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Y2Mate DRM Downloader (All-in-One) is an all-in-one downloader that supports video downloads from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO, among 1000+ streaming platforms.

Batch Download & Fast Speed
Save as MP4 & MKV

As a handy Pluto TV downloader, Y2Mate provides you with a 10X high-speed download for a whole TV series. Downloading 100 Pluto TV shows and movies a day in a lightning period of time is a piece of cake for the powerful Pluto TV video downloader.

Download Original Quality Videos

We "download" videos instead of "recording" them. Therefore, the downloaded videos are of the same quality as when they are streamed.

Download Quality 720p Pluto TV Videos

Pluto TV has 1000+ movies and TV episodes. However, it lacks a direct download feature. The sampling rate of some videos is noticeably low. But Y2Mate is a good Pluto TV video downloader, allowing you to download from Pluto TV with 720p resolution. You can download movies from Pluto TV with high-quality visuals and sound. Y2Mate offers timely free resource updates, along with ads filtering. Choose Y2Mate for a great video downloading experience.

Download Videos with High-Quality Sound

Y2Mate helps you download videos not only in high resolution like 1080p, but also with high-quality sounds, like AAC2.0 or EAC3 5.0 audio tracks, ensuring a better viewing experience.

Y2Mate Provides You with a Restful Viewing Experience

Exploring more fantastic Y2Mate features

Ads-Free Download from Pluto TV

Although Pluto TV is free of charge, the annoying ads scattered during its videos are unbearable to many users. Y2Mate serves as your trustworthy Pluto TV downloader to eliminate all ads during the download process. If you use Y2Mate to download from Pluto TV, you don't have to tolerate 4 commercial breaks even in a short 30-miniute show any more.

Flexibly Save Pluto TV Subtitles

No matter you want to save the subtitles offered by the original Pluto TV videos or you don't want subtitles to practice your listening skills, Y2Mate serves as your reliable Pluto TV Downloader that enables you to choose from not downloading subtitles or downloading them into SRT files. Be it movie subtitles or episode subtitles, you can download them in supported languages on Pluto TV the way you like.

Widely Compatitle MP4 Download from Pluto TV

Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader offers the widely compatitle MP4 download formats for Pluto TV videos. If you've ever troubled by mismatched voice and pictures or loading issues on Pluto TV, you can download the videos to MP4 so as to play them on other devices without these platform-related issues. Feel free to download movies on Pluto TV and watch them offline on different devices.

2023 Updates

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Download New Episodes Automatically

Is there any series that you've watched but not finished yet and have to download new episodes manually every time? Y2Mate has newly launched a feature to automatically book new episodes for download. You can set a fixed time to make Y2Mate automatically detect if there is any new episode available every week. And Y2Mate will also download them automatically. In this way, you can watch new series more smoothly!

DRM M3U8 & MPD Downloader

You can use Y2Mate to detect videos encoded in M3U8 and MDP formats in web pages and download them. Now it also supports downloading videos in as much as 1080p and downloading subtitles. Note that the resolution and subtitles downloaded should be what the original videos already provide.

3 Steps to Use Y2Mate!

Follow the steps to download the videos you like!


Step 1: Navigate to the Website You Intend to Download Videos from

Launch Y2Mate and select the Pluto TV icon from "VIP Services", which will bring you to the official website of Pluto TV.

Step 2: Play the Video and Customize Output Settings

Sign into your OTT platform account and play the video you wish to download. Then, Y2Mate will display a window allowing you to modify output settings. For example, you can select the video qualities and subtitle formats.

Step 3: Start Downloading Your Favorite Videos

Click "Download Now" to download the video or select "Add to Queue" to download later.

Pluto TV Downloader

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