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Is Cartoon Row (raw) safe? Investigate its viral dangers and illegality!

Manga Raw (Manga Raw) is a well-known site for reading manga for free. However, the following questions may be asked

  • Can I get infected with a virus just by watching it?
  • I heard a rumor that you catch viruses, is it true?

In conclusion, we do not yet recommend the use of M anga Raw (Manga Raw). If you really want to enjoy manga for free, we recommend using official e-book services. The following table summarizes the recommended e-book services.

Number of free e-book services
Service Name Free Manga
No. 1 DMM Books 16,000 comics
2nd place Comic Seymour 13,000 books
3rd place Manga Kingdom 3,000 books
4th place ebookjapan 5,000 books
5th place Book Live 16,000 books
6th place Ameba Manga 4,000 books

*The information up to this point is current as of August 1.
The recommended order is explained in the latter half of the article.

Although the number of titles is somewhat reduced, manga can also be read for free on manga apps. Here are the recommended manga apps.

1st place Manga UP
Basically all the Squeegee titles distributed are free!
2nd place Zero Comic
All 2,200 titles are free!
3rd place Manga One
Get 50 episodes of life for the first DL
4th place Manga BANG!
Most number of free episodes you can read in a day!
5th place Manga Mee!
Popular shoujo manga all over the place!

What is MangaRow (raw)?

Manga Raw is a piracy site that emerged after the closure of illegal manga sites such as "Manga Mura" and "Hoshi no Romi," which once attracted worldwide attention. Most illegal manga sites are distributed not in Japan but by operators in English- or Chinese-speaking countries. Indeed, looking at the Manga Row site, one can see that the Japanese language is not quite right. Recently, the name of the site was announced and the URL was changed. It is now called "Manga Material," which means you can still read it.

Two Dangers Lurking in Manga Raw (raw)

After reviewing the dangers of manga raw, we have come to the conclusion that manga raw should not be used for the following two reasons

Reasons why we do not recommend mangaraw

  1. It is illegal and using it may violate the law
  2. There is a risk of virus infection, etc.

The first point is that Mangaraw is still illegal and some may think that the operator will be arrested, but in fact, the copyright law will be revised in 2021 and users will be arrested as well.

The second point is the possibility of virus infection. You can be involved in a scam. In addition, there are cases where a virus may infect your smartphone or computer, rendering it unusable, or cause great inconvenience to your friends and colleagues through the virus. Let's take a look at the dangers of MangaShow to avoid getting involved.

Danger 1: Illegality of Mangraw Can I get caught?

The first danger of Mangabank is that users may also be in trouble with the law. Many people know that the operator of Manga Village was arrested in 2019. However, in January 2021, the Copyright Law was amended to make it illegal to upload works illegally. Downloading is now illegal, and many probably don't know it. While some may interpret this as "if you just use it, you won't get arrested," it is also illegal to type in a large-format comic book to watch it, then download it when you try to open it. Possibly. At worst, using Manga Raw is dangerous and not recommended.

Danger 2: Manga Raw is more susceptible to viruses.

The second reason we do not recommend Manga Raw is the risk of viruses and fraud.

Damage caused by using Manga Raw

  • A. Infected with viruses
  • B. Getting involved in phishing scams

In order to avoid becoming a victim of viruses, it is important to know in advance what kind of trouble you can get into.

Case A. Infected by a virus

By clicking or downloading an advertisement displayed on Cartoon Row, you may be infected with a virus.

What malware can do

  • Disclose personal information
  • Display a pop-up saying "You have been infected with a virus," which, if clicked, will download unauthorized data or applications without your permission
  • Connect to a fake website that removes the virus and charges you a fee
  • Data stored on smartphones and computers is altered
  • Devices are locked without authorization and the owner can no longer operate them
  • Unauthorized use for virtual currency mining (transaction approval operations)

Many people think they will only use the device once, but continue to use it.

Case B. Involved in phishing scams

Phishing scams have also been reported. This is a malicious scam that asks for personal information. It is important not to click on the implicit URL. Do not panic and respond calmly.

Illegal sites may be decimating the comic book industry...

The pirate operators get all the profits, and not a penny goes to the bookstores, publishers, or the manga artists who are creating attractive works. If creators do not get on board, there will be no end to the building and use of such sites, and if artists continue to leave the industry, the manga industry will decline due to a lack of young talent development and increased reading. Again, in order to protect the content, the creators, and the entertainment you all enjoy, please do not use illegal manga sites.

List of sites where you can read manga for free, not on MangaRaw (raw)

From here, we would like to introduce some recommended free manga sites instead of Manga Raw.

