Is the cracked version of NCH software safe? What is the risk of virus infection?

Cracking is the act of modifying paid software to make it available for free.

Cracking is basically a crime and should never be done.

However, if you want to use NCH software without paying for it, you might use its cracked version because of its high usage fee.

In this article, we will introduce the dangers of cracked versions of NCH software. We will also introduce alternative software to NCH software as well.

About NCH software

Since its founding in 1993, NCH Software has developed over 80 software products for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices and is a recognized leader in the business audio software industry.

Each software product is application-specific, and many have received awards and recognition as top products in their respective categories.

About the cracked version of NCH software

First, let's get into the explanation of cracking.

Cracking is the unauthorized destruction, circumvention, or disabling of measures or mechanisms that are supposed to protect computers, software, or data.

A cracked version of NCH software is an NCH software product that has been tampered with using this cracking technique.

NCH software can be used for free within a certain period of time. Usually, a fee is charged after the free period.

However, the tampered cracked version manipulates the trial period to allow permanent use of the NCH software.

Will NCH software cracks be exposed?

If you are using a cracked version of NCH software, there is a possibility that the NCH software side will find out.

This is because NCH software's apps are updated online, and the license is activated for use.

This means that if you are deemed to be in possession of an illegally obtained app, you may receive a warning from NCH software and your account may be frozen.

If you use it without connecting it to the Internet, you will not be found out, but that is too inconvenient.

Cracked versions of NCH software are dangerous!

1. Cracks may not work.
When cracked versions of some software are installed, they often do not work at all, crash periodically, or cannot be used as intended.
Also, even if the software runs smoothly at first, at some point it may malfunction or stop working altogether.

2. Inability to update
Updates often include new or improved features. However, cracked versions cannot take advantage of them.

3. No customer support
If a problem should arise, you can count on customer support if the software is legitimately obtained. Of course, the cracked version does not have this option.

4. The download site itself may be dangerous.
Just as we don't know who cracked the software or their intentions, we don't know what the site to download the crack might look like.
If you click on a pop-up or link and download it, you expose yourself and your entire network to potential threats such as adware infection or ransomware.

5. Cracks may contain malware.
Because the cracked software is provided by an unknown third party, anything other than the promised software may be downloaded.
This means that there is always a risk that a computer or network could be infected with malware through cracking. Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other serious threats.
Slowing down your computer or corrupting some of your files may sound relatively harmless, but malware can also be used to retrieve passwords and other information from your browser or to control your webcam. The possibilities for compromising you and your network are endless.

For this reason, we do not recommend using cracked versions of NCH software.

Alternative to NCH software: Y2Mate downloader

Here is another versatile download tool for you.

Y2Mate Downloader is a software that downloads videos from most sites on the web in high quality, and it has some major advantages over NCH software.

1. supports over 1000 websites including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, Hulu, Abema, etc.

2. supports downloading of streaming videos up to 8K resolution, and in terms of sound quality, it supports up to EAC3/AC3 5.1ch audio tracks.

3. allows you to watch your favorite videos more comfortably without advertisements.

4. with the batch download function, you can automatically select the episodes you want to save.

5. you can download subtitles directly from the distribution service.


How was your experience? We have introduced the dangers of the cracked version of NCH software; the cracked version of NCH software carries too many risks and should not be used. Finally, we have introduced its alternative, Y2Mate downloader, and we are now offering a free trial.

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