What is TV Now Germany? What is the difference between TV Now and RTL+?

RTL+ is definitely one of the excellent streaming services in Germany, and it has been considered to be a powerful option for enjoying excellent options in multiple scenarios. If you are checking out the best options in terms of the perfect German entertainment, RTL+ or TV Now Germany should double up as an excellent choice by every standard. Wondering what TV Now Germany is and want to know the difference between TV Now and RTL+? We will try to understand the details of RTL+ in finer detail.

What is TV Now Germany?

TV Now Germany is a German streaming service and has been regarded as an excellent option for an enhanced experience for a powerful German language streaming at its best. The streaming service provides you access to a host of channels that include RTL, VOX, and the children's channel Super RTL.

TV Now has become a household name, and it has been known to be a good option for producing its own original shows. The service has been around since 2019. TV Now Germany has now been renamed to RTL+, and the streaming service today is known by the name RTL+.

The content available on RTL+ would include game and quiz shows, documentaries, and of course, popular soap operas like Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ). You can also enjoy a wide range of content spread across several live sports content that, including Formula 1 to German football matches during UEFA Euro 2021.

What devices does RTL+ support?

RTL+ is supported on a wide range of devices and platforms. You can find TV Now Germany or RTL+ compatible with a huge number of platforms.

Some of the devices that you would find much interesting can include:

  • PC/Mac/Laptop
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • AirPlay
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Samsung SmartTV
  • LG Smart TV
  • MagentaTV
  • Foxxum
  • SkyQ

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What channels can you get on RTL+?

If you decide to go with the RTL+ streaming service or TV Now Germany as it was previously known as it would be a treat to enjoy a host of German content that you would want to enjoy.

The representative channel list of the RTL+ streaming service includes

  • RTL
  • Super RTL
  • Vox
  • Toggo Plus
  • RTL Zwei
  • Now!
  • Nitro
  • RTL Crime
  • NTV
  • RTL Passion
  • GEO Television
  • RTL Plus
  • RTL Living
  • Vox Up

If you are a sports lover, you can access the following channels on TV Now Germany or RTL+ -

  • UEFA Europa League
  • MotorSport (Dakar Rally)
  • Formula1
  • Fussball
  • Ninja Warrior Germany

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How much does RTL + or TV Now Germany cost you?

The streaming service is available under three different packages if you are in the United States. One of the packages is available for free, and the other two come with a paid subscription.

RTL+ Free - The pack is free and provides you access to a good number of content that can be watched without any sort of payment required.

RTL+ Premium – The Premium package comes with € 4.99 a month. This plan provides you access to series, shows, news, magazines, and documentaries for up to 7 days after broadcast. You can get access to an option to purchase the content for 24 hours.

RTL+ Premium Plus – The Premium Plus package is available at € 7.99 per month. You will be able to access 500+ formats, 13 live streams, HD-quality exclusive content, and much more.

Can I watch TVNow for free?

TV Now Germany (now RTL+) is a German streaming service and comes with a free plan as part of the packages available on it. The plan offers you a limited, yet great collection of content that can be easily watched for free. The Premium and Premium Plus content provides you access to the entire library on the RTL+ streaming service.

You can even get access to an entire library of RTL+ streaming services for 30 days, even when you are on a free plan. The 30-day free trial can provide you with an idea of the varied content available on the German streaming service.

Do you need a German payment method for accessing TV Now Germany or RTL+?

There is no need for any German payment method to get access to the TV Now streaming service. You can pay for the services with any other international payment method.

However, you can even enjoy the content on RTL+ without the need to make any payment. The streaming service comes with a free plan that does not need you to pay any subscription charges.

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Can you watch RTL+ shows offline?

You can definitely watch the shows on RTL+ offline with ease if you use a capable and efficient downloader for the purpose. We would recommend using Y2Mate RTL Plus downloader, a powerful and capable downloader for each of your download requirements.

The built-in browser that forms part of the downloader can be one of the strongest factors in its favor. You would find it a truly formidable option for downloading, browsing, and watching your favorite shows without the need to leave the downloader. High-quality video downloads and a higher resolution are a few of the parameters that you would find all the more exciting. The batch download options and faster downloads can prove to be a great option for helping you enjoy a reliable and exciting experience at its best.

The Concluding Thoughts

If you are fond of German entertainment and German shows, you will find it a truly exciting option that you would never find much more promising. The RTL+ streaming service has been a clear leader in the German entertainment arena, and it has been rated to be a powerful leader in almost every respect.

If you are looking to download titles from the RTL+ streaming service, you will find it a good option to go with the Y2Mate RTL Plus downloader. Check out the tool and its features and find what makes it a formidable option for your needs.

A few FAQs that you may want to answer

How can I watch German RTL?

RTL+ is exclusive to Germany. You are expected to use a VPN service for watching RTL+ or TV Now Germany outside Germany. If you are in Germany, you can comfortably watch the content on RTL+ with ease and simple options.

What is the difference between TV Now and RTL+?

There is no difference between RTL+ and TV Now Germany. The erstwhile TV Now Germany has now been renamed to RTL+. The content available on the two services does remain the same.

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