How to Download IVI Videos

Do you have trouble finding a platform where you can view Russian movies and documentaries? Do you enjoy watching enticing Russian television programs and well-known movies anytime and whenever you want? IVI streaming, which has more than 15000 titles, is the greatest alternative.

And if you want to download IVI videos to avoid Internet crashes or intrusive, unpleasant advertisements, a seasoned downloader might be of great help. The downloader is disclosed in the article. First, let's get to know the IVI streaming platform better.

What is IVI?

The greatest online cinema in Russia, IVI streaming, offers a choice of film, television, and animation collections. IVI has everything you're seeking for whether comedy or detective stories are more your style.

IVI streaming has the distinct advantage over other big streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus in that it offers a variety of exclusive Russian-related content in addition to popular American and English movies and TV shows.

IVI is well known throughout Russia and welcomes more than 40 million different visitors each month from all around the world. And IVI is surely a treasure trove that you should not miss if you appreciate watching Russian television programs and movies.

How to Download IVI Videos

Using IVI streaming will keep you from ever becoming bored. IVI has the ability to provide precise recommendations based on targeted AI analysis, which is one of its advantages. The weekly distribution of new content by this streaming service is another advantage. Your favorite movies are readily available and reasonably priced.

Another feature that makes IVI user-friendly is the large range of systems and devices it supports. For iOS and Android devices, you may download it from the app store or Google Play. It also functions with popular TVs including the LG, Samsung, and Sony Smart TVs as well as the Apple TV.

When IVI is set up on all of your devices, you can instantly resume watching a video that you haven't finished. The ease and enjoyment of watching television programs as a result of this connectivity makes it a reliable source of relaxation.

IVI TV: Is it Free to View?

Only customers who subscribe for the premium ivi+ service have access to the remaining 97% of ru's content, which includes brand-new film premieres and the greatest picks from the studios' back catalogs and is accessible to all users without requiring registration for free. IVI is now available for a single person's 14-day trial. You could connect up to five gadgets, and everyone could have their own place. And one membership takes care of everything.

Devices Compatible With IVI

Users can access content via a range of mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Bada, and Symbian as well as Smart TV applications for LG, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, and Panasonic. The program is pre-installed on STBs as well as hardware made by Fly, Sony, Acer, Rover Computers, iconBIT, Rolsen, Qumo, inch, PocketBook, Supra, and Lexand. Additionally, Microsoft's Xbox 360 home video game console allowed access to

How Can I View Videos from IVI?

You should be able to view IVI streaming without any problems if you carefully read the following information. The site was first developed in Russian. If you don't speak Russian, you can translate the page into English using your Chrome or Edge browser.

To watch IVI streaming videos, you must first register for an IVI account by selecting "my profile."

How to Download IVI Videos

When prompted to establish an account, enter your email address or phone number after clicking "Enter or register." It is suggested that you take a photo of your screen after creating your account in case you forget your username or password.

How to Download IVI Videos

All movies, documentaries, and cartoons are available for limitless watching with the $1, 14-day subscription to IVI streaming. This bundle allows you simultaneous viewing on 5 devices when your account is shared with your family, which brings surprising convenience for you and your family. Customers can also enjoy high definition in 1080P.

A hint that should be considered is the fact that this 14-day subscription will automatically renew for 4.99 USD each month. The good thing is that you can stop using this IVI streaming service at any time.

How to Download IVI Videos

After paying the $1 for the subscription, simply search for the shows or movies you want to watch. All resources are at your disposal. However, you cannot help but notice certain advertisements while you view IVI videos online.

How to Download IVI Videos

How Can I Watch IVI Videos Offline?

You could choose to download IVI videos instead of just watching them online because doing so is more practical. You can view the most recent episodes of your favorite series while taking the subway or a cab because offline watching removes the Internet speed restriction.

How exactly do I get my hands on IVI videos? There are various answers to this query. For example, you can use tools for screen recording. However, Y2Mate IVI Downloader quickly springs to mind as a top-notch downloader when it comes to downloading IVI videos. Y2Mate IVI Downloader is a good option for downloading IVI videos because of its many advantages.

Features of Y2Mate IVI Downloader

The Y2Mate IVI Downloader is a fantastic tool for obtaining quick offline downloads of IVI programs. There are several benefits to using Y2Mate IVI Downloader, including:

  • For offline viewing, you can download and save your favorite content in 1080P full HD with 5.1 audio channel output.
  • You can either download IVI videos with subtitles or save the subtitles as a file.
  • The bulk or batch download function is available in Y2Mate IVI Downloader. If you're watching an episode from a series, it automatically detects this and downloads the remaining episodes.
  • Y2Mate IVI Downloader lets you download files at rapid speeds while streaming content or watching TV. With hardware acceleration, the Y2Mate IVI Downloader can efficiently download data at a 2x faster rate.

Step-By-Step Guide


Download and launch Y2Mate IVI Downloader. Enter the website of IVI on the homepage.

How to Download IVI Videos


Log in to your IVI account.

How to Download IVI Videos


Play the video you want to download, and click "Ready to Download" on the upper left of the built-in browser. Then, you'll see the "download" pop-up window. Choose "Download Now", "Add to Queue" or "Cancel" according to your needs.

How to Download IVI Videos


Find your video from "YOUR LIBRARY".

How to Download IVI Videos


The purpose of this post is to present the IVI platform and demonstrate how to obtain IVI videos outside of the Internet. Thanks to its robust features and dependable downloading speed, Y2Mate IVI Downloader is highly recommended for downloading IVI videos. Additionally described are the precise steps for using Y2Mate IVI Downloader to obtain videos from IVI.

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