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What is RTL+? Is RTL Free?

Are you someone who loves a lot of streaming content? In case you love German content more than anything else, you would find the RTL+ streaming service one of the excellent means for enjoying a great degree of German language content. What is RTL+, and is it available for free? Let us explore the streaming service and find how effective it is in entertaining you.

What is RTL+?

RTL Plus or RTL+ is a German streaming service that provides you access to live TV streaming. The on-demand live TV streaming service was formerly known as TVNow and has now been renamed RTL+.

What is RTL+? Is RTL Free?

The RTL+ service is specifically designed for the German-speaking audience and provides a host of native content in the German language. The RTL+ subscribers can get access to over 200 hours of unlimited content.

The service TVNow has been known for its powerful performance as the best German language streaming service. It is one of the services with the largest German-language streaming libraries. It even began providing content that is produced in-house since 2019. The original content available from the streaming service has been much impressive. TVNow became RTL+ in November 2021.

What channels does the RTL+ lineup offer you?

The RTL+ streaming service specifically caters to live TV content from Germany, and you would find it offering a wide range of libraries across multiple genres. If you are looking to get access to the complete lineup of content available on RTL Plus can include

What is RTL+? Is RTL Free?

  • RTL
  • Super RTL
  • Vox
  • Toggo Plus
  • RTL Zwei
  • Now!
  • Nitro
  • RTL Crime
  • NTV
  • RTL Passion
  • GEO Television
  • RTL Plus
  • RTL Living
  • Vox Up

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What sports content can you expect on RTL+?

Some of the best sports programs that you can have access to on RTL+ can include:

  • UEFA Europa League
  • MotorSport (Dakar Rally)
  • Formula1
  • Fussball
  • Ninja Warrior Germany

Check out these shows from Deutschland TV Now on RTL+ -

  • Deutschland sucht den Superstar
  • Let’s Dance (German TV series)
  • RTL Samstag Nacht
  • Cobra 11
  • Die Bachelorette
  • Are You the One? (German TV series)
  • Die Wache

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Which devices support RTL+?

Having understood that the RTL+ streaming service has been designed to provide you access to one of the most unique experiences in every possible way. The streaming service is available on multiple devices and platforms, and you would find the list truly expansive in nature.

Some of the platforms that you would find RTL+ accessible can include

  • Streaming devices and set-top boxes
  • Smartphones – both iOS and Android
  • Tablets
  • Gaming consoles
  • Computers and laptops
  • Smart TVs

Is RTL+ free?

RTL+ is a streaming service that has proved to be offering high-end German language content. The wide range of content available on the platform would indeed make it one of the prime factors that you would find much more interesting.

It also provides you access to a fee plan that lets you enjoy a good range of content on the streaming service. You can also opt for a free trial of the premium packages.

How much does RTL+ cost?

The RTL+ streaming service is made available under three different packages. You would find one of the packages is completely free, and you would be able to enjoy the varied content on RTL+ for free without the need to spend money on any subscription.

What is RTL+? Is RTL Free?

The three packages on RTL+ would include –

  • RTL+ Free Package – No subscription fees
  • RTL Premium - $5.03 per month
  • RTL Premium Plus - $8.05 per month

The Premium plan comes with the options for enjoying a host of series, shows, news, magazines and documentaries. You can enjoy your favourite content for up to 7 days after broadcast. The plans provide you access to 500+ formats, 13 live streams, HD quality exclusive content and much more.

Can you download the RTL+ shows for offline viewing?

If you are impressed with the RTL+ streaming service and the content on it, you will definitely find it one of the most unique options to download titles on its platform. While there are several options available for downloading titles from RTL+, we would treat it a good idea to look for the best and most reliable third-party downloader for RTL+ that provides outstanding performance.

In our view, the Y2Mate RTL downloader is one of the most unique and excellent options that you would find much exciting. The downloader does offer you one of the excellent options for watching and downloading your favorite content from RTL+ with ease and simple options. In spite of the regional restrictions imposed on the streaming service, you would find it a truly pleasurable and practical option to download the content with ease.

The high-quality video downloads at 1080p resolution and AAC audio tracks would definitely prove to be much unique. That apart, you would also find the batch download option on the downloader a great option and, coupled with the faster download service quality, can make it a formidable option. The MP4 download capability offered by the downloader makes your downloaded titles playable on most platforms. The handling of audio and subtitles on the Y2Mate RTL Downloader would make it stand apart from the rest.

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The Closing Thoughts

RTL+, which was previously known as TVNow has been quite good choice if you are a fan of German entertainment. If you are looking forward to getting one of the most promising experiences for enhanced German language entertainment, the RTL+ should indeed be something you would find much unique. The details shared above should ideally be able to help you in how to get access to and what to expect from RTL+.

If you are checking out the best options to help you how to download RTL+ shows for offline viewing, the Y2Mate RTL Downloader should be your great option. Check it out once and find out how it meets your individual requirements and expectations.

A Few FAQs

Why should I use a VPN for RTL+?

RTL+ streaming service is restricted by regional restrictions. This is where a VPN service comes to the fore. If you find the service is restricted in your region, you will find that the VPN services would be a good option to help you in watching the streaming service.

What devices can I watch RTL+ on?

RTL+ is available on the following devices and platforms –

  • Smartphones and tablets, including iOS and Android
  • Computers, including Mac and Windows
  • Smart TVs and TV box systems, including Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV Stick
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