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How to Listen to YouTube Audio Only? [PC & Mobile Phone]

As we all are aware of, YouTube is a video streaming service and does provide you access to much content on its platform in terms of videos across multiple genres. But, even then, there is a possibility of enjoying the content on YouTube in audio only.

In fact, being able to get access to audio only is possible should definitely make it a viable option. In that case, it would be worthwhile to opt for avoiding watching a video so that you will be able to save bandwidth and device resources.

How to listen to YouTube audio only on PC?

There can be several ways you can opt for if you are looking to listen to YouTube audio only. But, there is no built-in option available to help you listen to the audio only. You will need to use a third party app or special tool for the purpose of listening to the audio only option.

The best option that can prove to be practical in this context can be to use a Chrome extension for YouTube videos only playing audio. One such great option can be Audio Only YouTube for Chrome. The extension disables the video streams on YouTube and listen to audio only. The YouTube extension can provide you access to savings in terms of internet usage of not more than 50%. Please note that the extension does not support  YouTube Live videos.

You can simply install the extension and launch YouTube on your browser. You will get access to YouTube audio only mode wherein only the audio will be played. The YouTube portal will only show the thumbnail with no video. You would also find a text that confirms that only audio is playing.

YouTube audio only on PC

In case you want to watch a video or a particular section of the video, you can simply turn off the extension.


How to listen to YouTube audio only on MOBILE PHONE?

On a smartphone, you will need to use a third party YouTube audio only app for the purposes of listening to YouTube audio. You can make use of any special app that can work effectively for almost all your expectations.

NewPipe is one of the great options for the purpose and can be used for a wide range of usage cases that you may be looking forward to. One of the excellent benefits offered by this service would include the fact that it does not use any Google Framework services or libraries. That is exactly what would make it one of the excellent and perfect options for most of your expectations in terms of an enhanced and improved efficacy.

You will not be able to download the service from Google Play Store. You will need to download the app from an official source. The app will work exactly like the YouTube app. With the software, you will be able to search for any of the videos on YouTube using the app. You will simply need to tap on the Background option and the video will stop working and the audio will continue to play. You will be able to continue working with your phone while the audio playback in the background continues to work without issues.

How to download YouTube audio only?

There are several online and software based solutions that can be helpful and practical in letting you use YouTube Audio only experience. One of the excellent options that you would find rather impressive with the option to play YouTube audio only is that you can continue working with the other tasks while listening to the audio of your video playback.

download YouTube audio

How about downloading the YouTube audio only onto your device? There are times when you have liked a particular video and looking to extract the audio alone from the app. In such circumstances, checking out the options to download only audio from YouTube can prove to be one of the excellent choices in the long run.

One such software we found rather impressive and exciting is Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter which has garnered a name for itself.

Y2mate Downloader
Y2Mate Downloader lets you download YouTube audio only easily into MP3 with batch download features, save your favourite YouTube playlists right now!

What makes YouTube YouTube to MP3 a great option can include

  • Download your music in high quality – The software does provide you access to an enhanced and greater degree of experience when you look at the options to download videos in MP3. You can get access to the download options in as high quality as 320 kbps. You can opt for your downloads in several quality options such as 320 kbps/192 kbps/128 kbps. This ensures that the audio files can be played across any device


  • Support for more than 1000 sites – The options to download MP3 files from your videos from as many as 1000 and more services which further makes it one of the most excellent services ever. You can check out the list of the websites supported here.


  • Download an entire playlist in one go – The Y2mate YouTube to MP3 converter lets you download YouTube to MP3 in a playlist. You will be able to access an entire playlist and download all the content in one go. You will be able to download the complete playlist that may consist of dozens of songs.


  • Auto-download Metadata – When downloading the audio files from your YouTube URLs and other websites, the software does download the content along with the audio tracks. The additional data such as cover art, artists, and titles will be downloaded automatically without hassles of any nature.


  • Turbo speed for an enhanced download experience – The Turbo speed functionality of the software makes it a truly enhanced option to let you download your M3 files in just a few minutes.


  • Batch download options – How about downloading several files in one go? The Pro version of the software should be what would provide you a faster download functionality. You can download up to five files at one time.

An ability to work with a host of different services can further make it one of the excellent options ever.

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What are the benefits of YouTube audio only?

The YouTube Audio only option does provide you access to an enhanced experience. The first and foremost benefit you stand to gain with the YouTube audio only listening and download is that you would get a simple and easier option to listen to your favorite music without hassles.

Playing audio only on YouTube should be one of the greatest and prime options for saving your bandwidth. The bandwidth used by the audio stream when playing a YouTube video can be considerably lower when you compare it to the bandwidth taken up by the video stream. Suppressing the video stream can be helpful in saving your internet bandwidth.

Yet another advantage you stand to gain with the YouTube audio only streaming or download can be that you can continue listening to your music even when you are doing something else.


Can you play YouTube audio only?

There is no built-in option to play YouTube audio only, but you will need to use the YouTube Audio Only chrome extension. It can help you save around 50 percent of your internet bandwidth.

Can you listen to YouTube without video?

Using the special apps on smartphones or a browser extension on the web version can let you listen to your YouTube without video. You have plenty of apps and browser extensions that can be put to use, but do exercise caution when picking your preferred apps or extensions.

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