Viki Login Methods on Different Devices | How to Login Viki?

Rakuten Viki is an OTT platform that streams Asian shows and movies. It has a free streaming service that allows you to watch Japanese Dramas, Korean Dramas, and Chinese Dramas on its platforms. It also streams Asian content from countries where the east Asian diaspora is predominant, like the United States and Canada.

Recently the platform also included TV Shows and movies from other Asian Nations, including the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. If you are an Asian drama buff, then continue reading this writeup as I will tell you How you can log in to Viki from different devices. Devices such as your PC and web browsers, Smart TV, etc.

How Can You Watch Content On Viki?

You can watch content on Viki easily without having to indulge in any complex affair. Viki provides two ways for you to sign up. You can do it by email in this case, you need to verify the email address. You can also sign up through your Rakuten ID, Apple ID, Facebook credentials, and Google credentials. Once done, you will be taken to Rakuten’s home page, and you can search for your favorite drama as per your choice.

Do You Get To Stream All Content For Free On Viki?

You do not get to stream everything on Rakuten Viki for free. There are Viki premier shows, movies, and new Asian show releases that they only allow the subscribed audience to access. Rakuten also provides HD viewing and chrome casting only on the subscription plan.

You can also download content from Viki using a third-party software called Y2Mate Rakuten Viki Downloader which will help you download any content from the platform in just a few clicks. It has both free and paid versions. You can just have a subscription to Viki for a few days and download so many shows in that duration, and then keep watching them offline. You may follow the guide to download content from Viki using Y2Mate downloader.

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What Are The Subscription Options On Rakuten?

Rakuten comes primarily with two subscription passes. These passes are known as Viki Pass Standard and Viki Standard Plus. Let us know about its features in more detail:

Viki Pass Standard

Viki Pass Plus

You get access to Rakuten Viki’s exclusive and niche shows, originals, and movies.

You get to access the best of originals and shows/movies, but you also have access to Kocowa exclusive content, which is known in Korea as the top streamer of Asian content.

This pass is available in the entire world

This pass is exclusively available only for North, South, and Central American People

HD viewing of all shows.

HD viewing of all TV shows and Kocowa exclusive shows.

It costs $4.99/month and $49.99/year.

It costs $9.99/month and $99.99/year.

You cannot access the Rakuten Plus pass’s content.

You can access all Rakuten standard content.

How Do I Log In To Rakuten Viki?

So, logging into Viki is a very easy thing. The process is very simple and sleek. You need to understand, however that Viki does not have only one way to log in. In fact, you can log in to Viki in multiple ways. You can log in from a third party like Apple, Rakuten, Google, and Facebook. You can also register through an email id that you confirm going ahead, and you can use those credentials to log in.

In case you signed up from an email and wanted to log in through Facebook the next time you stream Viki, it's perfectly fine. You can do that, and you will land on your own homepage without having to face any problems.

How To Log In To Viki On A Web Browser?

Visit Rakuten Viki’s homepage. On the top right, you will see a login option. Click that.

Now you will be asked to log in through either the email password or other third-party platforms. You can choose whatever you want.

Viki Login with Email and Password

  • Type in your email and password.
  • Then click on continue.

Viki Login with Facebook

  • Click on ‘Continue with Facebook’.
  • There will be another window opening, if you already have signed in on the current browser, it will automatically log in.
  • In case not then type in your Facebook email and Password and click on ‘login’. You will be taken to your account homepage.

Viki Login with Google

  • Click on ‘Continue with Google’.
  • You will be taken to your Google page, and you need to feed your email then click ‘next’.
  • They type their password and click on ‘next’.
  • Wait for some time the page will reload, and you will be signed in.

Viki Login with Apple ID

  • It's very simple and easy. Click on ‘continue with Apple’.
  • Once done now, type in your Apple ID.
  • Now type your password.
  • Now click on ‘sign in’

How To Log In To Viki On Smart TV?

Viki Login Through the QR code

  • Open the Viki app.
  • Select ‘sign in’.
  • You will have a QR code that you see on your screen.
  • Scan the code, and you will open the Viki website for that smart TV.
  • Enter your email and password or use Facebook, Apple, or Google to sign in, your TV screens will refresh, and the Viki page will open. Surf and stream to your heart's content.

Viki Login Through the Alphanumeric Code

  • You can also use the Alphanumeric code. The code will be right on your screen, marking third in this way.

  • You need to visit this page. It is Rakuten Viki’s Roku page. If you use another smart TV such as Firetv or AppleTV do not use this URL. The URL will be right on the screen you need to visit the webpage.

  • Click/Tap on login. Sign in to your Viki account and then enter the alphanumeric code. You can do it on any mobile or PC.

Viki Login Through your email

  • If you signed up in Viki through an email, you can log in with the initial email and password.
  • Just select ‘continue with email’ and key in all your login credentials.
  • Select ‘sign in’.

You can literally use this same technique all on smart TVs. The app interface will be the same all across Smart TVs, whether Android TV, Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV or Fire TV.


Q1. Can you use Viki on more than one device?

At present times, there does not seem to be a limit on the number of devices you can use Viki on. You can stream the platform on multiple devices and share it with all your family numbers.

Q2. Can you have multiple accounts on Viki?

You cannot create multiple accounts on Viki. If you do then your account might be scrapped or made inactive or may be merged into one.

Q3. Can you use Viki without an account?

No, you cannot, actually. You need to create an account which I have already mentioned above. It's very simple and takes a few seconds. If you want to log in through email or Facebook, it will hardly cost you time.


Viki login method is pretty straightforward. It’s easy and can be done in seconds. In smart TVs, you can log in through your email address and password. In case you have signed up from a third party, you can use the QR Code to scan and log in to the mobile. You can also log in and enter the alphanumeric code on the URL that's there on the smart TV app along with the QR code.

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