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Where to Watch Marry Me and What to Watch

Do you know that Jennifer Lopez has recently released her new romantic movie? It's called Marry Me, directed by Kat Coiro and based on Bobby Crosby's novel of the same name, which was originally a webcomic and then turned into a graphic novel. It was released when 2022 Valentine’s Day was to arrive in the United States and premiered in Los Angles. Now you can stream it online on several platforms. Thus, you must wonder where to watch Marry Me. Read on, and you'll get the answer.

What is Marry Me?

Before we come to the question of where to watch Marry Me, we can first know more about the film itself. It was announced in April 2019, and the Mary Me trailer was published on YouTube on Nov. 19, 2021. An album of the same name, i.e., the Mary Me soundtrack, was produced by the starring celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma themselves. The soundtrack's lead single, "Pa' Ti," was released on September 24, 2020, and was atop the charts at number nine on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart, the biggest debut for Lopez on the charts in the US since the year 2017.


In this film, Kat Valdez, the pop sensation, is getting married in front of her adoring fans. However, she learns of her fiance's cheating methods seconds before the ceremony and suffers a nervous breakdown on stage. Kat locks eyes with a complete stranger in the throng and marries him on the spot in a fit of inspired craziness. As pressures strive to keep the odd newlyweds apart, they must determine quickly if two individuals from such disparate worlds can discover true love together.

Marry Me Cast and Characters

Katalina "Kat" Valdez (Jennifer Lopez)

Jennifer Lopez stars as Kat Valdez, a popular singer who is thrown into an abrupt marriage due to an unexpected choice on stage. When Kat publicly says "I do" to a random stranger, she is still grieving from uncovering her boyfriend's adultery. Kat resolves to keep up appearances and seek a relationship with her new husband, Charlie, in order to avoid being attacked by the media. Charlie and Kat's burgeoning relationship is put to the test when her ex-boyfriend Bastian swoops in to try to reclaim Kat's heart. Will she be seduced by Bastian's flash and shine, or will she take her own advice and attempt something new with Charlie?

Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson)

Owen Wilson plays Charlie Gilbert, a math teacher who is propelled into the spotlight when he marries popstar Kat Valdez on the spur of the moment. Charlie is a recently divorced single father who rarely leaves the house. His friend Parker (Sarah Silverman) and his daughter Lou drag him to the Kat and Bastian performance (Chloe Coleman). Parker abandons Charlie in the crowd with a placard that reads "marry me," prompting Kat to propose to Charlie at the show. Charlie must swiftly adjust to his newfound status as he begins to explore his relationship with Kat after being unexpectedly married to a superstar.

Bastian (Maluma)

Maluma, the real-life celebrity, plays the role of Bastian. Bastian is a Grammy Award-winning musician who is planning to marry Kat. Bastian is discovered cheating on Kat with her helper shortly before the event starts, and the two are due to exchange vows on stage at one of their concerts. Kat, who is distraught, plans to leave Bastian and marry a random audience member, but Bastian isn't going down without a fight. He intends to reclaim Kat and entice her away from Charlie. Kat will be forced to choose between Bastian's celebrity and Charlie's laid-back attractiveness, forcing her to decide what sort of life she wants to lead and what kind of love she wants to receive.

Marry Me Release Date

On February 9, 2022, Marry Me had its international premiere in Los Angeles. Universal Pictures released it in theaters on February 11, 2022. It was originally scheduled for February 12, 2021, but was pushed back to May 14, 2021, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to a change in the release timetable, Marry Me release date was changed to February 11, 2022. Then, here comes the question about where to watch Marry Me.

Where to Watch Marry Me Online

First, you must want to know where to watch Marry Me online, i.e., which streaming platform provides the service. Well, just on the same day when Marry Me came out in American theaters, it became available on Peacock. Now, if you want to stream it, you must be a subscriber of Peacock. You can also watch it on YouTube and Apple TV, but in this way, you need to pay $5.99.

If you're not Peacock's subscribers but are curious about the platform, you'll know How to Cancel Peacock and whether Peacock has commercials in these articles. There are other shows, dramas, and movies on that platform, for example, the Bel-Air Series, a remake of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Where to Watch Marry Me Offline: Y2mate Peacock Downloader

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Final Thoughts

This article mainly introduces where to watch Marry Me and what you're going to watch in this film. If you finish reading, you will get a general picture of the storyline of Marry Me, its characters and the cast, especially the main ones. Due to the pandemic, many movies have been delayed or canceled. Yet it also becomes more and more convenient to stream movies online or to download them for offline watching. If you want to find out where to watch Marry Me offline, you can't miss Y2mate Peacock Downloader.

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