Ranking Criteria

  1. Sufficient initial performance
  2. Number of free manga titles
  3. Functionality

(Regarding (3) functionality, our editorial staff actually used the applications of each service and evaluated them comprehensively for ease of use, from design aspects to search functions, "bookmarks," and other functions necessary for e-books. The higher the service ranked, the more likely it is to be recommended to everyone. However, the right service for each individual is different, so please use the information presented here, as shown below, to help you decide which service is right for you.

Rank Service Name First-time offer Free Manga All-you-can-read
Plan availability
Download Bookmark Change Background Color Vertical reading
1st place DMM Books 70% OFF Coupon 16,000 books Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat
2nd place Comic Seymour 70% OFF coupon 18,000 books Fat Fat Fat ×Fat ×Volume
3rd place Manga Kingdom -3,000 books 3,000 books Manga Kingdom - 3,000 books Fat Fat ×Fat Fat
4th place ebookjapan 50% OFF coupon x 6 4,700 books -4,700 books Fat Fat Fat Fat
5th place Book Live 50% OFF coupon 16,000 books -Foreigner Fat Fat Fat Fat
6th place Ameba Manga 50% OFF up to 100 books 4,000 books -50% off up to 100 copies of Ameba Manga Fat ×Fat ×4,000 books - Fat Fat
7th place BOOK WALKER 50% of the purchase price (excluding tax)
50% of the purchase price (before tax)
3,000 books Fat Fat Fat ×Coins Fat
8th place All-you-can-eat bookstore -0 0 Fat Fat Fat ×Fat Fat

This information is current as of August 1.

Here's a closer look at each of our services! Please use this as a reference to find the service that is right for you.

Ranking of recommended free manga sites that can be used in place of Mangaraw

No.1: DMM Books


Providing great sales in a wide range of genres


  • Super Sale 3 times a year
  • High point redemption rate
  • Various genres such as doujinshi

Points to note

  • Works cannot be purchased with the app version.

The first site we recommend as an alternative to Mangalore is " DMM Books. This is an e-book site operated by DMM.com, known for its very popular online games for women such as "Sword Dance. It offers not only comics, but also a wide variety of other types of books, making it an ideal service for those who mainly read comics and occasionally want to read other types of books.

Over 140,000 comics!

Shonen manga Youth Manga Shoujo manga Women's Manga BL Manga TL Manga Otona Comic
12,000 comics 28,000 comics 16,000 comics 24,000 26,000 books 18,000 books 24,000 books

The number of comic books handled is one of the best in the industry, with more than 140,000. Of those, 16,000 are free. Another important feature is reading comprehension. Since it is free, you can easily read genres you have never read before.

Industry-leading point redemption rates

DMM Books also offers point payment, so you can earn points more easily than other services in the industry.

Super Sale 3 times a year

Three times a year during Golden Week, summer, and winter, DMM Books holds a site-wide sale, the DMM Books Super Sale (Point Redemption Sale), where you not only get a percentage of your points, but also earn points at the same time for your purchases. It is an instant sale!

No. 2: Comic Seymour


If you're lost, you're lost! The best balance of scope, value and functionality


  • Many free titles
  • Reliable name value
  • You can choose to buy single items or read as much as you want

Points to note

  • Few business books

The next recommended alternative to Mangaraw is Comic Seymour. You can read manga by (1) purchasing single titles, (2) renting, or (3) the all-you-can-read plan! The all-you-can-read plan is especially known for its wide variety of works for women. It is a well-established e-book site with a track record of over 15 years, so it is very reliable.

There are more than 140,000 manga!

Shonen manga Youth Manga Shoujo manga Women's Manga BL Manga TL Manga Otona Comic
10,000 comics 25,000 comics 17,000 comics 26,000 comics 25,000 books 16,000 books 30,000 books

This information is current as of August 1.

Comic Seymour also offers more than 140,000 comics! Compared to other e-book services, we have a larger selection of books. We have a well-balanced selection of books in all genres. The fact that over 18,000 books are completely free is a big plus for comic book fans. The site itself is easy to view and use.

Two types of unlimited reading plans

Comic Seymour's unlimited reading plan allows you to choose from the following two plans, depending on the number of works available for unlimited reading.

Monthly Plans of Comic Seymour

  • All-you-can-read full: 1,480 yen/month (tax included) Over 91,000 titles are available for unlimited reading.
  • All-you-can-read Lite: 780 yen/month (tax included) Over 35,000 titles are available for unlimited reading.

When limited to manga, you can read more than 29,000 manga in the full version and more than 10,000 in the Lite version. Right now, your first registration is free for 7 days! You can try it out to see what it's like.

