How to Chromecast Viki?




People especially in the United States are going mad about Rakuten Viki, also popularly known as Viki. It’s a one-stop streamer for Asian content. Earlier Viki was pretty much centered around content that is part of the chief Asian countries/regions like Taiwan, Mainland China, South Korea, and Japan.

But now Viki is much more than serving a stereotypical Asian audience. Now Viki is becoming more in tune with the American Asian audience and also serves content from not only the prime nations of Asia but from countries like Vietnam and the Philippines as well. All you need is to sign up and access all of that for free. You can also opt for a luxury pass to view all of that in HD.

What is Viki?

Rakuten Viki or popularly known as Viki is an all-encompassing content platform that lets people watch content from different parts of Asia. They provide content of various genres and Asian subcultures. You want fantasy, sports, thriller, or adventure. You want to cry over soap operas or wish to rekindle your old memories,

Do not worry Viki has it covered. It’s all crowdsourced as far as availing the subtitles is concerned. It can be a genuine concern for many that Viki has Asian content and Is it all dubbed? So, the truth is Viki might be the only platform that has big chunks of subtitles including Afrikaans, Persian, Arabic, and even small languages like Bengali and Assamese. However be cautious about the content, all content is not subtitled as per your language preference, But for the better half of popular languages, you will get them subtitled on your content.

What is Chromecast and How Does it Work?

Google Chromecast is a service that plans to mirror all the aspects that are going on your device and it mirrors exactly the screen of your other device. The process to install Chromecast and getting it ready is a rather simple one. First of all, all advanced Television sets in today’s time come with an HDMI port.

  • The first thing that you need to do is, you will see a USB cable attached to the Chrome cast body. You have to plug in that device. You have to boot it at first and then it will process the connection.
  • On the screens you will have the option to set up your Chromecast, it will try connecting the WiFi. Make sure that both the source and the receiving end are connected to the same network.
  • Once it’s done, all you need to do is use something on your phone and tap the cast icon from Google Chrome.
  • You will also have an option to cast and may have multiple devices, choose the appropriate casting device. You can see it happening on your PC and TV sets.

Google also has a wide range of Chromecast on its platforms. Some are very cheap. All you need to do is connect all the devices that will be cast on the device. Some Chromecasts also come with TV sets and they are often accompanied by a remote. Here, you can access services of your choice. This is a far better alternative in terms of enjoyment. You can use the Viki google Chromecast process in an easy manner and in the next part, we will discuss it in more detail.

How to Chromecast Viki?

So, the process of casting is pretty much the same. All you need is mentioned below

  • Google Chromecast
  • HDMI port
  • Smartphone/Laptop
  • A WiFi connection

You can cast and mirror screens in two ways. One way is using the smartphone While the other way is by tapping the cast icon. So, here are the more sequential steps.

Steps to Chromecast Viki through Mobile

  • First thing first, move to your Google Play Store to download Viki.

  • Now key in your login details. Username/Email and password. You can also log in through your Google account. It’s up to you which method you choose to log in.

  • Select a video of your choice from the interface.
  • Now look at the very top right side of the screen and you see a rectangle with cast written.
  • Tap that icon.
  • Now choose the device where you are casting too.
  • Once that is done, the color of your casting icon will slowly change and you can surf shows on your TV from the mobile.
  • To stop the casting, just tap once more on the cast icon and select stop casting.

Steps to Chromecast Viki through PC

To do chrome casting through your PC is not a very challenging affair. Here, what you can do first is to download Google Chrome and install it. You can also use the casting feature on the software, but you will need a Viki standard pass to get the casting icon on your software. So, here are the ways through which you can Chromecast Viki through Google Chrome to a TV.

  • Download Google Chrome and plug in your Chromecast and boot it. Ensure the same network connection.
  • Now go to Viki’s official homepage,
  • On the official homepage first key in your credentials and login. Remember you can also use your Google account to log in.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, choose a show that you like the most.
  • Now look at the upper right corner of your Chrome and you will see three vertical dots, make sure to click them.
  • From the list of options, you will get the option to cast the tab. Click on Cast the tab.
  • Once it’s done there will be a chrome casting icon just on the right side of the address bar and it will appear in blue color, tv, and the wifi sign.
  • You can click on the icon again and select the stop casting option to cancel the casting process.

What should I do If Viki on Chromecast is not working?

There is no specific reason why the problem has occurred. If you use Viki you know you need a standard premium pass to operate the inbuilt casting device, you can do the following things for Viki to Chromecast content. Here is a list of things that you can try:

  • Try upgrading your pack to a paid subscription. You can get it for a very cheap price of $4.
  • Now try rapidly powering on/off your router that can clear out the setting issue with your network.
  • Make sure both the routers are connected with the same $2.5 to $5 internet connectivity WiFi.
  • Try reinstalling the Viki app again on the smartphone to see any changes.
  • Try signing in again after logging out.
  • You can also call and contact either of the services to know exactly what could have triggered the problem.

One more solution if Viki on Chromecast is not working is to download the videos from Viki channel or app and watch it at your convenience.

How To Download Videos From Viki Channel?

If you have any network issues or for any other reason chromecast is not working, you may simply download the videos from Viki channel and to ease the task one of the recommended tool is Y2Mate Rakuten Viki Downloader.

Y2Mate downloader is a tool that allows you to download videos in the best quality from majority of the streaming platforms. This allows you to watch videos from popular OTTs like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

You now can have the best viewing experience with your loved ones.

Final say

Viki is an amazing platform that exists as a storehouse of Asian content. At least 75% of the audience is Americans of non-Asian ancestry. To Chromecast this platform you just need your Google chrome website. You might want to get a standard pass subscription pack of Viki to get the casting option. Please try following all the instructions given here correctly.

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