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What is Shahid VIP Subscription? Everything You Want to Know about Shahid VIP

If you are into Arabic entertainment and looking for the best platforms for enjoying a great deal of experience in this context, Shahid TV is what would make it a truly formidable option. Shahid VIP, which is the on-demand streaming platform from Shahid TV should be the first and foremost on your list of the best options. What is Shahid VIP, and how does it provide you with the best of Arabic entertainment? Let us check out a few details about the Shahid VIP service.

What is Shahid VIP?

Shahid VIP, as you are already aware now, is the on-demand streaming service launched by Dubai-based media conglomerate MBC. MBC is, if you are unaware, one of the largest broadcasters in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Shahid VIP - Everything You Want to Know

The streaming service carries live channels, regional versions of the shows such as "Arab Idol" and "The Voice," and many more. It also as a great degree of sports programming movies and other TV series.

The service offers a wide range of shows from MBC’s kitty and lets you enjoy full-fledged entertainment at its best. A few good examples that belong to this category would include "Al Hayba" and "Aswad Fateh".

In addition to offering versatile entertainment for the Arabic diaspora, the Shahid VIP streaming service is also aimed at reaching out to non-Arabic speakers. The aim is to reach out to young adults by offering stories that come with a ring of familiarity. Given the fact that the young adults among the non-Arabic speakers include Aladdin, Cleopatra, and Ali Baba, who keep shouting Open Sesame. These stories teach about the rich heritage of the Arabic region, and the shows are designed to help the viewers enjoy exotic sceneries and communities of the Middle East.

Shahid VIP has on offer over 20000 hours of content that includes original productions, movies, and premiers. The platform does provide you access to its services in over 23 countries worldwide that, include regions under MENA such as Canada, US, and Australia.

What is Shahid VIP Pricing?

Shahid VIP is available under two different package options. You can pick from the following plans –

Shahid VIP

Priced at $8.49, the plan does provide you access to Shahid Originals, the best exclusive Arabic series and movie premieres, Live TV & more.

Shahid VIP Sports

This package comes with special sports programming along with the entertainment options available on the Shahid VIP plan. The plan is available at $13.99. It includes Saudi Pro League, live regional and international sports & Shahid VIP entertainment and perks.

You can also check out other plans if you want to explore more.

Shahid Ultimate

Available at $16.99, it offers you access to VIP entertainment perks along with the Sports package. That apart, you also stand to watch events, concerts, and much more.

VIP Imagine

The price begins at $9.99 and the plan lets you enjoy live events and concerts along with the VIP plan benefits.

How to cancel Shahid VIP subscription?

Shahid VIP - Everything You Want to Know

There are possibilities that you have opted for a Shahid VIP subscription and now looking to cancel the subscription for some reason. If you are wondering how to cancel Shahid VIP subscription, the tutorial here should be helpful in assisting you.

The steps will vary slightly depending on how you have subscribed to Shahid VIP service.

If you have subscribed using Debit or credit card or mobile pay option –

  • Log in to your active Shahid VIP account
  • Click on My Account Settings
  • Tap on the option Subscription Management
  • Next click on Cancel Subscription
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Continue Cancellation
  • Choose a reason for your cancellation
  • Click on the option Cancel subscription

If you have subscribed through Google Play

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Click on your profile
  • Tap on Payments and subscriptions
  • Choose Shahid app from here
  • Click on Cancel subscription and confirm your choice

If you have subscribed through iTunes

  • Go to your iOS device settings
  • Click on your Apple ID
  • Select the option Subscriptions
  • Choose Shahid app
  • Click on Cancel subscription and confirm cancellation

Please note that in each of the above cases, your subscription will be cancelled instantly, but your subscription will continue till the end of your current billing cycle.

How to download Shahid VIP on Firestick?

You can download and watch Shahid VIP programs on Amazon Firestick with ease. However, before you can move on to download Shahid VIP on Amazon Firestick, check out which Amazon devices are supported.

You can download Shahid VIP on the following Amazon devices –

  • Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation) model - AFTR
  • Fire TV Stick 4K model - AFTMM
  • Fire TV Stick (3rd Generation) Model - AFTSSS
  • Fire TV (Gen3) Model - AFTN
  • Fire TV Cube Model - ATFA
  • Fire TV Stick Lite Model – AFTSSS

Here are the steps that you can follow to download Shahid VIP on Amazon Fire –

  • Plug in your Amazon Fire device into your TV through HDMI port
  • Switch to the relevant HDMI input on your TV with the TV remote
  • Switch on the Amazon Fire device and go to Fire TV apps
  • Search for Shahid VIP and install it on your Amazon Fire device

Also, check out the best Shahid VIP downloader option.

Can you watch Shahid VIP shows offline?

If you are looking to download Shahid VIP shows so that you can watch them offline, the best option would be to use a good downloader for the purpose. While we could check out a good number of third-party downloaders for Shahid VIP, one that caught our attention was the Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader.

The downloader comes with a host of features and functionalities that makes it stand apart. To begin with, you can enjoy excellent 1080p video quality on your downloads. You can even adjust the resolution to 4K or 8K if the source video supports it. A faster download with a batch download capability would further make it a truly formidable option for an effective download capability. The MP4 video format ensures that you will be able to play your downloaded videos on almost every device due to the universal compatibility offered by the MP4 file format. The ability to save the subtitles as SRT files further adds more value to your downloads.

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The Closing Thoughts

Shahid VIP may be a new streaming service of the block, but it does provide you access to a truly unique and formidable capability in helping you enjoy an enhanced experience in enjoying Arabic content. If you are someone fascinated with the great Arabic heritage and want to explore it either through fiction shows or otherwise, Shahid VIP should be the right streaming service you need to choose.

If you are wondering whether you can download Shahid VIP shows to watch them offline, you can very well bet on the Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader. Check out the features offered on it and stay a chance to enjoy one of the most promising download experiences ever.

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