirecTV? Is Discovery Plus Free with DirecTV?

Discovery Plus Network

If we see the Discovery Plus Network, it’s a vast array of content across spectrums and themes. Discovery Plus is bundled with content from many channels from the same Warner Bros enterprise. This includes HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Magnolia Network. You can also watch non-fiction on channels like History TV as well.

As far as the new age-derived content is concerned there is almost 200 new-age content that has been part of the Discovery Plus bundle.

What Channel is Discovery on DirecTV? Is Discovery Plus Free with DirecTV?

Discovery Plus Network Plans on DirecTV

Currently, Discovery Plus Network is coming with two plans. The Discovery Plus Ad lite costs only $4.99/month. Then there is Discovery Ad Free which costs around $5.99/month. You can have this subscription included with your DirecTV subscription and also add another $2 discount, as DirecTV has placed offers for people who take up the subscription.

Discovery Plus with a discount

So, as stated in DirecTV you get a $2 discount when you subscribe to either Discovery Ad Lite or Free. But there are other discounts as well for students, Army Veterans, and Verizon customers. Let’s explore this topic as well:

Type of Discount

Offer Details

Eligibility criteria

Student Discount

$2.99/month Discovery Ad Lite Plan

You should be a student

You should be aged between 18-24 years.

Verizon discount

$6.99/month after 6 months of free use

Subscribed to the Verizon wireless plan

Military and Veteran discount

$2.99/month with 7 day free trial

Part of the military or an ex army men and their family members and relatives.

What Channel is Discovery on DirecTV? Is Discovery Plus Free with DirecTV?

Get Discovery Plus Free on DirecTV

It’s not possible to get Discovery Plus on DirecTV for free. However, without a 2nd party, you can avail of the free trial offer that’s been doing rounds. Discovery Plus parents' website will be the best place for you to avail that free trial. The free trial lasts for 7 odd days after that, you will be charged.

So, you need to get the free trial off of a card registration and when not required, you will need to discontinue the subscription. For instance, if you just want to avail of the subscription for instance 7 days, make sure to cancel the free trial before the 7th day or on the 7th day. Because from the 8th day, they will charge you for your plan. To avoid that you can get a dummy internet card and fill in. However, systems are getting smarter and can detect dummy cards faster than ever.

In comparison to other tricks, this one is a tad bit risky. The dummy accounts when not accepted. If you fill in your real card details, make sure you cancel the subscription in 7 days. Else, the money will come out of your pocket. If at all, you can try to use the discount, if the money is fairly little, rather than going for the free option.

Discovery Plus App

You can avail of the Discovery Plus app off of Play Store as well as on the Apple store. You can watch some of your favorite discovery shows on the app if you have a subscription and there is free content as well. These are some top-rated shows that you can access on your Discovery Plus app:

What Channel is Discovery on DirecTV? Is Discovery Plus Free with DirecTV?



IMDb Rating

American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda (2021)

Available on Discovery Plus Originals


MythBusters (2003)

Discovery Channel


Extraordinary Stories Behind Everyday Things (2021)

Magnolia Network


Trauma: Life in the E.R. (1997)

Discovery Life


Home Town



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DirecTV is a great streaming platform. In recent times, it is their go-to service that people prefer as compared to Cable TV. With the rise of channels such as these, there seems to be a rising trend for big networks to merge their channels. Discovery is an age-old brand close to many hearts. It has finally merged with DirecTV.

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