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Full explanation of the differences between the free and paid versions of Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a versatile super media converter that works on both Windows and Mac.

Many people may want to try the free version first before purchasing the product.

So, in this article, we would like to show you how to get the free version of Wondershare UniConverter and how it differs from the paid version.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is a multifunctional super media converter that works on both Windows and Mac. It can process most media files with high speed and high quality. It can edit, compress, and convert video files, and burn videos and photos to DVD discs. In addition, it can download videos from the Internet and record your screen.

The video saving feature only supports YouTube, but the recording feature allows you to save videos from any website.

When purchasing, there are two plans to choose from: an annual plan and a perpetual license. Prices are approximately 5,000 yen and 7,000 yen, respectively.

How to get the free version of Wondershare UniConverter

Visit the official Wondershare UniConverter website and click on Free Download.

This way you will get the Wondershare UniConverter free version.

Limitations of the Wondershare UniConverter free version (differences from the paid version)

Now, if you are not sure whether you want to continue using the free version or purchase the full version including all features, please refer to the following section.

We will explain in detail the limitations of the Wondershare UniConverter free version or the differences from the paid version.

Main Features

Free Version

Paid Version


Convert video, MP3 and other music files to over 1,000 formats

1/3 length

✅ Convert

Batch conversion of videos/DVDs to a wide variety of formats

❌ Convert to a wide variety of formats

GPU technology for even faster processing speed

Batch conversion of multiple files ✅

Batch merge multiple files

Batch merge of multiple files ❌ VR conversion

VR conversion

1/3 length

✅ Download


Download videos from 10,000+ video sites including YouTube

1 file

✅ Download

Download video subtitles and thumbnails from Youtube

1 file ❌

Save Youtube videos to MP3 with one click

Download videos in Youtube playlist

Download multiple tasks at once ✅

Download multiple tasks at once

90x faster and easier downloads

Download/convert video files in one click ✅

Download/convert video files in one click

Video Editing

Video Editing

Trimming a video to several segments

1/3 length

✅ Rotate the video

Rotate video 90, 180, or 270 degrees

1/3 length

Add subtitles such as .srt, .ass, and .ssa to your video

1/3 length

Add watermark to video for property protection

1/3 length

Apply effects to videos with a simple click

1/3 of the length

Adjust video volume freely

1/3 length

Screen Recording

Screen recording, audio recording, and webcam recording functions

1 minute

✅ Video Recording

Facetime and Skype video recording

1 minute

Screen recording of guides, tutorials, courses, etc.

1 minute

DVD Creation

Burn to DVD/ISO in various formats with high quality

Burn videos to DVD with high quality

Burn videos to DVD with high quality ✅

Create CDs

Burn video to DVD with high quality ❌

Customize a wide variety of DVD menu templates

Video compression ✅

Video Compression

Compress video without loss of quality


No watermark

Useful Features

Remove noise from video/audio files

Remove noise ✅

Remove vocal parts in audio

✅ Remove noise from video/audio files

Add/remove watermarks (logos) ✅

Add/remove watermarks (logos)

Up to 5 files

✅ Add/delete watermark (logo)

Automatically trim videos

Only 1 file

✅Crop video to

Crop videos to the optimal size for popular social networking sites with 1 click

1 file only

✅ Automatic video background removal

Automatically remove video background for easy compositing

Up to 5 files

✅ Only one file


Automatically modify or edit video metadata information

Transfer videos and music directly to Android/iOS and other devices

5 ffiles

Convert videos and photos to Gif

5 files

Convert video or photo to Gif ✅

Convert image format


No watermark

In summary, the free version is quite limited in terms of functionality, so you will still need to purchase the paid version to perform complete video tasks. But please read on for more software recommendations.

Wondershare UniConverter Reviews

There were quite a few online reviews with the following claims.

  • Too difficult to register after purchase.
  • I can only download YouTube
  • DVD burning does not work
  • Some formats cannot be converted
  • Very slow response to inquiries

Alternative to Wondershare UniConverter: Y2Mate Downloader

Introduced here is a download-only software that, like Wondershare UniConverter, can download videos from distribution sites and has even better features.

Y2Mate Downloader is a powerful download tool that can download videos from free distribution sites such as YouTube and Twitch, as well as from paid platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Support for 1000+ sites

Y2Mate supports 1000+ websites including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, Hulu, Abema, and more.

Ultra-high quality preservation

Supports downloading of streaming videos with up to 8K resolution, and supports up to EAC3/AC3 5.1ch audio tracks in terms of sound quality.

Ad-blocking function

Watch your favorite videos more comfortably without ads.

Batch download function

With the batch download function, you can automatically select the episodes you want to save.

Subtitles can also be saved

You can download subtitles directly from the distribution service.

It is extremely easy to use and can be downloaded with a single click. Simply click on the appropriate site's icon from the homepage or copy and paste the video's URL, and the download will begin automatically. Various settings can also be made on a single screen, making it extremely convenient. If you are interested in taking full advantage of various video distribution services, why not take this opportunity to check out Y2Mate Downloader?

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