Top 7 Interactive Netflix Shows Recommended

Netflix was the pioneer when it introduced the concept of streaming. It also went on to be a pioneer in another technology which is referred to as Interactive shows and movies. Netflix decided to venture into the realm of interactive shows in 2017 and since then, it has definitely been considered to be a great option in the long run. We thought of checking out a few great interactive shows that you would find much impressive and unique. Let us go through a few best interactive shows and movies. You will find the options for the Netflix interactive series should indeed be a great option.

Best Interactive Netflix shows and movies that you would find much enjoyable

Without much ado, here we go with the excellent interactive shows that we indeed loved the most.

1. Cat Burglar

Cat Burglar is the first one of the interactive Netflix shows introduced here. It definitely one of the excellent options as the best trivia-based games ever. there are multiple variations in the game that you would find much unique and impressive. You will be playing as a cat stealing a painting in this Netflix interactive series.

Interactive Netflix Shows

The cat tries to steal the painting from a museum and tries unwitting the guard dog. You will have as many as six different segments in the game. Each of these segments can have different scenarios. The option that you get as a player can be quite random. You will also come across a host of silly trivia questions.

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2. Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout

The second one of the interactive Netflix shows is Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout. With this series, you would find it one of the excellent options to help you lead your own team of heroes. You will find it a great option to fight during a crisis. In case you have watched the original, you would definitely find it a rewarding option.

The action centric pace of the show should make it something that you would want to fall in love with it. The distinctive graphic and the actions should indeed prove to be quite unique. you can restart the mission if you tend to mess up.

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3. You vs Wild

This is a wilderness survival interactive show and has been known to be a clear leaders in the genre. It has several spin offs and other movies. The series puts you in control of Bear Grylls. You will guide him to safety through a huge number of decisions.

Interactive Netflix Shows

The thing you would like the most about the series You vs Wild can be that it comes with a multigenerational approach. If you are a kid, you will consider each of the missions as a national emergency. The show is definitely outstanding in every sense of the word.

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4. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The next one of the interactive Netflix shows is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The movie was released in 2018 and it was one of the best when it comes to the best interactive specials on Netflix. The series does not disappoint you with its intriguing story and a unique unconventional storytelling.

Interactive Netflix Shows

The sequences are created with an aim to help the viewers have access to personalised experience. If you have watched the original movie, you would find it quite unique with the additions from individual viewers’ decisions along the way.

5. Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

This is yet another unique show known to be quite practical among the best interactive shows on Netflix. The series is based on the Buddy Thunderstruck stop-motion animated series. The series the truck-racing dog Buddy and his best friend, Darnell.

Interactive Netflix Shows

Viewers can check out the options that you would want to go with. You would also find the over-arching narratives a little annoying. Each of the choices that viewers go with a different scene. It is definitely funny and that would make the series a lot likeable.

6. Battle Kitty

This is one of the excellent options that you would find quite impressive when it comes to sophistication and fun. The plot of the interactive show follows the determined and smart talking kitty and how she goes on to become a fearsome warrior.

Interactive Netflix Shows

The story talks about the Kitty and her best friend a fashion-designer orc. They meet the other warriors and defeat the monsters. You have eight hourlong episodes to play and watch and interact with.

7. Kimmy vs the Reverend

You would find the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive special one of the interactive Netflix shows. The series talks about the things that take place after the series finale. She discovers a strange and mysterious book in her backpack.

Interactive Netflix Shows

It has its own funny moments. The scenes and jokes in the show provide you access to the best selection of most entertaining options among all the interactive specials. However, the interactions offered are not exactly unique in its own right.

How to watch the Netflix shows offline?

Like most of the other competing streaming services, Netflix does let you download the titles on its platform. If you are into enjoying the best of Netflix shows and want to download the titles for offline viewing, the built-in download option should definitely prove to be quite exciting. However, the default download feature has a few limitations and that is why we recommend opting for the best third-party downloaders.

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The Closing Thoughts

Netflix was one of the first streaming services to launch interactive series and movies. With a host of shows available on Netflix, you would definitely find it a little difficult to find the right shows and watch them. The list of the best interactive Netflix shows outlined in this compilation should prove to be quite impressive for your needs.

If you are checking out the options for how to download Netflix shows for offline viewing, the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader should double up as one of the unique choices. Have a look at the best features offered by the downloader and find how it meets your individual needs and expectations.

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