How to Set Up Apple TV?

Apple TV has changed quite a bit since its inception. Apple, on November 2022, launched its Apple TV 4K, which is significantly better than its earlier predecessor Apple TV HD. Apart from that, Apple TV 4K has a lot of equipment it packs inside. It comes with a new OS called tvOS 16, which is at a significant edge over the earlier Apple TV HD, which only had tvOS. The Apple TV 4K has some stunning specifications, including an embedded Siri. It also has a fantastic tally of third-party apps for you to enjoy, along with Apple on-site apps like Apple Music, iCloud, etc. In this article, I will guide you on the technical know-how on How to set up your Apple TV in the easiest manner possible.

Requirements To Set Up Apple Tv 4k

  • A smart TV with a 2.1 supportable HDMI port.
  • A working smooth internet connection.
  • An HDMI cable.

How To Set Up Apple TV?

You can set up both Apple TV with or without a remote easily, it depends on you and your choice. Just follow the steps given here:

How To Set Up Apple TV Without A Remote?

1. You need to use your iPhone to log in to your Apple TV. You just need to first do the following things on your iPhone-

  • Check your iOS version, is it updated? If not, then update it.
  • Now move to your iCloud, you have to turn on two-factor authentication for Apple ID here.
  • Now go to the iCloud keychain in cloud settings, and toggle it on.
  • And, now connect your iPhone to your home WiFi network. And also later turn the Bluetooth feature on.

2. Now the iPhone part is clear, you have to set your TV up. Unbox your Apple TV 4K box set and connect it to the USB. In order to watch 4K, HD, or both, you need to have a minimum USB 2.1 cable. Once done, you can now move into the new step. You can also connect your ethernet cable in case you are using cable internet connectivity. In that case, you can refrain from a WiFi connection.

3. Now, on the next screen, you will be asked to select your language, current place of residence, and timezone. You need to simply make selections through the arrow buttons. marked in the circle of your remote. You have to use the up and down button to make selections. Amidst all that, you would be also asked if you want to use Siri, you can choose options based on what you find convenient. In case you want to set it up without a remote, you can proceed to sign in through your Apple account and add this info later.

4. Now comes the last and final step and that is selecting sign-in through an iPhone on the sign-in page. Now simply open your phone and keep it near to your Apple TV 4K box. In the screens, you will be given some instructions to do on your phone as said. Once done, you will gain access to the Apple Smart TV set-top box.

5. In case, you do not want to do this, you can also sign in Manually.

How To Sign In On Apple TV 4K Manually?

  • At the sign-in page simply select ‘sign in manually’ with the remote.
  • It will ask for your name and some basic details.
  • It will ask about WiFi information that you will be required to fill in.
  • And then you can sign in through your Apple ID, it’s that easy and simple.

How To Set Up Apple TV’s Cable Through A Provider?

In case you want to access Apple TV 4K or HD via a Cable TV provider, you have to access it via settings. Here is how you do that:

  • First, make sure your tvOS is updated to the latest version.
  • You need to browse settings from the Menu of your Apple TV.
  • Now go to ‘Users and Accounts’ in settings, and from there, move to ‘TV Provider’.
  • Select the ‘name’ of your TV provider and proceed.
  • Now you can simply enter your username and password registered with the Provider. Once it's done you can simply just ‘sign in’.
  • If in case you do not have the above-mentioned details, then simply contact your cable provider.

Once you have signed yourself in through your TV provider, you do not have to sign in to each app separately. You can simply negate that, the apps that you are subscribed to will be for access on your portal anyway.

Integrate Your Devices, Automate, And Grant/Block Users On The Network

You would also want to set your Homepod, Homepod Mini, AppleTV, and iPad as a Home Hub. Apple has something called the Home Kit and matter accessories which help in remote control of Apple Devices from far-off places, you have this feature on iCloud that integrates your devices and their files on just one common platform. Here you get a Home Hub where you can associate devices When you buy any new item from Apple you need to include that in your Home hub which keeps all the devices in sync with each other. Here, you have to help in the integration of just Apple TV.

How to Set Up Apple TV As A Home Hub

  • Access settings on Apple TV.
  • From the settings list, you need to select ‘user accounts’.
  • You should be in the default user list in case you have made your Apple ID with Home Kit in the same ID that you are using on your phone.
  • In TV settings, first, go to Airplay and then Homekit.
  • Now you need to add a room here, choose one and add a room.

Home App allows you to access customization functions and access various settings at convenience on your Apple devices. In case you have any problem accessing or including one device in a room try looking for the update, look for tech space, and see if the WiFi where the home app was first installed is connected or not.

Is It Possible to Download Movies and Shows from Apple TV Plus?

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Can I use Apple TV on any TV?

You cannot use Apple TV on any TV. It will depend on the kind of Apple set-top box you have. In case your TV supports HD and not 4K you cannot access it on the TV.

How much is Apple TV per month?

The Apple TV costs just $6.99/month as it includes Apple TV plus subscriptions. You also get it in your Apple One subscription batch where you have 4 more other services for you to avail of along with Apple TV plus.

Can I watch Apple TV plus on other devices?

Yes, anyone who has an Apple TV plus subscription can watch it on their devices. You just need to sign up on the parent website.


Setting up Apple TV is an easy job. I have mentioned all the steps in clear precise instructions, just follow them and in no time, you can surf 4K viewing on Peacock, Disney and Netflix, etc.


如何下載Apple TV Plus視頻
by Kaya Sato Updated on Jan 28, 2022