How to Watch Superman Movies in Order

Superman de his first entry into our homes and our psyche 80 long years ago. Superman has since been the best superhero and it has always been a pleasure to watch Superman movies. But, have you ever given a thought to finding how to watch Superman movies in order? What is the chronological order for watching the Superman movies? Let us try finding which Superman movie should you watch first and how you should follow it up with other movies.

Superman Movies in Order – The Chronological List of all Superman Movies

Here is the order in which you can watch Superman movies and serials. That would help you understand the sequence better.

The Superman Series – 1948 and 1950

The first-ever appearance of a man of Steel dates back to 1948 and 1950. They come with 15 episodes and star Kirk Alyn as Superman and Noel Nielle as Lois Lane.

Superman and the Mole-Men – 1951

This is the next movie in the correct Superman movies in order. The movie belongs to the genre of an American independent black-and-white superhero film. This movie has Superman investigating the world’s deepest oil well. The movie was made to drive interest in the series The Adventures of Superman.

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Superman (1978)

This is the first Superman motion picture, and was titled as just Superman. In this movie, Superman is trying to protect the earth which is his home. He should confront all the villains. The movie also tells you the story of how did Superman came to be.

Superman II (1980)

Next in line in the Superman movies in order is Superman II. The movie talks about the love interest of Superman, Lois Lane. She has preferred Superman over Clark and he wonders what to do. It talks about the pros and cons of being a superhero.

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Superman III (1983)

This is the third Superman movie and fans suppose that the quality began dipping with this movie. Superman III has few comedic moments. The movie has Christopher Reeves return as Clark Kent and head back to his hometown of Smallville.

Supergirl (1984)

Supergirl is a spin off from the Superman series. The Supergirl has lost a device that powers the entire city. She comes to earth for getting it back.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

This is the last Christopher Reeves’ Superman film, and takes the topic of nuclear arms race. Superman wants to destroy every nuclear weapon and every nation shoots the weapons into the space. The superman wants to collect all the weapons and throw them into the sun.

Superman Returns (2006)

This is the movie about Superman returning to earth after a long absence. The story takes from the Superman II and finds his planet in complete disarray. He also finds the old enemies and fights them to bring the planet back to its working condition.

Man of Steel (2013)

The movie kicked off the official DC Extended Universe. The star-studded origin story stars henry Cavill as Superman. Dismayed by his father’s death, Clark travels the world in a bid to hie his true identity and powers. However, he is forced to reveal his identity. The cast of Man of Steel includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and Diane Lane.

Batman Vs. Superman (2016)

This is the second movie after Man of Steel. The movie showcases how the world is split after Superman. Some believe that Superman is a protector of the planet earth. Some other believe that he will attract more destruction. The movie has Batman investigating the case of Superman.

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Justice League (2017/2021)

This is the final movie in the Superman series. It is also the movie with Superman with CGI clips. The cult film was released on HBO Max. in 2021. The movies – one in 2017 and another in 2021 talk about the new allies – Superman and Batman saving Wonder Woman.

How to watch Superman Movies online?

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How to watch Superman Movies offline?

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The Concluding Thoughts

The Superman movies have been something that you would have found quite unique in almost every way. if you are looking to watch your favorite Superman movies in chronological order can prove to be a great option in the long run. In fact, Superman remains to be one of the iconic comic book characters or superhero characters, and the series of different movies in the genre should definitely make it one of the most compelling choices ever. There are several movies in the Superman series that have provided you access to a great degree of entertainment value for your needs.

It should be noticed that the list above includes Superman movies alone. We have not included the Superman TV shows in this compilation.

A few FAQs

What is Superman’s real name?

Superman’s real name is Clark Kent. It is Superman’s birth name given by his parents.