All About Apple Music Cracked Explained: Safety, Stability and Steps

As a paid music streaming platform, Apple Music stands out from other music apps for its rich content and position of authority. Different from Spotify and other programs, Apple Music only allows subscribers to enjoy music using its laptop iTunes or app. To save the monthly cost, Apple Music cracked shows up. But do you really understand how Apple Music cracked app works and its safety and stability? Read on.

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What Should We Know Before Use Apple Music Cracked

Apple Music cracked version is developed to deal with the payment model. By bypassing the subscription limits through technical methods, it can allow you to enjoy and download songs from Apple Music for totally free. Sound tempting, right?

Although such a cracked version brings much convenience to us, it should not be denied that there are several important points we should notice before using the Apple Music cracked version.

apple music app


First and foremost, the most important question is "is the Apple Music cracked version safe?". In fact, you can find many Apple Music cracked apk for iOS, Android, and computers after googling. But none of them can ensure the 100% safety. So when picking up the cracked apk, it's necessary to pay attention to the safety, for fear that it may hide malicious viruses and bring them to your devices.


Apart from safety, stability is another controversial point. Based on our investigation of online comments, many users complain that the cracked app always fails to play songs from Apple Music, let alone download them for offline enjoyment. Sometimes, even the apk itself can not be installed successfully. Therefore, when using Apple Music cracked app, it's important to be patient and follow the instructions carefully.

Can You Get Free Apple Music?

Apart from Apple Music cracked program, is there another way to get free songs from Apple Music? Of course yes. Apple now offers one month free trial for all new subscribers. By purchasing the eligible music devices (AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Beats, Home Pod), you can also enjoy a 6-month free subscription.

The above are two officially mentioned methods to get free Apple Music, but both require new subscribers. If you have subscribed before, is it possible to get free content now? Yes. To do this, all you need is a safe third-party tool and an active account. Then you can download your favorite songs for offline enjoyment forever.

How to Get Free Apple Music for Unlimited Enjoyment?

There are many similar tools in the market, here we'd like to recommend a newly released one: SoundMate Apple Music Converter, a professional program for both Windows PC and Mac for you. Read on to discover its impressive functions.

Use SoundMate Apple Music Converter

apple music cracked

SoundMate is a tool developed by Y2Mate Technology Inc., aiming to help users download high-quality songs from Apple Music and convert them to compatible MP3 for unlimited offline enjoyment. To ensure the best quality, SoundMate Apple Music Converter can save music while keeping the original quality up to 320kbps, reproducing the perfect enjoyment.

Different from most Apple Music cracked programs, SoundMate applies advanced tech to ensure a stable download experience. By getting access to your favorite album or playlist, you can easily get multiple songs in a batch at super high speed.

To help you build a personal library quickly, SoundMate also downloads ID3 Tags and Metadata so that you can collect and organize downloaded songs in the order you prefer. Try SoundMate in advance.

SoundMate Apple Music Downloader
Aeamlessly retain your favorite music collection and get the most out of Apple Music. SoundMate's amazing capabilities ensure you're always in touch with your music, making it the best companion for music fans.
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Steps to Get Apple Music

Follow these steps to grasp your favorite Apple Music songs quickly:

Step 1 - Set Output Format You Like

Install and launch SoundMate, click on the menu icon located at the top right corner of the screen. Set options by navigating to Settings > Vip Services > Apple Music Settings > Format. You can choose from 5 formats: FLAC, OPUS, MP3, M4A, and WAV.

apple music cracked

Step 2 - Enter Apple Music in the Built-in Browser

Find Apple Music icon and click it from "Home". Login to your own Apple Music account to get access to the content in the built-in browser. Rest assured that SoundMate will never collect your personal data or information for other purposes than downloading songs.

apple music cracked

Step 3 - Open an Album or Playlist and Download

Now open your favorite album or playlist, and click the pink download icon at the lower right corner on the screen. Select the song(s) you want to save and click "Download Now".

apple music cracked

Step 4 - Check Real-Time Download Progress and Downloaded Items

To check the download progress, click "Downloading". To find all downloaded items, click "Downloaded".

apple music cracked


Understanding the safety and stability of Apple Music cracked versions is essential before deciding to use them. While it may be tempting to access free music, it is important to consider the potential risks involved. By utilizing legitimate methods such as the SoundMate Apple Music Converter, you can enjoy Apple Music in a legal and secure way.

Following the proper steps to access Apple Music ensures a hassle-free experience without worrying about the expiration of your subscription. Shake off the drawbacks of traditional Apple Music cracked apps, and embrace the excellence brought by the professional tool.


Q1. Is it illegal to use SoundMate to download music from Apple Music?

A1. Yes, SoundMate Apple Music Converter is designed to help users easily convert Apple Music songs to various formats for personal use. As long as you are converting music for personal listening purposes and not distributing the converted files for profit or copyright infringement, it is generally accepted. You need to ensure that they are following legal usage rules when using SoundMate.

Q2. Can I transfer Apple Music to MP3 Player?

A2. If you directly download songs from Apple Music, MP3 Player can't play them because of the format limits. As the default format of Apple Music downloads are AAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless, you need to convert them to compatible format such as MP3 to transfer music to MP3 Player.

Q3. How do I unlock Apple Music for free?

A3. A new subscriber can get a free trial for a month automatically when subscribing Apple Music. If you have purchased an eligible device and paired it to your iPhone or iPad, the 6-month offer will appear when you open Apple Music.

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