Best Movies on Tubi Right Now 2022

When having the entertainment avenues become more diverse than ever, buying a movie ticket can cost more than a week's grocery? And you don't even know how the movie will turn out? Then why do you watch movies? You watch movies because they can make you experience moments outside your everyday lives. Movies have the power to transport you from the time of prehistoric hunters and gatherers to the futuristic modern world.

Tv tubes

Tubi is an American ad-supported streaming service owned by Fox Corporation. The service was first launched in 2014 and is based in San Francisco, California. With thousands of hit movies and TV series, Tubi is free. It is 100% legal. There's something for everybody, from comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series. Let's clear things up for you about a few good movies to watch on Tubi!

How to download Tubi TV?

You can either download it on your smartphone or can watch it online. Tubi is available for free on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple Tv, and many more. This is the first streaming service that offers you to stream online without even signing up. However, there's a signup option that you can use for better user guidance.

List of best movies on Tubi

Watching the best movies on Tubi can be a never-ending game. However, let's take a look at the best movies on Tubi right now 2022:


Dreamcatcher, a 2003 scientific/horror, is one of the best movies on Tubi February 2022. It has a very intriguing opening scene with four friends who have some kind of weird, iconic power. They seem to know the past and the future of other people and even can read their minds. The storyline of this movie is very interesting, making it very unique. This is a solid attempt to introduce a new sound to the world of horror.


Can you imagine the kind of abstract – Dare to even say sometimes uneasy yet comforting jazzy feelings that Murakami guises in his words and prose that has been aptly converted onto scenes are none other than burning? What's more impressive is how the short story was made into a feature-length thrilling potboiler movie without any of the frames being redundant. Burning is one such psychological mystery thriller based on the short story “Barn Burning”. The story revolves around three main characters, and each one of them has their perspective of life .

My name is Emily

A 2015 movie, my name is Emily, is an amazing, underrated movie. It is simple but magical and philosophical with an amazing soundtrack. One of the good movies on Tubi is based on a story of a teenage girl who flew on her 16th birthday from her foster home with her boyfriend Arden to rescue her dad from a mental institution. These movie scenes show you the perfect combination of road-movie with romance and thriller.

A White, White Day

Another among the best movies on Tubi right now 2021, is A white, White Day. A white, white day, an incredibly sad, bleak, Icelandic film that would very emotionally touch your senses. The main protagonist of the story here, after losing his wife in a car accident, discovers her affair with a local man. The great evocative use of the bleak landscape and the marvelous acting make this the best movie on the tube. The poetic way of storytelling and the dry-wit humor, with a couple of notable moments, like the baby angel granddaughter tape measuring, all made it feel real.

Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil is an authentic and arrestable movie that beautifully captures two opposite boys, Ned, and corner, the loner and the star athlete, respectively. Due to some circumstances, they are to share a room who bond in real after the unexpected meeting on a social outcast. This is rated under LGBTQ2+ movie, but let me tell you; this is not anything about that. It shows true friendship and bond between two roommates of a boarding school.

Love, Antosha

Love Etosha is one of the most heart-warming and heart-breaking documentaries you will ever see. This is a dedicated documentary for Anton Yelchin, an immensely talented actor, who died in a car accident at a very young age, 27. By then, he had already worked in 60 films. Note that, It captures the energy of the most hardworking and talented actor of that time who was teamed as a gift. This got released in the year 2018 with a total run time of 92 minutes.


A 2002 American science fiction mystery-thriller movie is all about a farmer, Graham Hess, who discovers crop circles in his field, which revolves around the change. Crop circles are initially attributed to vandals. The film is incredible. It is not really a horror movie, but surely there are some incredibly intense scenes, but again there's a difference between intense and scary.

Blood Diamond

A fantastic movie, with a dramatic story, full of action is the best movie on Tubi Right now 2021. This movie is at its best when it comes to its storyline, screenplay, cast, acting, and everything. Blood Diamond is an entertaining and emotional take on the dark truths of the diamond trade in Sierra Leone and the protagonist of the movie, Solomon Vandy, is a family man making his life better as a fisherman in occupation. It is a complete movie and a must-watch for you and is among the best tubi 2021 movies, 2022, and many more upcoming years to watch.

Donnie Darko

The review says that Donnie Darko is one of the excellent tube movies of 2021 of all time, and you need to believe that. It manages to create suspense and tension throughout to engage its watchers. The storyline revolves around a troubled teenager who narrowly escapes a bizarre and has a vision of Frank, a mysterious figure in a rabbit costume. The soundtrack is euphoric, and the movie is unique; it delves into odd things about time travel but manages to keep it interesting.


Memento has a nonlinear screenplay by Leonard Shelby, an insurance investigator diagnosed with anterograde amnesia. The only thing he remembers is his wife’s death. This movie has the same story when we interpret the starting and ending sequence because of the amazing screenplay.

How to Download Movies from Tubi?

Watching movies on Tubi without even registering is great, and there is nothing bad in watching your favorite shows and movies online; in fact, everyone watches movies online nowadays. But, what will happen when you are in mood to watch the movie, and your internet connection goes very slow or stops working?

In that case, the only thing that can help you is if you have downloaded the movie on your device, you can just play that using any media player on your device.

So, downloading is a great option!

How to download is another question, right?

Y2Mate Tubi Downloader is a software program that enables you to download movies from Tubi TV in just a few simple steps. Once you are done with downloading your favorite movie, you can play that any time with no need of an internet connection. Downloaded content streams better because there is no buffering and no ads are there.

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Y2Mate Tubi Downloader Features:

  1. It downloads all the movies or shows available on Tubi in HD quality.
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  3. It can download subtitles in the language you want. This helps when the audio is not available in the language you understand.
  4. Batch downloading is possible.
  5. Dedicated browser is there that enables you to search through the content of Tubi TV from the software.

Overall, Y2Mate Tubi Downloader is a great tool if you need to download movies or shows from Tubi .

Final Thoughts

I hope you love this list of movies on Tubi right now. And, I am sure that you love more the way to download those great movies and shows.