How to download videos from U-NEXT|How long does the downloaded video have to be viewed?

U-NEXT is a service that provides content via the Internet, launched in July 2007.

By downloading works in advance, U-NEXT allows users to watch videos on the go without worrying about data traffic. But do videos downloaded by U-NEXT have a viewing deadline?

This article will explain in detail about U-NEXT's download service.

What is the expiration date for viewing works downloaded from U-NEXT?

Normal Movies

U-NEXT sets a playback deadline for downloaded works.

For regular works, a maximum of 48 hours of usage time is set, after which the work can no longer be played.

If you are offline and the playback time has expired, you will not be able to play the work until communication is available. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the expiration date of the work and renew it if necessary.

Rental Movies

In addition to unlimited viewing, U-NEXT offers "rental" works that can be viewed with points, and these works can be downloaded.

However, the viewing period for rental titles is 48 hours "after purchase, " so even if you have not downloaded the rental title, you will not be able to watch it once the expiration date has expired.

The difference with unlimited viewing is that "the timing when the 48-hour viewing period starts counting" is different, so please be aware of this difference.

Is there a download limit on U-NEXT?

There is a limit to the number of works that can be downloaded.

Unfortunately, not all works offered on U-NEXT can be downloaded.

Please note that some works are not permitted for download.

To check if a work is available for download, check if the "Download" icon is displayed on the work's detail page.

Downloading is not available on computers.

U-NEXT works can only be downloaded with dedicated iOS or Android-powered applications.

You can also watch videos using a TV or a PC, but you cannot save the works, so you cannot watch them offline.

Therefore, if you wish to watch U-NEXT videos using a computer, you must always be connected to WiFi.

Adult videos cannot be downloaded.

U-NEXT offers unlimited adult video content included in the monthly fee, but please note that adult videos cannot be downloaded.

U-NEXT's download function is available only with a dedicated application, but unfortunately, adult videos are restricted on this application.

Adult videos can only be viewed through the browser, and therefore the download function cannot be used.

How can I permanently save downloaded movies on U-NEXT?

To remove the above download and viewing restrictions, an external tool is required.

Here, we recommend a professional downloader called Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader.

Y2Mate U-NEXT Download er is a professional download tool developed to download high-quality U-NEXT videos.

With Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader, you can remove the above download restrictions and save the videos permanently.

How to use Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader

Install Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader

Access U-NEXT

Click "Streaming Services" on the left side. Here, select "U-NEXT.

Playback the U-NEXT video you want to download

Access the U-NEXT video you wish to download and start playback.

Select download options

When the video is playing, the download options will appear. Here, select "Download Now" and make the necessary settings (e.g., with or without subtitles).

Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader Features

Provides high quality U-NEXT videos

To provide the best viewing experience, Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader r saves your favorite movies and dramas in Full HD (1920*1080) resolution without any loss, allowing you to enjoy crisp images and fine details.

Furthermore, videos downloaded from U-NEXT can be saved in H.264 or H.265 codecs.

This allows you to compress videos at high quality while saving storage space.

Comfortable viewing without worrying about advertisements

There are no ads at all. You can comfortably enjoy a smooth video stream on Yunext.

Batch download function is also included.

Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader's download function also includes a batch download function, allowing users to download multiple contents on U-NEXT at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the image quality of a downloaded film?

U-NEXT's download function allows you to choose between "standard quality" and "high quality" picture quality.

To automatically set the desired picture quality, you can do so in advance by following the steps below.

1. Click on the "Three Lines (Menu)" in the upper left corner of the screen.

2. Click on "Settings & Support" and then "Picture Quality Settings".

3. Click "Download" and select either "Standard" or "High Quality.

High Quality" displays images more beautifully, but requires more data transmission.

For example, a one-hour film in "Standard Quality" requires approximately 450 MB of data transmission, whereas a film in "High Quality" requires more than 2 GB (2,000 MB) and takes longer to download.

Can I continue to view downloaded works after I cancel my subscription?

There are two options for canceling U-NEXT: "Cancel" to terminate the monthly plan or "Withdraw" to terminate the U-NEXT membership itself.

In the case of "Cancel," any remaining points will be retained until the expiration date and can continue to be used for downloading. However, If you "cancel" your membership, any remaining points will be forfeited.

Therefore, even if you cancel your subscription, your account is still valid and you can continue to enjoy downloaded works.


What do you think? In this article, we introduced the restrictions on watching and downloading videos downloaded from U-NEXT. With Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader, you can easily download a wide variety of contents such as movies, dramas, and music, and enjoy them freely. Please give it a try.

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