How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

HBO Max is one of the easiest platforms to use if you want to turn on subtitles. You do not face a lot of issues in turning on these subtitles it is fairly easy. You can also activate closed captions if you want. In case you do not like subtitles you can turn them off. It completely depends upon you and your comfort whether you would like to have subtitles or not on your screen. In this write-up, we both will be discussing the closed captions that you can use on your screens and even the normal subtitles. I will also tell you how you can easily turn off subtitles without having to face a major problem.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles

Frankly speaking, turning on/off HBO Max subtitles is fairly easy and does not require a lot of effort. You know, in every menu of your media player in HBO Max, you have something called a ‘CC’ option, which stands as a short form for ‘Closed Captions’.

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You just need to tap/click/select that option on your mobile/phone/smart TV devices and you will see subtitles on your screen. You can use some advanced settings as well to alter the styling, width, and color of the letters, and it happens by your choice. But, on the whole, the process is fairly easy to be done. Let us now know how to change HBO Max subtitles on various devices. However, the difference in doing that in many smart devices is negligible.

How to Turn on/off Subtitles on HBO Max on a Firestick?

HBO Max can be accessed on Amazon Fire TV cube and Firestick. It's very easy to turn the subtitles on. Just follow the given steps:

  • Open the HBO Max app from your TV home screen.
  • Now launch the media that you want to watch. Use the arrow keys to navigate content. You will see a giant ring on the remote. Press left and right to navigate shows. Press the pause/play button to launch the video.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

  • You will see a button with three distinct lines on your firestick remote, it will look like a hamburger, press that.
  • The button you pressed was the menu button. In the list of options, you need to select ‘subtitles and audio’.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

  • You will then have to select the languages in which you want to access the subtitles.

In case you want to activate close captions or ‘CC’ do this:

  • Press the downside of the Firestick remote. You need to first turn on close captions and then turn on the language options English.

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How to Turn on/off HBO Max Subtitles on a Roku Device?

Roku is a great platform in terms of accessing subtitles as it has its personalized feature of subtitles that it uses.

  • Open HBO Max on your Roku TV.
  • Then, press the pause/play button to launch any content from the platform.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

  • Now you will see an asterisk sign on your remote, press that.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

  • Choose close captions from the list of options.
  • Click the back button, which is a leftward arrow key on the top of your Roku remote.

Advanced settings of subtitles on Roku

If you want, you can do a lot of alterations to the subtitles. Let me show you how:

  • Press the Home button to launch the Roku menu.
  • Come to downward options and choose ‘settings’.
  • Then again, choose option ‘accessibility’.
  • Now all you need to do is from the list of options tweak as per Captions mode, Captions preferred language, or Captions style. You can go to these options separately to edit the subtitles.

How to Turn on/off HBO Max Subtitles on an iPhone?

From smart TVs, we are now venturing into the smartphone domain. iPhones are a great add-on for this. Here’s how you can turn your subtitles on/off:

  • Download the HBO Max app from the Apple store.
  • Launch the app.
  • Navigate to your favorite shows on your screen.
  • As you are playing any video, no matter which one, try tapping on the available empty space.
  • You will see a CC option at the right-hand side of the bottom menu, just beside the time scale bar.
  • To check whether you have tapped the icon correctly or not the ‘CC’ icon here will change from a boring black and white color to purple and black after instantly clicking on the button.
  • You can click again to turn the subtitles off.
  • The mobile app version does not offer any edits on closed captions. Use the web browser you can access settings to tweak the closed captions.

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How to Turn on/off HBO Max Subtitles on an Android Phone?

It is the same method with no difference. The only point that is of any pivotal difference is that you can only get the Android version of the app from Playstore. In case there is a system issue and the app is restricting downloads. You can then choose a safe APK download website like ‘APK Mirror’ to get HBO Max.

How to Turn on/off HBO Max Subtitles on a PC/Mac?

Here is the thing HBO Max does not come with a desktop app for a PC. It does have one for Mac but the reviews are not that great. In this section, I will only help you with browser-related settings. You can use both the app and web browser to access HBO Max subtitles.

  • Go to HBO Max’s official website and then sign in, or you can simply access this link to sign in.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

  • You have two options you can use to sign in.
  • Simply sign in with your email and password or use ‘sign in with a provider’.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

  • Key in your email and password and sign in. Else if your subscription is tied with any other cable platform and on-stream demand service. Click on ‘sign in with a provider’.
  • You will now have tons of other services like ‘Xfinity’, ‘Prime Video’ or ‘Directv’ in the list of providers. Click on any one of these providers. You will be directed to the provider’s website for sign-in. In this case, I chose Amazon Prime Video Channels you need to sign in there and you will be rerouted to the HBO Max homepage.

How to Turn On/Off HBO Max Subtitles?

  • Now select any video off of the home screen.
  • Move the cursor on the empty screen, the bottom menu will appear.
  • Go to the ‘CC’ option and click on it. This way, the closed captions option will turn up with two on/off buttons. Turn it on/off. And in the bottom, you will see the settings option.
  • In settings, you can alter your subtitle according to your liking. You can change Font type, Font color, Font Opacity, and even choose your styling.

Roku and Firestick are essentially consoles, so you do not have to do a lot on the smart TV. Sony has an android platform which is on the Play store. The mobile/Play app is more or less the same everywhere. Samsung and LG have their version of the apps. Samsung post-2016 apps will be compatible with the device.

Apart from that, you can only use chrome cast or screen mirroring features in Vizio or Panasonic since they do not have the app. That means you need to access it through any casting device.

Can You Use Subtitles if You Watch Movies Offline?

Many people may have concerns that if they got a downloaded file of the movie, then will they see subtitles in that or not?

The answer is, it depends on which downloader software was used to download that particular movie because it is the job of that software to download subtitles as well. Some downloaders may skip downloading Subtitles or while downloading, users may have deselected the option as well.

As far as I can recommend, go for Y2Mate HBO Downloader, which can download any content from HBO along with their subtitles. So, if you download using this tool, you will have the subtitles for sure if the original video has subtitles. Not only do subtitles download, but this software app has many great features that make your downloading job hassle-free.

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Why won't subtitles stay on HBO Max?

If it's happening out of nowhere then that can be a bug. Simply update or reinstall updates, if it’s updates demote your currency version to any earlier version.

Why are my HBO Max subtitles out of sync?

It generally happens when HBO Max servers are messed up. Or the server file is corrupted in the server itself. You can ask for support from the contact team regarding this.

Where is the CC icon on HBO Max?

It's always at the bottom menu after the timeline bar.


HBO Max is a great on-demand streaming app. HBO, from its inception, has given shows like ‘The wire’, ‘GOT’, and other lovely shows. It will be amazing if we get to tweak subtitles on our terms. Truth be told, that feature is now accessible. Have fun with all the amazing HBO shows.

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