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Where is Triangle of Sadness Streaming?

Triangle of Sadness is not your average film; this work by Swedish director Ruben Ostlund is an amazing projection of a very subtle but noticeable film about wealthy people and their solemn high standard of living. A Triangle of Sadness forces the world's wealthy 1% to consider what their situation would be like if they didn't have all the money.

The European Elite set out with their boat to cross seas and oceans only to discover that something had gone wrong and that money is truly the issue, bringing out the worst in them. In this piece, I will explain the story; the genre is satire, but it takes a different path as a screenwriting piece. More information, such as where to stream Triangle of Sadness, will be provided.

Triangle of Sadness Ending Explained

Triangle of Sadness Plot

If you are aware and are unaware of the plot of the film, allow me to give you a synopsis of the plot. So the story begins with two people named Carl and Yaya, with Yaya serving as a model. Yaya met Carl, and they both had a friendly rivalry. Carl had a toxic mentality; on the other hand, Yaya earned more than him, and they eventually became best friends. They both decided to join a yacht full of crazy rich people, and the class divide became obvious. The ground crew, cleaners, and cooks on the yacht were mistreated, and the elite were flimsy and trapped in their version of a make-believe world.

That world soon vanished as the ship encountered a storm and was attacked by pirates. As a result, the sheep were completely depleted of all the members' wealth. The entire population was then confined to an island. Abigail, a ship's worker, became close to Carl. The disparity between how Abigail navigated with her survival skills and how the ultra-rich were simply incapable of even contemplating survival caused these hierarchies to slash. Yahya disliked Abigail after she became close to Carl.

Where is Triangle of Sadness Streaming?

Triangle of Sadness Ending

The film's ending was a cliffhanger. The screen is important here because it may have led people to determine what needs to happen. Abigail placed a large rock on her head and attempted to kill Yahya. A few minutes before the end of the film, Yahya and Abigail discovered a remote property hidden behind some palm trees. This appeared to be a God Save, but Abigail steps back and picks up a rock, intending to strike Yahya from behind. Carl was about to run in the final shot when the film ended. The interpretation, on the other hand, is based on people's perspectives. I'll tell you what I believe. Yahya, I believe, does not kill anyone because she is a better person. Every passing day is due to her people being able to live and survive within the island habitats. She soon realizes that all of these wealthy men and women will be wearing their royal coats once they cross over. They will see Abigail as a blue-collar worker rather than a survivor. She is acting on impulse, but her inner goodness will intervene, and she will abandon Yahya, leaving her alive.

Where Can You Watch Triangle of Sadness?

Triangle of Sadness is currently available on Amazon Prime. This incredible film, however, will be available on Hulu beginning March 3rd. If you still want to watch it, you can rent it for $6 on Vudu, Youtube, and Amazon Prime Video. It is available for $20 on almost all platforms, including Apple TV Plus.

To get a sense of the film's trajectory, watch the Triangle of Sadness trailer:

Triangle of Sadness on Showtimes

Triangle of Sadness premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Palma De'or award for best film. The film was released in the United States in October 2022. You can rent or buy the film from Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, or Google Play. However, the film's theatrical run has come to an end. Streaming is available on Amazon Prime here.

How to Download Triangle of Sadness?

Triangle of Sadness is only available on Amazon Prime, so you must download it there. However, downloading content from Amazon Prime Video is not permitted. To download this movie from Prime Video, you would need to use a third-party downloader. Y2Mate Prime Video Downloader is the best tool for downloading videos from Amazon Prime Video. This tool includes some of the best downloading features to provide you with the best downloading experience possible.

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Triangle of Sadness IMDB Ratings

Every film is associated in some way with IMDB reviews and ratings. IMDB plays a significant role in shaping public perception of a film's prestige and brownie points. This film has a 7.4 rating, which I consider to be average. Let us look at how the public felt about his film on the negative, average, and positive spectrums.

Likers of Triangle of Sadness on IMDB liked it because it had fun elements and they were fine with the tone of the comedy they were watching. The majority of viewers thought the film was too long and began to bore them due to a lack of intent and directiveness. It is stated that this film had direction but ended on the wrong foot, but they liked the 'open to interpretation' ending. The film's detractors, on the other hand, disliked it because so much of it is made up and contributes nothing concrete. It portrays Instagram girls as wealthy. Rich people were portrayed as devious and always bad, for example. People liked Woody Harrelson in this role because he carried it and traversed it beyond the shores.


What is Triangle of Sadness Cast?

  • Harris Dickinson as Carl
  • Charlbi Dean as Yaya
  • Dolly de Leon as Abigail
  • Zlatko Burić as Dimitry
  • Iris Berben as Therese
  • Vicki Berlin as Paula
  • Henrik Dorsin as Jarmo
  • Jean-Christophe Folly as Nelson
  • Amanda Walker as Clementine
  • Oliver Ford Davies as Winston
  • Sunnyi Melles as Vera
  • Woody Harrelson as the Captain

Is Triangle of Sadness on Netflix?

Triangle of Sadness is not available on Netflix. However, it will be available on OTT on March 3. This is only two days after the date of publication of this article. Triangle of Sadness will be streamed on Hulu.


Triangle of Sadness is a comedy in which social hierarchies are portrayed as the laughing center of everything. It's a fantastic film, and I've included all of the reviews and streaming information.

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