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'With Coupon' 2022GW Golden Week Movie Recommendations! Watch online.

This article will introduce you to some of the best movies for Golden Week.

Some of you may be planning a themed movie night to get yourself and your family in the mood for some fun before the spring holiday season.

The films listed below are sure to make you laugh, cry, smile, and most importantly, make you want chocolate. From religious depictions to classic animated films, enjoy these Easter movies in your living room.

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Recommended Foreign Movies

Great Lifetime Stories

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) - Jesus Heals Uriah Scene (3/11) |  Movieclips - YouTube

Max von Sydow and Charlton Heston star in this lengthy epic that chronicles the life of Jesus Christ from his birth in Bethlehem to his crucifixion and resurrection.

Degree of Enjoy ment (5.0)

Degree of goosebumps (3.5)

Degree of excitement (4.5)

Highlights: Amazon Prime Video

Peter Rabbit


The pesky rabbit from the adorable storybook comes to the big screen this season. The unscrupulous Peter Rabbit (voiced by James Corden) competes with his notorious nemesis, Mr. McGregor (Dormor Gleeson), for the affections of a kind-hearted neighbor (Rose Byrne). This partially animated production is a fun, silly take on a classic tale that is sure to get you in the Easter spirit.

Enjoyment (4.0)

Goosebumps (3.0)

Degree of excitement (4.0)

Highlights: Amazon Prime Video

500 Days of Summer

This film depicts a young man's 500 days of excitement, laughter, and tears, moving back and forth between the three time periods of present, past, and future. The story gently and humorously depicts the feelings of the protagonist, who does not want to be hurt by love, and anyone who has been in love will nod their heads and say, "Yes, I know! Those who have experienced love will nod their heads and say, "Yes! Director M. Webb later directed the first two films in the "Amazing Spider-Man" series, which also starred M.G. Gubler of "Criminal Minds" and C.G. Moretz as Hit-Girl in "Kick-Ass.

Degree of Enjoyment (5.0)

Goosebumps (4.0)

Degree of excitement (3.0)

Highlights: Netflix

Miss Potter


The true story of Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter is adapted into a film starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. Potter struggles to find a publisher for her imaginative fairy tales, while her parents pressure her to give up and marry her husband. But her luck soon changes when someone comes along who believes in Beatrix's vision.

Degree of Enjoyment( 5.0)

Goosebumps( 3.0)

Degree of excitement( 4.0)

Highlights: Amazon Prime Video


復活 RISEN を観てきた【 映画レビュー - 評判/評価/感想 】

This 2016 film turns Easter into a gritty "Game of Thrones"-style period piece, with Joseph Fiennes as Clavius, a Roman centurion in pursuit of the body of Jesus, who mysteriously died after being crucified. Cliff Curtis plays the groovy Christ, in whom Clavius finds salvation. With tremendous production values, blood splatters, and some of the best actors in Britain, this is the gladiator's version of the Easter story.

Degree of Enjoyment( 5.0)

Goosebumps( 3.0)

Degree of excitement( 4.0)

Highlights: Amazon Prime Video

The Gifted

A masterpiece about family love from director Marc Webb ("500 Days of Summer"). Frank is raising his niece, Mary, entrusted to him by his late sister, and discovers that she is a mathematical prodigy. The adults around Frank try to separate him from Mary over her education. The emotional ending of the film may have brought tears to many people's eyes.

Degree of enjoyment( 4.0)

Degree of excitement( 3.0)

Degree of emotion( 5.0)

Highlights: Dtv

Prince of Egypt

Netflix エジプトにプリンス・オブ・エジプト(1998)がありますか?

A classic animated film for elementary school children that tells the story of the Exodus in a very entertaining way. It depicts the life of Moses and the first Passover, a holiday that coincides with Easter. Moses' liberation of the Israelites from slavery is often seen as biblical foreshadowing and parallels the death and resurrection of Jesus, making this film a great choice for Easter weekend. As an added bonus, the soundtrack is excellent.

