[Permanent Version] NHK Plus can be watched offline! Learn how to record and download easily!

NHK Plus is an on-demand video service provided by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). Many of you may want to record or download programs from NHK Plus to watch your favorite programs on NHK Plus in places where internet connection is uncertain or offline. However, you may have often encountered failures when recording/downloading. Don't worry here! This article will provide you with a guide to save NHK Plus videos on your computer and watch them offline. We'll walk you through the recording and downloading process in simple steps, so beginners can try it out with no worries.

Why NHK Plus videos cannot be successfully recorded or downloaded

Currently, it is difficult to record or save videos of programs distributed by NHK Plus due to DRM protection or copy protection. DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a powerful means of protecting video content and uses playback control mechanisms. Most recording attempts fail, as audio can be recorded but images are not displayed. But with the video downloader software introduced in this article, you can remove DRM protection and record or download NHK Plus programs with 100% success.

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How to watch NHK Plus videos offline

To watch NHK Plus videos offline, you need to record or download them. Since recording is more time-consuming, here is a way to download the NHK Plus videos.

This downloader removes DRM protection and plays the saved content on any device without DRM. It can also be viewed offline. As an additional feature, this high-performance tool allows you to save various NHK Plus contents in MP4/MKV format with up to 2160p quality and AAC 2.0 audio track. It has unlimited viewing time and offline viewing capabilities, as well as a batch download feature to download and save many videos at once.

Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader has the following features

  • H264/H265 video codec support
  • Ultra-high quality Full HD (1920*1080) storage
  • EAC3/AAC 5.1 environment audio support
  • Multi-language dubbing and SRT subtitles preservation available
  • 3 free trials offered
  • User-friendly interface with multilingual support
  • Permanent storage of Prime videos with full download mode
  • Automatic task scheduling feature for video downloads

Below are the steps to save NHK Plus content to your PC for offline viewing using the Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader.

Step 1: Install Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader.

Step 2. Access the website where the video is posted.

Select NHK Plus category from the menu on the left side. Or, simply copy the URL of any OTT website, paste it into the address bar at the top, and press enter.


Step 3. Find the video you wish to download and play it.

Use Y2Mate's built-in browser to access the website, locate and play the video you wish to download. Some websites may require you to log in before accessing the video.


Step 4. Adjust output settings and download.

When you play the video, Y2Mate will automatically begin analyzing the video. You will be prompted to customize output settings such as resolution, audio, subtitles, etc. When you are done with the settings, click "Download Now.


Introduction to other NHK Plus Downloaders

In addition to Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader, we also introduce three other downloaders. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. KeepStreams NHK Plus Downloader

KeepStreams NHK Plus Downloader is a versatile tool for smoothly retrieving videos from VOD services including Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, NHK, and social networking services such as Twitter. The app has efficient and easy-to-use characteristics, allowing you to quickly download NHK videos. It also features a batch download function that allows users to download and save multiple NHK Plus videos at once.


2. StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader

StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader is widely recognized as a versatile tool for downloading a wide range of high-quality NHK Plus content. It can save a wide variety of genres such as drama, animation, variety shows, and sports in MP4 or MKV with up to 2160p resolution and AAC 2.0 audio track compatible formats. This allows you to enjoy them wherever you are, whenever you are, with or without an Internet connection, and regardless of the viewing time. streamgaga

3. StreamFab NHK Plus Downloader

StreamFab NHK Plus Downloader allows you to save NHK Plus videos in up to 1080p HD quality and AAC 2.0 audio quality, so you can watch the videos with the same high quality as streaming playback. For audio, high-quality AAC2.0 can also be selected. Offline viewing is available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a rewrite of some common issues related to downloading and storing NHK Plus.

Question 1: Is NHK Plus a paid service?
NHK Plus is basically a free service. However, Internet communication fees depend on the user's mobile service provider or Internet provider. Please be aware of your data usage to avoid additional costs due to communication.

Q2: What is the difference between NHK On Demand and NHK Plus?
NHK On Demand is a paid service that allows you to watch NHK programs at any time, while NHK Plus is a free service that provides seamless broadcasting between terrestrial broadcasting and the Internet. As for downloading, we recommend the Y2Mate downloader.

Q3: How do I watch NHK Plus on my TV?
To watch NHK Plus on your TV, you need to download a specific TV application. For example, on Android TV, you can search for "NHK Plus" from the Google Play Store and install it.


In this article, we have shown you how to record and download NHK Plus programs so that you can watch them offline. It also provided solutions to common problems with downloading. We have also compiled answers to various questions about using NHK Plus. We hope this will be helpful to NHK Plus users. From my experience, Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader is the best value for money and I recommend its use.

Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader
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