How to Play YouTube Video in the Background?

People nowadays prefer to listen to music or essential podcasts and even documentaries in the background of their phones while surfing other apps. Time restrictions and multi-tasking become in-thing now. There is no leisure time playing the video and listening and watching the songs around the cozy corner of your room. Hence, we need both at a time.

But Youtube will not allow you to listen to your favorite songs in the background until you take their premium membership. The paid membership has several features, and it's not budget and pocket-friendly all the time. Wait! There's always a way for a tech-savvy person to discover how to listen to your favorite songs without any payment.

The tricks are different for android, ios and iPhone. But in all cases, you can listen and enjoy your favorite song while texting up to your friends or checking emails from your mail folder. However, the tricks of listening free are limited for the users. For the time being, you can enjoy and focus on your work.

Android and iOS tricks for different phones!

The Android version still leads the tricks. The latest version of the Android Youtube app will allow you to picture in picture(PIP) to view or to listen to any music video of your favorite while scrolling in your social media apps or reading emails. But the tricks will not work if Youtube labeled any video under specification. To avail of such features, you need to pay them, and you will get access.

Android and iOS tricks

To listen to your favorite track in the background, you have to follow a few steps. It is a tricky as well as vital aspect to avail such features without spending a penny. For that, you need to enable the PiP in your Android phone to listen to Youtube.

Android phone to listen to Youtube

Before going for a direct YouTube site, the crucial steps are as follows:

  • Open your phone settings from the notification or main menu.

  • Select apps and notifications

  • Tap 'advanced' at the bottom of the screen

  • Select 'special app access'> picture in picture


  • The list of apps will open on your screen. Tap the app you want to enable the PiP feature. Here, you need to tap on Youtube to enable the PiP feature. If Youtube is not showing, pop up the app in your search bar and select the app.

Once PiP features is activated on selected apps, you will be able to get access to it. Now you need to open a Youtube app to play your favorite music video. After clicking the play button, you can tap on the Home screen button. Immediately the music video will shrink in size on your screen, but in the background, it will run. Now you can access all other apps you wanted to attend while listening to music in the background.

The above steps are the same for Android and iPhone users. If you want to watch the video on full screen, tap the center of the video, and get a small box; tap on the box, and the video will go full screen. Both facilities come under your preferences.

For Android users!

However, there are loopholes you need to remember every time you play the music in the background. Android users cannot play more than a single song at a time. If you try to play multiple tracks in the case of iPhone users, it simply stops working. Remember, every time you need to change the song for android and iPhone users manually. It will not play automatically.

However, you need to follow the simple steps to run the music in the background to browse other apps.

  • Open the chrome on your mobile, then go to the Youtube website( make sure you visit the Youtube website, not the app. This trick will not work in the app)

Youtube website

  • Select the music video you want to play

  • Tap on the three dots that appear on the upper-right side of the screen, select desktop site from the drop-down menu

  • Now you're on the desktop version of Youtube. You can play the video again.

  • At the bottom of your screen, tap the Home button. While you're on the home screen, the music may stop playing. Here you play the tricks.

  • From the top of the screen, you need to pull down the notifications button. You can see the notification of the music video here. Just touch the play button, and your song will start again.

The above steps are for android users, which is an easy and simple method to listen to songs in the background for free.

For iPhone users!

Now we will see how iPhone users can play the music in the background without paying the subscription to the Youtube community. Here we go!

  • Check your music video in safari ( here you need to use the mobile version of the Youtube)

  • Tap on the AA button that appears in the top left corner of the mobile screen.

  • In the drop-down menu, you will find 'Request Desktop Website.'

  • When the desktop version will appear to touch the video play button and swipe to close the safari app

  • The music may stop playing once the safari app closed. Immediately pull down the control center from the top right of the screen.

  • You can see the music video starts loading there. Touch the play button, and the music will start playing again.

Compared to android users, iPhone users have to go through more tricky ways to play the music in the background. Because the methods previously worked got reprehensible by iOS 13. If iPhone users find the music video won't play on the first attempt, kindly retry it as this method is a tried and tested process.

But, you can again watch the single music track at a time both for android and iPhone users.

Best Alternative Way to Listen to YouTube in Background on Mobile Phones

Here is one alternaitve way you could rely on to listen to YouTube in background: You could listen to YouTube on both Android and iOS, and even on your Laptop.

Step 1: Copy the URL of one Playlist you want to listen.

step 1 to listen to youtube on mobile phone

Step 2: Enter the URL of the Playlists into the address box.

step 2 to listen to youtube on mobile phone

Step 3: The playlist would be analyzed automatically.

STEP 3 to listen to youtube in background

Here you could listen to YouTube without watching the video, or download it to local. 

How Y2Mate Downloader Affect Your Watching Experience!

Y2Mate Downloader does not just let you download YouTube videos for background playing offline, it could also do a lot of other things!

Now there's good news for desktop users who prefer to sit in front of the laptop and do their work. Suppose you skip the episode on Netflix or Amazon prime due to your emergency meeting or maintain a strict submission deadline; you can watch the episodes later. Y2mate YouTube downloader will download all your favorite episodes, which you skip, saved in its folder for a later watch list.

Y2mate YouTube downloader

What is Y2mate YouTube Downloader?

Let me give you a briefing about our latest downloaders software. Y2mate YouTube downloader is a software through which you can download Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Hulu and Disney videos, movies, documentaries for offline watch. The picture quality and its speed maintain its supreme quality for the best watching experience for the end-users.

Y2mate YouTube Downloader

Y2mate offers a wide range of features for users. Here is the list:

  • picture quality up to HD 1080p

  • Customize subtitles and meta automatically

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With the help of the Y2mate downloader, you can download your favorite music or movies online. The classic feature will help you navigate the video, download it and save in your system, and watch it later at your convenient time.

Let me tell you the steps on how you can download the music videos and movies online with our Y2mate downloader.

Here we go!

Download YouTube video in 4K
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  • Open Youtube: To select the video or movie, you need to open the Youtube website. Select the video and copy the URL.

  • Paste the video in the Y2mate search bar: Once you copy the URL, you need to paste the URL in the search bar and click the start button.

  • Let download the video or movie: After clicking the start button, the item will start downloading automatically. Within a few seconds, it's downloadable and readily available to watch.

  • Now enjoy: Once download, now click the button to watch or save the file for a later watch list.

The above processes you can follow when you want to download from Youtube with the help of online Y2mate downloader.

Learn how to download movies, shows and TVs from Netflix, HBO Max, HBO Now, U-Next, Paramount Plus, Disney+ for offline watching? Here are some popular further tutorials, check out the desktop version:

NOTE: Plz note that the downloads should only for personal use and watch, and should not be used for any commercial purpose. And Y2mate does not break any copyright law and here is the Legal Disclaimer you should read before conducting any kind of downloading act.

Final Thoughts!

To make your family a time-worthy watch, you must install the Y2mate downloader to watch your favorite shows without a break. With the key benefits, the downloader has all the prime features that enrich your watch experience every time you switch on your tv set.

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