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Where Can I Watch SK8 The Infinity?

SK8 the Infinity is a great add-on show that explores the world of skating as well as how twisted and convoluted it can be when you mix skating with teenage rage. Things can go downhill and that’s not a good sight to see if you know what I mean?

In this piece of anime on Funimation we will simply discuss, Is Sk8 the Infinity in Crunchyroll? And who can forget if it is streaming on Funimation? Everything related to where and how to watch the show will be discussed in this writeup. The good thing about this show lies in the fact that the great Hiruki Utsumi is part of the show and his studio Bones is present behind it.

What is SK8 The Infinity?

SK8 The Infinity takes place in a teen epic animated setup where they battle it out taking part in S. ‘S’ is this hyperactive teen skateboarding competition typically taken part by many teenage kids in the abandoned mine. They found the spot that lay vacant. They got a good deal out of it. The story however is very sports-anime like Haiku. However, the centrality of the story also lies with the character that came from Canada and got addicted to skating.

How Can I Watch It?

Watching this masterpiece is not rocket science. On the top of your mind, what do you think, where will you be able to watch SK8 The Infinity? Yes on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Regardless of any platform that you prefer to stream for this show, always remember that the Funimation and Crunchyroll platforms will have it. Both these platforms come at a decent price.

For Funimation, you get the premium version at $5.99 while Crunchyroll comes at a $7.99 price point. Interestingly, both these platforms provide a free trial of 14 days. While signing up for these websites, do remember the payments will be auto-renewal. Make sure you cancel your membership before any amount is deducted from your bank account.

What Are The Benefits Of Watching It?

Anime fans if they are super crazy about anime, especially the anime that has the sports element associated with it. There is a likelihood of them liking the show. I think it does border around the crazy mood swings that are part of any person’s habit. People tend to have these borderline mood swings in their teenage years. This has these crazy twisting sports stunts, skateboards flying around. Beef happens with small things. This makes the show pretty interesting and watchable. If you love the Volleyball anime Haiku, chances are you would love SK8 The Infinity too.

Who Is The Target Audience For The Show?

Surely, the show is trying hard to attract teenagers. If you watch SK8 the Infinity, the first thing you realize is a teenage dream. How does one adjust themselves when they are in their teen years? They are often more adventurous compared to adults. I think the reason why there are drastic differences that come out with the incremental age is because of the question of security. As of now, people care deeply that certain things exist easily for them and they do not want to go top and bottom to attain that. In teenage, the riskier the thing is, the more enjoyable seemingly is the experience. The target audience is daredevil teens, sports anime lovers, and also action anime in general.

What Inspired The Creators Of The Show?

So as far as motivation is concerned, the show was not a unique concept in itself. They were pretty inspired by the Web Manga portal by Toriyasu, titled Sk8 Chill Out! Kazuko Kojima also has made a Manga out of it. Once all these aspects are serialized we see the coming of Bones and they pitched the Hirutki. Then it all panned out beautifully. The most interesting aspect however of the show will still be its skateboards. Production, Direction, and people who have pretty much done all the designing of the show made skateboards as per the striking characteristic trait of each character and that makes a lot more sense.

Where Can I Watch SK8 The Infinity?

Now, talking about the pivotal, essential, and important stuff. Where can you glance a peek at this amazing sports pro anime show? It only gets better and better, we will try and see where this show is available and compare/contrast this show with other relevant platforms that are not primarily associated with anime streaming, even if they do, not a primary anime streamer like Funimation or Crunchyroll.

Is SK8 The Infinity available on Crunchyroll?

Yes, SK8 The Infinity is available on Crunchyroll, Please click here. However there lies a catch, you get this very amazing sports anime once you subscribe for the premium subscription on Crunchyroll. You can watch it by subscribing to the premium version. You get 14 days free on each of the plans. So, the three-tier plans of Crunchyroll range from Fan Mega Fan and Mega Fan. Both Mega Fan plans are of 1-month duration and a 12-month duration, you can subscribe to any one plan as per preference. Let’s know about these plans.

Fan plan

It costs only $7.99.

It has no ads.

It offers one view at a particular time.

It does not allow digital Manga access.

Mega Fan 1 month Plan

It costs only $9.99.

It also has no ads.

It offers 4 views at one time.

It allows digital Manga access as well as offline viewing.

Mega Fan 12-month Plan.

It cost $79.99.

You get a four-person view at a particular time.

Does not have any ads.

16% off monthly.

It allows offline viewing as well as digital manga access.

In all the plans you get a 14-day free trial before you cancel the subscription. Remember the feature is auto-renewal and they will keep your card details before you sign up free. However, if you cancel the plan before 14 days you won’t be charged any amount.

Is SK8 The Infinity Available on Funimation?

Yes, you can get this amazing show on Funimation. To be fair, Crunchyroll only got this show recently, However, Funimation had this show early on. You can start subscribing to any plans that fit your budget on Funimation. It has both a $5.99 per month plan which is a basic/no ads plan. It also has a $7.99 plan where it gives free delivery on more than $20 for Funimation merchandise.

Is SK8 The Infinity on Major streams like Netflix and Amazon Prime?

It is with deep remorse that this awesome show is not on any major platform whether Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, or HBO Max. For similar content on anime, you can watch ‘Black Cloves’ on Hulu or ‘Naruto’ on Netflix.

These were the streaming platforms where you can watch SK8 The Infinity. However, f you are wondering how to download the anime movies, let us see below.

Can I Watch SK8 The Infinity Downloaded?

Not just on streaming platforms, you can also download SK8 The Infinity from Crunchyroll or Funimation by simply downloading using third party downloader tool. One such recommended tool is Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader. This tool is a great choice due to its amazing features.

Final Say

This piece is tightly packed with all the info you need for this crazy sports anime. Have a great watch.

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