What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? Is Paramount Plus Free with DirecTV?

Paramount Plus is a subscription-based service and is similar to Netflix. It’s not a channel that streams things live. It’s an On-Demand Video service that allows people to access content directly. DirecTV is a cable network which means Paramount Plus cannot feature in it. However, you can access the Paramount Network channel on Channel no 241 on DirecTV. In this write-up, we will clear everything from the services that Viacom CBS provides, which owns Paramount Pictures and CBS.

What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? Is Paramount Plus Free with DirecTV?

What is Paramount Plus?

ViacomCBS Streaming owns it, which is the digital wing of ViacomCBS. It was named previously as CBS’s all-access. When CBS all access got merged with Viacom CBS streaming as well as Paramount Pictures, it became Paramount Plus. It shows all the content that is part of CBS’s network as well as Viacom and films made by Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Plus first expanded into Latin America after the United States. Once it was done on March 25th in the same year of its launch it got unveiled in Nordic countries. By August the streaming Platform was in Australia. They also featured Network 10 of the free-to-air CBS network on Paramount Plus.

Is Paramount Plus Free With DIRECTV?

Paramount Plus is not free with DirecTV. Paramount Plus is not the feature that DirecTV provides. Paramount Plus is a digital content wing of ViacomCBS alongside its own company Paramount Pictures. In DirecTV, you get to access the Paramount Network channel which is like a normal channel on any similar cable network having shows on time. It is estimated a total of 80 million people actually watch Paramount Network. You can get it for a small price. Paramount Plus is an app. Hence you will need an app to access the content. Paramount Plus was formerly known as CBS Access. Paramount Plus has around 30,000 on-demand video content making it a bigger video service in comparison to its competitors.

I would recommend you distinguish very clearly what Paramount Plus is and the Paramount Network. Paramount Plus acts as an OTT platform and not a channel. DirecTV is a cable satellite and streaming service with legit channels under its radar. DirecTV Stream is an internet streaming service that provides Demand videos and content.

What is Paramount Network?

Paramount Network is a channel on DirecTV on Channel 241. It is not free and it’s bundled with DirecTV plans. It’s not available on DirecTV stream as well, which has some other streamers like Discovery Plus, the digital streaming content OTT app for Discovery Communications. You get the Paramount Network channel through the $69.99/month package on the DirecTV stream.

Paramount Network is a big network and competes with the likes of HBO and Fox. It has a user base of 90 million fans that watch its shows. Two of my favorite shows on the channel are as follows:

  • Ink Master
  • Bar Rescue

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus, on the other hand, is an app streaming service. It is an on-demand service as well. Rather than getting Paramount Network on DirecTV, you can get access to both Paramount Plus and Paramount Network with a subscription to Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus pricing plans - 50% Discount on all Plans

You seem to be very lucky, considering Paramount Plus prices have gone down and an offer is up. If you take the annual plan you will get a 50% off on all subscriptions for the year 2023. In order to activate, you need to register and be subscribed to the service before February 2nd, 2023.

What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? Is Paramount Plus Free with DirecTV?

Paramount Plus comes in two plans here is the essential knowhow of these plans:

  1. Basic Plan costs only $4.99/month, which costs annually around $49.99. But with the ongoing offer, you are getting the annual subscription for $24.99.

What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? Is Paramount Plus Free with DirecTV?

  1. The Premium Plan which costs $99.99 annually and $9.99/per month. With the current offer, you are getting the plan at a minimal cost of $49.99.

What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? Is Paramount Plus Free with DirecTV?

As my view goes, for people who will read this write-up before February 2, 2023, congrats you got the offer. Anyone who is reading now, I would tell you that if you are a Paramount buff and love its shows, offers like these are very rare. Hence, do get the subscription as early as you can.

How to watch Paramount Plus?

You can watch Paramount Plus through the app. The app is available everywhere on most of OS. Here is the listing of all the top OS platforms:

  • iOS.
  • Android phones and tablets.
  • Apple TV.
  • Android TV.
  • Fire TV and Kindle.
  • Roku TV.
  • Chrome OS.

You can also access Paramount Plus on the web, just search it in Google and sign in with your credentials on the official home page of Paramount Plus.

How to Watch Paramount Plus Content Offline?

You can watch the movie content of Paramount Plus on its platform and even on DirecTV. But, when it comes to offline viewing, it becomes difficult because you cannot watch any content offline. There is only one option you can download the movies/shows and save them on your device, which you can later watch.

Direct download is not possible from Paramount Plus. Thus, you can try out Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader, which will download any video from the platform in just a few clicks. You will be able to download movies in HD quality, with subtitles. This is one of the best downloaders out there.

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Paramount Channels on DirecTV

Paramount channels on DirecTV are easily accessible and it only gets better as it's available with all the subscription plans. Just that, in case you have an obsession with Cable and want to co-stream with other streaming options like HBO Max and Discovery Plus on DirecTV. If you use DirecTV’s AT&T services, you can also access Paramount Network on DirecTV.

However, DirecTV stream is understandable, but services like these are only beneficial when you have to watch Cable TV or else for $5 and $10, in such fewer amounts you get a bundle load of content to watch and enjoy. So, it becomes crucial to rethink the choices.

What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? Is Paramount Plus Free with DirecTV?


Paramount is a great movie banner part of CBS. CBS is well known for putting together some of the best comedy shows on the face of the earth, like The Big Bang Theory. Plenty of good shows have been part of CBS. I do solve the confusion for people who were confused with the terms Paramount Network and Paramount Plus. I give a description and meanings of the terms. In DirecTV, you only get the cable satellite channel which is Paramount Network.

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