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Where to Watch Free Guy?

Free Guy is an amazing movie. It simply stands out from other movies because of its unique and different plot. Have you ever wondered why your game characters come out alive as it is? The developers run at pacing speed to alter the code of the game as the ‘Free City’ game’s characters, including Guy who is a bank teller realize he is an NPC in the game. This movie is a breath of fresh air as it tries to encompass a very unique sense of fun cinema along with aspects of humor just percolating in. Let us know more about Free Guy.

Brief plot of Free Guy

Free Guy is such an amazing movie. It is based on a man named Guy who is a bank teller and he realizes that he is part of a game Free City and one of the NPCs. NPCs are usually referred to as Non-Playing Characters. The thing about NPCs is they are part of the game, but they do not realize they are part of it. Millie, a virtual gamer, became his love interest in the movie. Along with it, we also see Guy trying his best to save his friends from the possibility of game characters and NPCs disappearing, as the developer has made up his mind to destroy the game once and for all.

Free Guy has some excellent visual VFX work and that seems to have worked for them. The visual effects of the game are marvelous and breathtaking. They have pushed it this time. It’s a Disney Production hence it’s obvious to expect that it will be available to stream on HBO Max and Disney Plus. Free Guy has pushed the boundaries as far as creativity is concerned. Shawn Levy with his amazing plot has raked in $331.5 Million. Making it one of the smashing 20th-century hits. No questions asked.

Free Guy cast & crew

Free Guy is an amazing movie, especially since it is a fun sci-fi movie minus the sciencey stuff that we simpletons hate. It has a band of amazing actors that are top class in Hollywood. Some of the greats that have graced the film include Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi. It also features some top gamers and the list includes Jacksepticeye, Ninja, Pokimane, DanTDM, and LazarBeam. The film had cameo entries of many top-class movie stars as well, and these include Alex Trebek. Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, Tina Fey, and John Krasinski.

Where can you watch Free Guy?

Free Guy is available on Disney. The movie has been announced by Disney Plus. It’s a Disney Science Fiction movie and you can watch it free on Disney Plus. Along with Disney Plus, you can watch this masterpiece on HBO Max as well. But as you know to avail yourself of features of streaming on both the platforms you will need subscription services for the platforms. For Disney Plus you would require $8/month or $80/year to subscribe to the premium services alongside some very small ads.

Disney Plus Plans

You can get Disney Plus the ad-supported plan for as low as $7.99/month. And you get one month free if you subscribe to the yearly plan for $79.99/month.

If you talk about the Disney Bundle plan that includes ESPN+ and Hulu, you need to pay only $13.99/month.

HBO Max Plans

To subscribe to HBO Max. You can sign up for its plans at a very minimal price of $9.99/month. It will become $99.99/month.

Free Guy streaming options

Buy and Rent Free Guy

If you do not want to take a subscription just to watch Free Guy. You always have the option to buy the movie as well as rent it. The buying price for new movies is $20 and it is the same for all platforms whether it's Amazon Prime TV, Apple TV, Vudu TV, or Google Play. You can also buy the DVD of Free Guy or essentially rent it in Blu-ray format. Here’s the DVD Blu-Ray version of Free Guy on Amazon.

On DVD there are other things as well that you get if you purchase one. After all, getting a DVD of any movie is a big deal. The DVD will include the following:

  • It will have all the deleted and extended scenes.
  • You will see Guy and Buddy hit the beach in extra shot scenes.
  • It has extra gag reels.
  • An introductory video to Free City.
  • Introduction of Moto V World
  • How did Taika create her world?

Getting Disney Plus does not only mean you can only watch Disney Plus. You get to stream content from many other platforms like Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, etc.

If you are a Verizon customer and want to stream Disney Plus and have an unlimited plan then congrats, you can get Disney Plus on Verizon for 6 months. This is a great snap deal you get all the Disney Plus to pack benefits but only for 6 months after that, you will be charged $7.99/month or $12.99/month if you have subscribed to the Disney Bundle.

When was Free Guy released?

Free Guy came to theaters in August, after all, it was such an amazing movie and it had the best Ryan Reynolds. He is just amazing with the action-comedy genre. It feels as if he compliments the genre a lot because he is a versatile action comic and blends well with these types of movies. Free Guy was expected to be released very early. The plan went down the backburner because of the CoronaVirus pandemic.

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Set to release in Dec 2020, Free Guy made it out to Theaters actually in July 2021. After 2 months it also surfaced on Disney Plus streaming space. As soon as the coronavirus pandemic started dipping in the US as well as throughout the world, the release was rushed. Even Ryan Reynolds seems to have stated in the later part of the year that the movie was set for an official release in Dec 2020. A lot of delays, but in the end, Free Guy got a beautiful release.

Can I Download Free Guy?

Downloading any movie or series is not tough if you have the right tool with you. I have been using Y2Mate HBO Downloader for downloading any movie or series in just a few clicks from HBO or any other streaming platforms. It has been working so well. The batch downloading makes it possible to put so many movies on download at once.

Overall, Y2Mate HBO Downloader is one of the best downloader software out there for downloading movies and shows from any OTT platforms.

Final Words

If you like action comedy gaming SCI-FI movies, this is the movie to watch. Ryan Reynolds takes this story to unending heights. Watch and enjoy this beautiful film.

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