Strong in women's genres

One of the major attractions of Comic Seymour is that it offers a rich lineup of carefully selected works from the BL genre, including BL works such as "hetere", "father", and "younger attacker", as well as from female-oriented genres such as shoujo manga and TL series. You may be able to explore a new BL genre...?

Our coupons and sales are among the best in the industry!

First-time offers at Comic Seymour

  • 50% OFF coupon (up to 1 book)
  • Register for the monthly menu and get the points for your registration back at a later date.

At Comic Seymour, there are many limited time offers such as coupons and campaigns! The above campaigns are available only for newly registered members. There are a number of regular events, such as the free reading of the latest 1-3 comics and the event where popular titles are heavily discounted, allowing you to buy and enjoy a wide range of comics. Cheaper than books.

No. 3: Manga Kingdom


The No. 1 e-book service in terms of value for money


  • Up to 50% back in points is awesome!
  • There are many campaigns you can participate in every day.

Points to note

  • Few minor films are available.

The third recommended free manga site in place of Mangaraw is Manga Kingdom, a well-established large comic site operated by Beagle Inc. This e-book service, operated by a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which includes some masterpieces, is recommended for men and women of all ages.

More than 100,000 manga!

Shonen manga Youth Manga Shoujo manga Women's Manga BL Manga TL Manga Otona Comic
9,000 comics 18,000 comics 14,000 comics 21,000 comics 17,000 books 13,000 books 18,000 books

This information is current as of August 1.

Manga Kingdom manages more than 100,000 manga, more than 3,000 of which are completely free, and the site's manga search function is full of originality; the genre list is divided into "gag/comedy Gourmet", "Horror", etc., to suit your mood. You can enjoy a variety of manga.

Try it out" function

The attraction of Manga Kingdom is the "Try it out carefully" function, which is a great opportunity to read a volume for free, and depending on the title, you can read more than 10 volumes for free.

Abundant reviews of works

Manga Kingdom has a wealth of reviews from users who have finished reading the manga, and the "Minna no Manga Report," a compilation of these reviews, is a very interesting read. You can also take notes, so people who are reading the same manga can enjoy them together.

No. 4: ebookjapan


Easy to use! E-book service with attractive functionality


  • First-time offer: 6 coupons for 50% discount
  • Attractive back cover display function
  • Happy with PayPay returns

Points to note

  • Few business books and magazines

The fourth recommended alternative to Mangraw is ebookjapan. EBJAPAN is a highly functional e-book service. Its simple, easy-to-use home screen and systematic search function are highly regarded. The only attractive feature is the "bookshelf function" that allows you to arrange books on the back. Please note that business books and magazines are not accepted.

Number of books handled by genre

Shonen Manga Youth Manga Shoujo Manga Women's Manga BL Manga TL Manga Adult Manga Lanobes Novels Business books Magazines Photo Books
10,000 20,000 17,000 10,000 20,000 17,000 1,600 1,600 33,000 30,000 14,000 10,000

Unit: book

No. 5: Book Live


First Offer Number of Free Manga Unlimited reading plan
50% OFF Coupon 16,000 Comics None


  • Over 1 million books available
  • Coupon gacha that can be rotated daily
  • Reputed for its ease of use

Specialty Genres

  • Any genre! Comics and novels are especially well represented

Booklife is a major e-bookstore operated by Bookmasters Limited, a member of the Toppan Printing Group. Now you can get a 50% off coupon by registering as a member. If you want to buy books at a high price, this coupon is recommended!

Over 70,000 comic books!

Shonen manga Youth Manga Shoujo manga Women's Manga BL Manga TL Manga Otona Comic
10,000 comics 23,000 comics 15,000 comics 30,000 comics 23,000 books 16,000 books 400 books

This information is current as of August 1.

Book Live has more than 70,000 comics in popular genres such as shounen manga, shoujo manga, BL, and TL. You can read as many of today's popular otherworldly travel fantasy works as you want, and since completed masterpieces are updated regularly, you may expect to encounter new manga as well.

Over 1 million books available

A major feature of Book Live is its collection of more than 1 million books, including non-manga titles. It should be easy to use for those who are registering for an e-book service for the first time.

Reputed for its ease of use

Book Live was selected as "No. 1 in Ease of Use Ranking" by ESP Research Institute. In addition to the "bookmark" function, which is indispensable for daily life, it is equipped with a "night mode" that changes the background color to soften your eyes. The easy-to-understand organization makes it easy to find works of interest.

