Everything you need to know about Any Video Converter Ultimate!

Any Video Converter Ultimate is a multi-featured software developed by AVCLabs.

In this article, we will examine how useful Any Video Converter Ultimate is for downloading your favorite video works, and we will also look at similar software recommendations.

About Any Video Converter Ultimate

Let's start with a brief introduction to Any Video Converter Ultimate, the basic features of the software are as follows

  • Convert videos in high quality and support multiple formats
  • Remove copy protections so that DVDs can be played on tablets
  • Download/convert videos from 100+ sites including YouTube videos, Nico Nico Douga, etc.
  • Burn diverse videos to DVD and convert to appropriate formats
  • Edit audio and video

As you can see, it has a lot of features, but the price is quite reasonable: 4,950 yen for Windows and 5,950 yen for macOS.

However, it must be noted that video downloads are only available from free sharing sites such as YouTube and not from paid distribution platforms.

This is unfortunate, but perhaps not surprising considering the price.

Next, let's look at the procedure for using the software.

How to use Any Video Converter Ultimate

Here are the steps for downloading videos from YouTube.

First, download and install Any Video Converter Ultimate.

Open the YouTube video you wish to download online and copy the video URL.

Click the "Download" button in the upper left corner of the interface, click the "+" button in the pop-up window, paste the URL, and then click "Download" to start downloading the video.

Check the downloaded YouTube video and select an output format under "Output Settings".

If format conversion is required, click the Convert button.

That's all for the basic usage. For more information on DVD burning and video editing, please visit the official website.

My experience with Any Video Converter Ultimate

I was able to download videos from YouTube without any problems by following the above steps, and since most YouTube videos are about 10 minutes long, I had no complaints about the speed.
Unfortunately, there is no way to test Netflix or other distribution sites, but I think this software is useful for those who want to download videos from free sites and put them on their tablets.

There were no particular hop-up ads during use.

I looked at online reviews and found that many of them were highly rated, but I was also informed that the analysis may fail for some videos.

It depends on each person whether they want more stable functions or are convinced that it is unavoidable because of the price.

Alternative to Any Video Converter Ultimate: Y2Mate Downloader

We would now like to introduce an alternative to Any Video Converter Ultimate for those who want to download video content from paid sites as well.

Y2Mate Downloader is an all-in-one video preservation software that supports almost all distribution services.

In order to give you a clearer introduction to Y2Mate's download functionality, we have summarized its benefits in the table below.


Y2Mate Downloader

Any Video Converter Ultimate

Supported sites

Almost all free and paid streaming sites

Free sharing sites such as YouTube and Nico Nico


Automatically detected

Not supported

Picture quality

Up to 8K

Downloaded video intact

Pricing Plans

From about 2,500 yen/month to annual

Choice of plans including perpetual license

Buy-as-you-go only

As you can see, Y2Mate Downloader has richer functions in terms of downloading, making it a good choice for those who usually enjoy video content in their home theaters. It is also very easy to operate.

After launching the software, you will be taken to the home page, where you will see icons for the various services available.

The next screen that appears allows you to set picture quality, subtitles, etc., making it easy. It is easy to use and beginner-friendly for its features.

Y2Mate DRM Downloader
The best video companion for all streaming services.
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