Best Shows on Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is definitely your best bet for enjoying a great degree of content across knowledge-driven topics. The real-world scenarios and content offered by Discovery's range of channels have been something that a few of us have always been looking for. So, if you have a Discovery Plus subscription and are checking out the best options for enjoying a great degree of experience in terms of a great content library, here we go with a good collection of the best shows on Discovery Plus.

Best shows on Discovery Plus that you would enjoy in 2022

Without much ado, we will check out a few great shows on Discovery Plus that would make your day.


The Mythbusters should definitely be one of the best shows that have ever been made. The show was originally created for the Discovery channel cable network and looked to bust some of the myths about urban legends. Each of the episodes focuses on supporting or debunking three myths. There is a lot of science and research involved in the episodes, which should make it a preferred one for those among you looking for full-fledged entertainment coupled with knowledge. It has been regarded as one of the best shows on Discovery Plus in its genre.


The show was created as the Discovery Plus original in 2022 and comes to you as a three-part documentary. The makers did have close contact with president Trump and also his children and associates alike. The show has interviews with Trump and offers us his reactions to the 2020 election results. The footage in the series is quite unique in its own right.

No respondents left behind

The 2021 documentary has been one of the hot favourites of those suffering from the 9/11 attack. The series has Jon Stewart and New York firefighter Ray Pfeifer fighting for justice for the 9/11 first responders. It should be noted that Ray Pfeifer was diagnosed with cancer, and this became his fight for life. The series makes you think about what the respondents had to go through.

Selling the Hamptons

The show is quite similar to the Netflix shows such as Selling Sunset. This is a real estate selling show and also includes a subgenre that went on to become popular. It has been regarded as one of the most powerful and preferred shows on Discovery Plus. The agents have conflicts with one another, and that makes it a truly formidable show that you would find much more impressive.

Scream: The True Story

The story is more about two specific genres - true crime and the paranormal. The story is all about Gainesville Ripper, who murdered eight people. He claimed that he was possessed by the Devil, and that is why he murdered so many people. The case is being investigated by paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and psychic medium Cindy Kaza. Are you someone who is interested in crime stories? This one can be one of the best shows on Discovery Plus you would come across.

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Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed

The Hillsong is a massive church and is well-established in Australia. The lead pastor is Brian Houston and the church was established in the 1980s. The church later expanded to several locations that, included a few of them in the United States. The church and its info are spread through TV channels and other ventures. It is a three-part documentary, and you will find it offers you a better performance and experience.

The Diana Investigations

The show Diana Investigations is one of the excellent shows that came up in 2022. The show is all about the untimely demise of Princess Diana. The series also talks at length about a few strange conspiracy theories. The show talks at length about the facts and misconceptions. 2022 is the 25th anniversary of Lady Diana’s death, and the docudrama talks at length about her life.

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How the Universe Woks

This is a 2010 drama that was originally presented by the Science channel. The series talks about the black hole and how it is created. Have you ever been looking ahead to find out more about the Moon. The latest season of the series has a journey through the Cosmos. The series has interviews with the leading scientists and provides you with the content through CGI and original footage. The series also talks about the Super Massive Black Hole at the heart of the M87 galaxy.

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Can you download the shows from Discovery Plus?

Like most of the other streaming services, Discovery Plus too lets you download the content from its platform. However, the default download feature can be a little disturbing and annoying. For one, the download functionality is not available for every title available on the streaming service. Apart, your downloads come with an expiry date which can still be more disturbing. This is one of the reasons why you would perhaps want to download a good third-party downloader for the Discovery Plus streaming service.

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The Closing Thoughts

Discovery Plus is a new entrant in the streaming services arena, but it has been able to garner huge popularity within a short span of time. The wide range of content available on the platform should make it a prime choice that you would want to explore. A few of the best shows that we have featured here can prove to be one of the right choices to help you get access to a good insight into the content library on Discovery Plus.

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