Is Joyn free? How much does Joyn Plus subscription cost you?

The choices available among the streaming services have been quite unique and innumerable. If you are someone looking for excellent streaming content in German, Joyn should perhaps be the right choice that you would find quite unique and exciting in its own right. How about learning more about Joyn and finding out if Joyn is free?

What is Joyn?

Joyn is a streaming service from Germany and is a unique and exciting streaming service that provides you access to a very powerful streaming performance. The streaming service was launched in 2019 and has been offering strong competition to established players like Netflix.

The streaming service is available in two variants viz Joyn and Joyn Plus. the two services from the popular German streaming come with different subscriptions and content. It should be noted that the content on Joyn Plus includes all of the content available on Joyn. If you subscribe to Joyn Plus, you will have access to all the content on Joyn. If you are already a Joyn user, you can upgrade to Joyn Plus to be able to watch the additional content.

What devices can you watch Joyn Plus on?

Joyn Plus is available on a wide range of devices and platforms. You can find it available on both iOS and Android devices and also on a host of other platforms.

The services of Joyn and Joyn Plus is made available on several devices, operating systems, and platforms that include smart TVs, PS 4 & 5, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, to name a few. If you are checking out the options for the best in terms of the perfect OTT experience, we will treat the streaming service as a good choice for almost all your expectations in the best German OTT service ever.

Learn what is Joyn and find it is free.

What content can you watch on Joyn and Joyn Plus?

Joyn and Joyn Plus platforms come with a host of channels and services, and you would find the experience extending beyond German entertainment. Some of the popular channels and services that you would find available on Joyn and Joyn Plus can include

  • The local public broadcasting services that include Das Erste, ZDF, hr-fernsehen, WDR, MDR, NDR, BR, 3sat, Phoenix, Radio Bremen TV, rbb, tagesschau24, SR, SWR, ZDFinfo, ZDFneo, ARD alpha, KiKA, and One
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Group channels that include ProSieben, ProSieben Maxx, Sat.1, Sat.1 Gold, SIXX, kabel eins, kabel eins Doku, kabel eins classics, ProSieben Fun, and Sat.1 emotions
  • Discovery channels that include DMAX, Eurosport 1, HGTV, TLV, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and Eurosport 2
  • Joyn Prime Time
  • Viacom channels such as MTV, MTV +, Nick, and Comedy Central
  • WeltN24 services that include N24 documentary, and world
  • A few other German channels, such as RIC, Deluxe Music, Sport1, and Servus TV
  • English channels such as Bloomberg Television, and CNBC

Is Joyn free?

Yes, Joyn is free and can provide you with a wide range of content across multiple genres. It includes over 60+ free TV channels. You will find three of the channels available in HD.

However, if you are looking to get access to all the content on the Joyn platform, you will need to subscribe to the Joyn Plus service. It is advisable to go with the premium subscription to avail of the additional content. If you are happy with the free content on Joyn, you can continue enjoying the service for free for an unlimited time.

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How much does Joyn Plus subscription cost you?

As we already told you, Joyn is available for free, and all the content on the service can be availed for free. However, if you want additional content and a wide range of premium features, you can upgrade your subscription to Joyn Plus. That would mean you can subscribe to Joyn first, and then upgrade your plan to Joyn Plus.

The platforms Joyn and Joyn Plus provide you a differential content across multiple genres. The content available on the platform would include movies and TV series, live TV channels, original exclusive content, and much more.

What do you get with the Joyn Plus subscription? The table below should provide you an insight into the differences between Joyn and Joyn Plus –



Joyn Plus

Movies and TV shows

A select list of content

A huge collection

Live TV channels

70 live TV services

70 live TV channels and 8 pay TV channels

Original and exclusive content

A few of the content

All new original and exclusive content readily available

Video resolution

SD and occasional HD content

Always HD



No ads

Want to know the subscription charges for Joyn and Joyn Plus streaming services? Here are the details that you should find informative.

  • Joyn Subscription – Free
  • Joyn Plus subscription - € 6.99 per month.

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Can you download the Joyn content offline?

If you are looking to download the content from Joyn and want to watch it offline without the need to connect to the internet, you would need to go with the downloader with good efficiency. In this context, we would consider Y2Mate Joyn Downloader a strong contender for the best download experience for all your favorite titles from Joyn and Joyn Plus streaming services.

The Y2Mate Joyn Downloader comes with a powerful download experience for all your favorite content on the Joyn streaming service. It can let you download practically every title available on Joyn. The built-in browser on the downloader simplifies your experience with your downloads. You can use the browser for watching, downloading, and browsing for your favorite content. The batch download at a faster download performance makes it a formidable choice and a powerful option when compared to the competing downloaders.

The Closing Thoughts

Joyn is a popular streaming service for everyone who is looking to enjoy the best German content ever. The streaming service comes with a host of content that you would find all the more interesting. If you are wondering if Joyn is free, you will find that it is quite free only with a particular plan.

If you are looking to download content on Joyn or Joyn Plus, it is advisable to look for an efficient downloader in the form of a Y2Mate Joyn downloader. Check out the downloader and its features and stand a chance to get access to a great option to enjoy a powerful download function.

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