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What Channel Is the CW? How to Download the CW Video

With the evolution of digital entertainment, the form of watching digital content has been changed from selective television programming to on-demand online streaming of your desired content without time, location, or device dependency. To cope with the gradual progress in the digital entertainment industry, the CW channel has made the CW schedule programming available on television broadcasting through cable service & OTT platform through The CW online streaming app.

While providing programming from affiliated channels of television networks, The CW also offers quality content from renowned OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, etc. So, if you want to explore the CW schedule of various programming on different platforms, you must have a look at what channel is The CW with its different dimensions. For example, while exploring the entire CW world, if you want to add some extra dose of entertainment to your streaming, you should try How to Download Lifetime Videos.

What Is the CW Channel?

The CW is an English-language-based American commercial broadcast television networking service that took its first steps in 2006. This channel was initially owned by CBS Corporation and Warner Bros, and it got its name with the first two letters of the owners' company. Later, the channel was taken over by Nexstar with the collaboration of Paramount Global & Warner Bros. Discovery. Nexstar and Paramount Global also own several stations affiliated with the CW schedule network.

So, to know what channel is the CW, you must know that the channel has 37 affiliated channels in the CW schedule from Nexstar Media Group and 8 affiliated stations from paramount global. And to have a final count of the CW channel number, you must add the 220 additional stations from 50 States. This channel has been broadcasted to almost every household in the United States. Since this channel is also available as a dedicated app for the OTT platform, you can easily download the CW app for Android.

What Channel Is the CW on Direct TV?

Direct TV is an American-based satellite television service with top-rated and high-quality content. This platform has more than 330 channels, and the CW is also on the most-watched list on Direct TV. So when you want to know what channel is the CW on DirectTV, you must know the CW channel number to locate the CW channel on the Directv list. If you can't find the channel according to the City and State of America, you can directly get to channel 385 to find the CW channel number.

What Channel Is the CW App for Online Streaming?

If you are looking for options to watch the exclusive content of The CW channel on your online streaming without any cord connection or device dependency, the CW app is the best option. You can download the CW app for Android, iOS, Smart TV, Roku, FireTV, Xbox One, etc., and access the entire CW network programming for free without much delay with ad-supported service.

With the live streaming option, you can enjoy the entire programming of the CW television broadcasting on your portable devices. Similarly, if you want to enjoy the exciting content of the MTV platform without any cord dependency, you must know How to Download MTV Videos? How to Watch MTV without Cable?

What Channel Is the CW App With Its Advantages

This app also lets you stream high-end content from Netflix and HBO Max. You can also record and save your favorite CW content to the cloud service for later watching. If you want to watch some old episodes of your favorite shows or series on your computer during your work, you can download the CW app for Windows 8/10/11.

On the contrary, if you want to enjoy the app on your smart TV with a huge screen, you can easily do that while following the simple steps of how to download the CW app on a Samsung Smart TV. This way, you can enjoy the CW content on a TV without any cord or cable dependency.

Can You Download the CW App on PS3/PS4?

Even though the CW app is available on various platforms and devices, when you want to know whether you can download the CW app on PS4 or PS3, the answer is "No." You can't download the CW app on either PS3 or PS4. However, it doesn't mean you can't access the CW app on PS4. There are several ways to access The CW app on your PS4.

  • The CW channel can be accessed on PS3 or PS4 through a subscription to Hulu+LiveTV, YouTube TV, AT&T Now, & Fubo TV. Along with this, if you want to enjoy the FuboTV content, you must go for How to download FuboTV Videos.
  • You can screencast the CW app on your PS3/ PS4 device from your smartphone using Google Home Appliances.
  • Even though the CW app is not available on the PlayStation app store, you can download the CW app on PS4 or PS3 from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

What Channel Is the CW With Top 2 Trending Content

If you want to enjoy your streaming with the CW app on its compatible devices, instead of getting confused, you must start your binge-watch with the top 2 trending titles. So, let's see what is rocking right now on the CW schedule.

1. Jane the Virgin Season 5

In The CW Jane the Virgin Season 5, you will get every emotion, passion, dilemma, and various shades of life in one series. Since Jane's journey started with accidental insemination, her life has taken several ups & downs in different seasons. In this final 5th season, Jane has confronted too many things with the journey of her own, her mother, and her grandmother's love story. So, get a fresh flavor of unconventional content with lots of twists and turns in this most popular CW show.

2. Supernatural

If you want to explore action, horror, and fantasy in one title, nothing would be best but the super successful series Supernatural. From 2005 to 2020, this series won the hearts of its audience with the powerful storyline where two brothers started to do everything that their hunter father did. They fight supernatural entities, demons, gods, monsters, etc. So, while watching this energy-boosting content, you will be charged up in your binge-watch on The CW schedule programming.

What Are the CW Canceled Shows?

To ensure the profitability of the CW channel, it has balanced the cost and strived for the content available on the platform. For doing this every year, the CW canceled shows with their final season. For example, due to the poor ratings and popularity, in the case of the long-running show "Beauty and the Beast," CW has decided to cancel it after airing its last and final season 4.

Similarly, due to the Writers Guild of America strike, the Budgetary issue, and comparatively poor ratings in the case of the 4400 CW has taken the same cancellation decision. So, let's see what other The CW canceled shows.

  • Batwoman
  • Dynasty
  • Legacies
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • Naomi

Can You Download the CW Content Before Cancellation?

Even though The CW doesn't allow you to save its content for the offline watch, you can download any content from this platform before it leaves the service with the customizable support of Y2Mate Downloader. With this download, you can also share your downloads to any device or platform, including smartphones, PS3/4, TV, tablet, etc., for your flexible offline watch.

How to Download the CW Content With Y2Mate Downloader

The best part of the Y2Mate Downloader is that along with the entire library of The CW platform, you can download content from 1000 websites. With this software, you can save the content with your customization and flexibility. So, let's see the features of this tool to explore the maximum advantages of your The CW downloads.


  • Get the downloads without ads on Windows or Mac PC.
  • Save new episodes automatically with the auto-downloading option.
  • It supports video encoded with M3U8 & MDP formats.
  • You can download The CW video in 1080p resolution with subtitles.
  • This tool is not a recorder; it completely downloads the content.
  • You can enjoy simultaneous downloading with a batch downloading option.
  • Save the video in MKV or Mp4 format.
  • You can choose the audio quality of AAC 2.0/ EAC3 5.0.
Y2Mate CW Downloader
The best part of the Y2Mate Downloader is that along with the entire library of The CW platform, you can download content from 1000 websites. With this software, you can save the content with your customization and flexibility.
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Final Feed

Even if you know what the channel is, The CW, through this article, you will get a clear and brief idea about this platform with its multiple factors. So, when you know that some of the CW content will be removed very soon from the platform and you haven't watched them yet, you must capture them forever with the finest downloading support of Y2Mate Downloader.

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