Recommended ranking of manga apps that can be used in place of Mangaraw

No. 1: Manga UP

最高すぎるスクエニの漫画アプリ『マンガUP!』をレビュー!高評価の理由や読者の口コミをチェック | トレデン-マンガアプリトレンド情報局-

First Offer Number of free manga Number of confirmed free episodes/day for each work
50 episodes life More than 100 None


  • You can read Square Enix's masterpieces and latest works
  • There is a general reading section in all volumes

Points to note

  • The amount you can read differs depending on the work.
  • You can only surf for 24 hours even if you pay

Specialty genres

  • Seinen manga

Manga UP! is the official manga app from Square Enix. You can read basically all works for free, including the monthly Shonen Gangan manga magazine published by Square Enix. Recommended for those who like Square Enix works.

How much can I read for free?

The number of free episodes per day you can read on Manga UP!

  • Point charge for 8 episodes per day
  • About 1 episode per day by watching ads

Manga UP gives you "Manga Points" for 4 episodes every day at 8:00AM and 8:00PM. Viewing an ad once a day earns 30 points (for about one episode ). Many regular manga apps charge a fee to read some works, and some are free, but with Manga UP, you can read all works for free. Since there are points for each story, you can read them all at once.

You can read masterpieces and the latest works from Square Enix.

Because Manga UP! is a service operated by Square Enix, serialized works are available in all magazine labels provided by Square Enix. This is an attractive service if you like their works.

Read the whole story at once in the summary reading section!

Manga UP also offers a popular "All-in-one reading corner". You can read from the first episode to the last episode for a limited time , or you can read from the first episode to the last episode at any time in the "All-reading corner ". Of course, you can read both at once. If you find a work you like, please keep reading.

No. 2: Zero Comic (formerly Manga Zero)


First-time offer Number of free manga Number of confirmed free stories for each work/day
1 free volume More than 1,600 3 stories
(with some exceptions)


  • Almost all titles are available for preview
  • Lots of nostalgic 30s youth manga

Points to note

  • A lot of advertisements in each episode.
  • Some works are only available for a fee from the middle of the series.

Genres we specialize in

  • Seinen and Naro manga

Zero Comic is a manga app run by Nagisa Co. It is a popular app with over 7 million downloads. Manga is also available. We cover all genres, but continue to have strength in seinen manga, and we also have a large selection of comic ride comics.

How much can I read for free?

The number of free stories per day you can read on Zero Comic

  • 1-3 episodes at the beginning of each work
  • Charge tickets for 8 episodes per day
  • Earn tickets for 5 episodes by watching ads

Zero Comic allows you to read the first 3 episodes of some titles for free. You can also get 4 free tickets for one episode every day at 8:00 and 20:00, so you can read up to 8 episodes for free, but note that you can only have a maximum of 4 tickets, so you cannot read up to 8 episodes. You must use up your tickets every day until the next commercial and then top up your tickets for 5 episodes.

I especially miss you 30-somethings! You can read many classic manga.

Zero Comic has a great selection of seinen manga especially for adults in their 30s and older, and there are many nostalgic works. It also delivers some masterpieces that have not yet been published, so even those who use other apps will be satisfied.

No. 3: Manga One

漫画アプリが読み放題のおすすめサービス7選 | GANMA!ニュース(ガンマニュース)|マンガの最新ニュースを毎日更新

First-time offer Number of free manga Number of confirmed free episodes of each work/day
50 episodes life More than 100 None


  • Get 50 episodes life for the first DL
  • You can read popular works from Shogakukan
  • The richness of the lineup is top class

Points to note

  • There is no free full-volume download
  • Some manga have release deadlines

Genres in which Shogakukan specializes

  • Seinen manga

MangaOne is a popular free manga application run by Shogakukan. It has been downloaded more than 20 million times in total. Many of the works are free for a limited time, so if you like Shogakukan's manga, this is a must-have app.

How much can I read for free?

Number of free episodes per day that can be read on MangaOne

  • Point charge for 8 episodes per day

MangaOne allows you to read and recover up to 8 episodes using 4 lives every day at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Try to use 4 episodes at a time before 9:00 p.m. You can also use your points to charge up to 8 free episodes per day. We recommend using this method.

Focus on original works

MangaOne also focuses on original works, and the popular original manga "Mob Psycho 100" has been adapted into an anime in the past.

Manga Row (raw) is illegal and virus infection is dangerous! Enjoy manga on alternative sites

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In this article, we explained the illegality of manga raw, the danger of virus infection, and recommended alternative manga services. To avoid this situation, please use the safe free manga sites listed at the end of this article instead of illegal sites.

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