Degree of Enjoyment( 4.0)

Goosebumps( 3.0)

Degree of excitement( 4.0)

Highlights: Amazon Prime Video

Kore-eda's "Family Film

Family is an eternal topic for human beings. We recommend this hit film about family by Hirokazu Kore-eda, one of Japan's leading directors. It will move you no matter how many times you watch it.

The Family of a Shoplifter

Winner of the Palme d'Or, the 71st Cannes International Film Festival's top prize.

Osamu and Nobuyo, their son Shota, and Nobuyo's sister Aki are living in a one-story house that looks like it is about to break down and is left alone in a valley of high-rise apartments. They are after the pension of their grandmother Hatsue, the owner of the house. What they don't have is covered by shoplifting.

The family lives as if they are crawling along the bottom of the ocean called society, but somehow they always laugh and live together, despite their foul mouths. One winter day, Osamu and Shota bring home a young Yuri who was shivering in the hallway of a nearby apartment complex. Caring for her condition, with scars all over her body, Nobuyo decides to raise her as a daughter.

However, the family is torn apart by a certain incident, and the secrets and longings of each member are revealed one after another.

Enjoyment ( 4.0)

Goosebumps( 3.0)

Degree of emotion( 5.0)

Highlights: Netflix

The movie "Umimachi diary

Winner of the Best Picture Award at the 39th Japan Academy Awards.

On a dazzling summer morning, the three sisters receive news of their father's death.

Fifteen years ago, their father left home with a woman, and later their mother remarried and left home as well. Their grandmother, who had raised the three sisters, had long since passed away, leaving them alone in the large, old house in Kamakura. Sachi, the eldest, is a firm woman who still harbors a grudge against her parents; Yoshino, the second sister, clashes with her older sister; and Chika, the third sister, is a woman of her own pace. At their father's funeral, they meet Suzu, their half-sister.

Suzu, who is still in junior high school, has already lost her mother, whom she should rely on, but still acts stout-heartedly. Seeing her tears, Sachi asks her to come live with them as they part. Sachi asks Suzu to come and live with her. Suzu comes to Kamakura with the autumn wind.

The four of them start a new life together. The complicated feelings of each of them come to the surface.

Degree of enjoyment( 4.0)

Degree of excitement(3.0)

Degree of emotion( 4.0)

Highlights: Amazon Prime Video

Film "And Then I Became a Father

The film starring Masaharu Fukuyama won the Jury Prize at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival.

Ryota Nonomiya (Masaharu Fukuyama) works for a major construction company and lives with his wife and son in a luxury apartment in the city center. One day, a phone call from the maternity hospital reveals that his six-year-old son is the son of a stranger who was mistakenly delivered.

His wife Midori (Machiko Ono) blames herself for not noticing, while Ryota discovers the meaning of his frustration with his overly kind son.

Ryota begins to communicate with the other family, but he does not like the coarse behavior of Yudai Saiki (Lily Franky) and Yukari (Yoko Maki), a couple who run a small electronics store in Gunma.

They say they will take 100% blood ties in the case of a past-missing child, but Midori, who has been single-mindedly devoted to her son, and the Saiki couple, who have built a warm and lively family, suffer from the thought of giving up the child they have raised. Ryota's opinion that the sooner the better, and they finally decide to "exchange," but this is where Ryota's struggle as a true "father" begins.

Degree of enjoyment( 4.0)

Degree of excitement(3.0)

Degree of emotion( 5.0)

Highlights: Amazon Prime Video

Y2mate Downloader's Bulk Download Feature

Until now, due to issues such as copyright and market competition, there have been various platforms for watching movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV, U-NEXT, and many others.

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At the end

In this article, we have introduced the recommended movies for Golden Week. For your convenience, we have recommended Y2mate Downloader for batch downloading. Once again, we would like to emphasize that you can get a 38% Golden Week discount if you purchase Y2mate Downloader at the URL in this article. Only 20 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

I hope you all have a wonderful Golden Week.

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