Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

Netflix is the content space of tomorrow. It occupies the top spot in the hierarchy of on-demand streamers. It has a database filled with selected movies, TV shows, short films, documentaries, etc. It is the best content streaming platform available to the entire humanity. The one thing that made Netflix become better as a streaming service is that, it has diverse content. It has content from all around the world in multiple languages catering to a massive audience who speak different languages.

One such language that has been a paramount influence in the Netflix catalog is Spanish. We all like shows such as Money Heist. which is absolutely mind-boggling and impressive. You might not be familiar with Spanish movies, they are a piece of art. With the new gen pop culture, these movies have a lot to offer rather than just artistic temperament. Here I will help to guide you through some breathtaking Spanish movies from Spain and Latin America on Netflix.

Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

Top Spanish Movies On Netflix Of All Time

1. Roma (2018)

Roma is an exceptionally beautiful movie, one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix. It just magically appears to be a film that has a lot of subtle moments of life. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron and acted by the likes of Yalitza Aparicio Marina de Tavira, Roma is a semi-autobiography of the master himself, Alfonso Cuaron. It has very powerful imagery and cinematography. That should not come as a surprise as Cuaron himself is an exceptional cinematographer.

The plot of Roma revolves around the maid of a posh middle-class home and her struggles with life. How she ventured into a deeply embarrassing life but had the support of the house owners that she worked with. Roma is the story of gripping relationships offering a deep insight into class but also maintaining the decency of being more human.

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As far as I am concerned, if you like wide shots natural and realism-driven movies. This should suit your taste.

2. The Platform (2019)

The next one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix is The Platform. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s platform is a social scientific horror movie that has a lot of horror moments. The story itself is not scary. But the thriller aspects of the movie can be so gripping on your body that it does not feel apart from the horror genre.

Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

The plot of this movie revolves around a tower that is physically located in Spain. Here, people come on a day to day to the basis for self-management care. There is a platform in the tower that moves from the top and comes to the bottom. People have the opportunity to take food from the platform. The upper floors get the most food, while people at the base and the ground floor suffer hunger. Until one man came and changed it all.

As far as I am concerned, I would like for you to enjoy this film but I have to cautiously tell you this film seems light but it goes through multiple levels of darkness. If you like horror or gore content in general, watch this.

3. The Photographer of Mauthausen (2018)

This movie is soul-crushing but also shows bravery and courage amidst all the bad things going on. The story that's been happening is of Francisco Bronx, who was a photographer by profession. He was exiled from France and taken to a Nagi concentration camp.

Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

The story twists the tale to a brave narrative when it shows Francois’s heroic act of How he documented prison conditions and How ruthless and dirty the living standards persisted. Francois played a very important role from all angles in the conviction of Nazi war criminals.

I would recommend you to watch this show if you can digest brutal assaults and blood baths. This is hard to digest at times. But if you love war, action, and crime thriller genres this is the movie for you.

4. Elisa & Marcela (2019)

The next one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix is Elisa & Marcela, a deeply touching movie but it also has coming-of-age elements. The film takes place in 1901 when both Elisa and Marcela were in love. However, because of the taboo aspects of a homosexual relationship, both these women found it extremely hard to be official. However, they had a plan and they did make sure to execute it. Isabel Coixet’s direction has made this story a wonderful tale. A testimony of courage but of a different tangent.

Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

Both Elisa and Marcela loved each other, Elisa had to turn into a man and they became imposters and became like a heterosexual couple. They got married in a Baptist church.

If you like Queer movies, this is actually one of the best stories there is revolving around same-sex relationships. And hence I think you should see this movie.

5. Mirage (2018)

Oriel Paolo’s Mirage is almost like smokes and glasses. It's a trippy movie in the sense it is time overlapping. Vera loved a boy who died 25 years earlier. She wanted to save him and she found a way out to do that. But the chain of reactions it evoked made it quite an undesirable conclusion on her part.

Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

Vera after saving the child wakes up in another timeline where she was not identified by her own child and husband. She deals with trauma and rejection despite being married in the other world. This sci-fi thriller is worth the watch for you.

Mirage is for people who actually want a lot of intellectual stimulation in a movie. If you are a psychological thriller buff, this is the magical movie for you.

6. I'm No Longer Here (2019)

The last one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix in this article is I’m No Longer Here. This movie can really mess up your mind because of its nonlinear and random trajectory. But this film is so much more than that simplification. This film is about a 17-year-old teen named Ulises, who has recently moved to New york. Here is a conversation he has with himself and compares his life in Mexico and USA.

Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

Ulises was involved in a local cartel and he had seen violence, self-harm, and aggression. However, a new lease on life is granted to this teen. Since then he has had more authority over his life but he contemplates his past. If you like redemption stories watch this.

This movie is for those who have a different attitude after some time toward life. And the shift happens because something major happened in their lives. If you like turn-around and vivaciously alive stories this is a good one to watch.

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The great thing about Netflix is it has so much diversity in content to offer. I have mentioned some of the most renowned critically appraised Spanish movies on Netflix. If you see the list, you will know what mix bag it is. Just like diversity exists in types of films, the same can be said about the content source as well. It helps a lot of other nations to build close ties and relationships at a personal level, the citizens of countries interacting and loving each other. This is how we grow as people.

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