Where to Watch The Office

The Office has to be one of the most known shows of our time. It is crazy How people love the office, and the quirky fun it brings with it. Well, the raging question is ‘Does the Office as Netflix’s show doesn’t remain part of Netflix anymore and hence Office as of now is on some other streaming platform? Well, you cannot be more wrong as ‘The Office’ is available on Netflix. We will discuss the best Office episodes, Office reunion and “Where can you watch the Office”. Michael Scott and the entire Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and their outtakes breather of the best kind of comedy is a sight to watch. Let’s know about Office more:

Where to Watch The Office

About The Office

The Office is a fly-on-the-wall bizarre mockumentary that follows the lives of some incredible characters and how they are ensuring that the company thrives. Michael Scott along with his co-workers keeps the team together. How they do it, Is a matter of sheer and outright funny laughs.

The cast of The Office

The Office has some of the best cast there is, it premiers some talented actors like Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B. J. Novak, Melora Hardin, David Denman, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, and Ed Helms. Greg Daniels made an adaptation of the show from the British version of the show of the same name.

About The Office Season 1

The Office season 1 is no less than a laughter riot, it premises the story of Michael Scott who on his first day introduces documentary producers and new employees. The season in total has 6 episodes and will be the shortest of all seasons. The season actually plays on the premise of How hilarious the show will turn out to be later.

Is the office on Netflix?

Many fans of ‘The Office’ are disappointed that it is not available on Netflix. Many fans also have started concluding that the show might have ended. Well, you can’t end a show that paved the path for ‘Workplace comedy’ to be a comic work.

Based on a British series, Office is not only a breath of fresh air but a hilarious outstanding comedy. The other important question that the public is eagerly waiting for an answer to is, ‘Is The Office on Netflix?’ The office was part of Netflix but now after NBC launched its streaming platform called ‘Peacock’, Office was taken off after the contract for the show ended with Netflix. As a staple show of Netflix, it was one of the hearty shows of Netflix. But then NBC and Netflix hopefully made some great amends and understood their demands and hence The Office is now back again on Netflix only in a few countries.

Where to Watch The Office

Where can you watch The Office Online?

You should know there is no standard answer for this. There are too many options on the top of my head, I can think about some pretty interesting takes on this. So, you can get it on rent or VOD. As far as streaming services are concerned, you can either pick Amazon Prime or Netflix. That's where it is mainly streamed. Now Peacock being the default streamer is gathering praise for being the primary streamer. So, I think, the questions related to Where can I watch The Office have been properly solved. Now let us know about How to watch The Office?

How to watch The Office?

It has been such a time and where to ‘stream The Office’ is still an important question. So, Office is available on all the major platforms. You can get it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and even HBO Max. In Hulu, you have the UK version. Pick the streamer you like.

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Is the Office free on Peacock?

Now you can stream Office on its homepage. This is where The Office as a show started. NBC streamer Peacock is the natural habitat of this show. So, Peacock has all the episodes of ‘The Office’.

If you want to watch ‘The Office’ on Peacock, just make sure you are subscribed to the two plans that Peacock has, $4.99/month also known as Peacock Premium where you can stream all Peacock shows but with no downloading facility and will have ads. The other plan of Peacock will cost you $9.99/month.

That plan will provide you with all the content of Peacock free of ads and also downloading options. The process of signing up is straightforward on Peacock. Just fill in the important credentials, fill in your credit card payment details and also process the payment, it is straightforward and won’t cause you any hassle.

Watch The Office online free

To watch ‘The Office’ online for free, all you need to do is a few steps. But do remember that The Office is only free for up to 5 seasons. If you want to watch all the 9 seasons of Office you need to be a premium or premium plus member. Given below is the list of steps.

  • Just visit Peacock’s main home page. You can avail it here.
  • There will be a small email box over there with the option subscribe.
  • You will get an email, try to follow all the functions mentioned in the mail.

Is The Office on Hulu?

You can watch The Office on Hulu. It is a wonderful show. The only issue that can be a problem is that the version of the Office that Hulu has is the UK one. Here are the steps that you can follow regarding Hulu subscriptions:

Hulu has two non-bundle subscriptions and these include:

  • Hulu Basic can be categorized as the most basic plan. You can get a subscription for just $6.99/month. This will come to be $69.99 every year.
  • Hulu no ads plan costs around $12.99/month.

Hulu Bundle plans consist of Disney Plus as well as ESPN Plus and also Live TV.

  • With ads, the Hulu+Live TV along with ESPN and Disney Plus costs $69.99/month.
  • Without ads, the same plan will cost you $75.99/month.

Where to Watch The Office

Where was The Office filmed?

From Office Season 1, everybody was in awe of the best mockumentary ever to have graced screens. The Office was a mockumentary and hence for the real feel, most of what you see on screens was shot in Chandler Valley center Studios, Panorama, California. Some beautiful shots were also taken in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

How to Watch The Office Offline?

Watching The Office offline is simple. You just have to download it. You can use a downloader that can download it from the Peacock streaming website, and enjoy watching it offline later.

Y2mate Peacock Downloader is that tool that you can use to download this series, and enjoy! Moreover, you can also download movies from other OTTs using this tool, and that too in HD quality.


The Office is a great show and you can get all you require info on this piece.


Is the office free on Peacock?

Yes, it is free but only up to season 5. If you want to watch beyond season 5 you would require a premium or premium plus subscription.

Is The Office on Hulu?

Yes, The Office UK is there but not the US version. The UK version of the Office was released earlier in 2001. It has 3 seasons.